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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Given ... Repetitive Poem ....

While browsing through TemptingSweets99 Tumblr. blog, I spotted this image
I thought it would be fun if I asked her to do a picture poem from it with me. She would write one,
then I would respond to it.
A person should be careful for what they ask for....
Please read TS99 poem first, then my response...

This image is from Modified by 1ManView

With open arms, you fully expose and bear yourself to me,

Which makes me sit for a moment, in reflection of your words of,

"Uncover me,

With your words,





And my reply is, I accept, what has been given to me...

Given to me,

Is the softness of the hue, of your milk chocolate stained flesh,

That has eased up to me as I sit in this chair while cherishing

your offerings of thick curvy hips, round heavy breast, luscious suckling lips,

And round flesh of buttocks, that dare you to hold them

Given to me,

Is your womanly fragrance, that pleasantly ease through my nostrils,

Enticing my being,

Exciting my soul,

Inflaming the fruit of my loins,

Causing my man-flesh to swell and throb uncontrollably in your presence

Given to me is,

Your throne, of moist pink softness,

Your throne, that is going to envelop my man-flesh with secured tightness,

Your throne, that will squeeze the living, giving, life of white substance from my loins

Lower thyself on my lap and bare witness of me,

Taking what has been given,

To do as I please,

When I please,

What I please,

How I please,

And my please, is to slowly deflower your throne,

While leaving you residue of___

Now, let your body slowly descend down the hard impalement between my thighs,

Feel its bare head slowly open up your flower, as it descends into your wet darkness,

Feel its penetration of first; grasp your senses, with intensified sharp sensations,

Feel its girth squeeze out the nectar, that lubricates your throne walls,

Feel it slowly fall inside you, filling your empty space with full-blown hard manly flesh,

Feel its girth; open up your throne walls, ever wider,

Feel its reach, reach to your farthest depths,

Feel its smooth, round, swollen head; pulsate on your cervix,

Feel your throne walls collapse, and envelop my man-flesh completely

Given to me,

Is your body, that rise upward, on every gyration of my hips,

Given to me,

Is the pink tip of your towering swollen nipple, for my lips to deeply suckle, while your body rise and fall on my lap,

Given to me,

Is the softness of your touch, as your fingertips gently wash over the flesh of my back,

Given to me,

Is the passion of your moans, as they articulate into the vastness of the air that surrounds us,

Given to me,

Are your deep groans, as my hips gyration pull my man-flesh slowly out to the tip of your throne opening, then with urgency, slam it back down its wet slippery center...

Given to me,

Is the perfect swing of your hips, as they sexually dance on my lap, causing excruciating pleasure to rush into my man-flesh core,

Given to me,

Are deep swings of your hips, as your voice softly whimpers out my name,

Given to me,

Is the deep inward curve of your back, as your body rides ever deep on mine,

Given to me,

Is the feel of your body trembling helplessly in the grasp of my close arms, as releases of orgasmic waves consumes not only your sex, but also your being...

Taken, is my scream, as my loins burst while ejaculating my hot white seed into the throne you have given to me,

Taken, is my white seed, as your hips gyrate with measure precision, milking every last drop of my loins substance,

Taken, are my whispers of love, that I give from me, to you

1ManView © 1999 – 2012


  1. I read both and I have to say right now I need a cold shower, lol! Very erotic and yours was the perfect compliment to temptingsweets poem. The picture was great, too!


    1. Thank you kitty. Sweets really caught me off guard with the style and flow of hers. She did a really creative write after reading the image...

  2. Nice and erotic. I like how you slipped into romantic at the end. I'm always looking for little creative things to add to my poetry. You and Temptingsweets99 did an great job. What program did you change the image with? And why? I liked the change, just a newbie picking your creativity...

    1. Thankz PE, I try to seek a little romance in all my poems of late. Trying some small changes. I touched up the photo on the Photobucket site. It's free and you can add some creativity to most photos. The reason I changed it was to match my poem for more visual effects. I really like it the way it was, but the couple is actually sitting in a steam room. I blurred the edges so you couldn't see the tile. Then I added a splash of color to it. It actually turned out better then I could imagine. You can join photobucket for free. It has a lot of images too browse through. I manly use it to fine tune the photos I use for my poetry. The only problem with Photobucket is they do not allow nudity photos on the site. I have my site on private, so when I download a erotic image, nobody else can see it. When I'm finish, I put it in a folder on my computer and erase the one off Photobucket. I have forgotten to do that, and they have shut my site down... lol ... Just Google Photobucket, and it will take you there..

  3. My, oh my! What a response! This is magnificent. I have to read it again. I love what you did with the photo, too. I will put up a link to your response on my blog. This was fun. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for doing this with me. Hopefully we will do another one one day... :)

  4. Hola, te acabo de conocer. Muy buenas fotos. Una maravilla...muy sensuales..un abrazo desde Murcia...seguimos...

  5. Hola alfa,
    Gracias, por favor visite otra vez ...

    1MainView ...

  6. Wow, can someone say amazing its early in the morning I reading so intensely hot!! I loved it. I check out both and I am impressed with them equally. Keep on writing!!

    I wanted to thank you for commenting on my poem called “Nymphomaniac “I appreciate it.

    Poetic Butterfly

    1. You are welcome, and please, write another one soon...


  7. ¡Feliz fin de semana!... Un beso.

    ♫¯`••´¯)(¯`••´¯)──.✿(' " " ()
    ❤•.¸(¯`••´¯)¸.• ❤──("( 'o' , )
    ___❤•. ¸.•´_______(")(")(,,) ❤

    1. Gracias Luna,

      Un fuerte abrazo para ti ...

  8. Estupendas las cosas que nos dejas en tu casa, siempre un placer pasar por aquí.

    Saludos y buen fin de semana.

    1. Gracias por la visita y comentario ...
      Tiene un gran día ...

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    I had to put it there, because I was having trouble with the "OnEvent" function at the beginning of the page.

    I think it will work to your content.

    Validate and let me know.


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    1. Thank you reggie, i appreciate the read and comment...