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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Head Day... Match Stick .... Response to Temptingsweets99

This is a response poem to Temptingsweets99 Head Day MatchStick Poem... The Image is also from Sweets Blog ...

Careful, were there is smoke, there is fire

And were there is fire, you can get burned

So be warned, that if you softly blow on it

The fire will slowly grow

It will reach into the depths of your mouth

It will ease down into the center of your throat

It will float back and forth in the slippery tide of moisture in your mouth

And once the friction from the softness of your lips bring its tip to a soft red glow

It will cause a combustion that will explode, and release my match stick hot white lava

That will burn a path down the center of your tongue

So if you are feeling brave, go ahead, blow on my match stick

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