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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Moan ....... Caught .... Picture Poem.......

The first word to enter her mind was mistake,
As she whipped in front of him wearing nothing but a piece of fabric covering her privates, and a sheer cotton top

The second word to enter her mind was late for work, as her eyes glanced up at the clock on the wall moments before she felt his fingertips grab hold of her panties and pull her near him

She felt the sensation of his touch roam over the flesh that covered her tight breast,
A touch so soothing it made her nipples rise outward, her breath to come in short burst, while vibrations twinge between her legs

Fingertips eased the thin fabric over her privates down to the top of her thighs,
The feel of his smooth wide manly head press up against her womb opening was felt,
Followed by a sensation of fire, as first penetration ease past her vulva lips

Electrified sensation swelled into her womb as he pressed the wealth of his endowment into her pink abyss,
As her legs failed her, she felt the strength of his arms envelope around her breast, then the feel of slow lustful thrust, as his hips gyrated,
Lungs quietly moaned, as his endowment pierced into the tightness of her wanting depths,
Causing her sea of calm to become wet with rain that shower the flesh of his endowment as it rampage back and forth down the center of her soft pink corridor

He pushed his endowment into her slippery-wet womb deeper as it swelled,
His grip on her breast was tight unbearable, as his hips gyrated with deep hard thrust,
Audible moans rushed from the depths of her lungs, as his endowment ravished her womb walls,
Stroke after stroke, eased in and out her wet, some were hard and forceful, others were slow and gentle that took her emotions on a sexual high,
Once her high came to the top, her orgasm washed through her loins in waves

His rigid meat rode faster and deeper into her flooding wake, as her orgasm rushed through her loins like a Kayak in the middle of a fast flowing river rapids,
Suddenly his body shook, his endowment palpitated relentlessly inside her pink,
She deeply gasped as the heat of his white seed overflowed her small canal
As her body leaned against his, she could feel the mixture of her nectar and his seed slowly seeped down her thighs

While lungs inhaled deeply, her mind cleared and came into thought,
Tomorrow, I'll just were a bra,
After all, whose going to complain about the boss being late, once again...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. uh.

    it's just wrong that one should be made to feel
    all tingly & shit on a damn monday morning!


    love this!

  2. Mmm. love the lustful feeling of this one...