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Monday, April 23, 2012

Not Guilty.... Prose Story Poem.....

Body of uncovered flesh exit the steam of the bathroom into the master bedroom,
As it wondered, its eyes notice a red knitted shirt lying across the bed,
Fingertips touch its softness, then lift it up and pull it over its head
As it falls over her face she smells his manly scent, and the lingering scent of his cologne,
She inhales deeply as she pulls it all the way over her head

The shirt felt soothing against her naked flesh,
She steps in front of the mirror and admire how it clings to the curves of her body,
The way it tugs tight against her breast, while outlining its round stature, and highlighting her protruding nipples,
The way it lays flat across her stomach and falls smoothly over her hips,
She admires the perfect length of it, as it barely covers the spot he adores between her legs,
A sight she knows that would instantly excite the sleeping beast dangling between his thighs, causing it to become engorged and attentive,
A sight that makes her clit erect, and her womb saturated with her feminine juices

With her eyes closed, she can feel his embrace envelope her body,
His manhood crammed tightly into the crevice between her butt cheeks,
The warmth of his tongue easing across her neck brings her back to reality,
WIth the reality of him holding her tight, she moans softly as the tip of her earlobe is suckled on between his lips soft embrace

Lungs gasp,
Feet dangle in the air,
As his strength holds her body in the air while he walks gingerly across the room

Once he is next to his desk chair, he lowers her body to the floor, then a sudden rough grip of fingers grasp her hair,
Her face is roughly turned toward him, then her lips are greeted with a deep long kiss,
As the kiss transcend, he whispers, why are you wearing my new shirt?

Before her mind could think and make her mouth speak out a lie, he quickly sits down on the chair, pulling her body down with him, 
He positions her across his legs, then held her body tight while he became completely still

With her eyes opened wide, her body held still, her ears was in waiting, ready to hear the slightest of any sound,
After being completely still for a while, her body began to tense up as she anticipated his next move

The softness of his shirt eased up on her back, caress of endearment is felt wondering on her backside,
The feel of his hard mass pulsating on her stomach made it rain inside her haven

While one hand eases upward on her back, the other one trails downward on her left thigh,
Her eyes closes as her body take in the soothing sensations of his fingertips wondering tenderly across the bare flesh of her backside

Soothing sensations slowly traveled up her left inner thigh, her legs involuntarily spread wider to give his touch room to roam, 
Her body flinches, as his touch barely touch the opening between her legs that's drenched in her sticky clear liquid

His touch is felt floating down her right thigh, then slowly back up, barely touching her wet opening once again, her lungs moan shamelessly as the sensations from his teasing touch rushed up her spine,
What seemed like an eternity, tender touches roams over her backside, luring her body into a safe state

As a fingertip eased into the rainstorm between her legs, her head popped upward, her lungs gasp, as the sensation of one finger then another, is suddenly felt against her sweet spot, causing tense sensations to rampage through her womb

Moans reverberated in her throat as his touch pressed upward while circling on her most sensitive spot,
Just as she reached the edge of redemption, his touch quickly leaves the rainstorm that had flooded her womb

The sound of thunder was herd moments before the feel of sharp pain shot through her left butt cheek, before the full effect of the pain enter her mind, thunder again was herd, but this time the sharp pain rushed through her right butt cheek,
Thunder-pain, thunder-pain, kept coming on her backside, but as a tear formed in her eyes, the pain had turned into absolute pleasure,
And when that pleasure came to a peak, the thunder of pleasure suddenly stopped

Anticipation of soft caresses on her redden behind was cut short, as 
a gentle push ease her body unto the floor on all fours,
Startled, her eyes wonder up to his,
Be still was all she heard, as he towered over her while taking in the view of her glowing red azz,
As he kneeled down behind her, the sound of a pants zipper opening was heard, his left hand gripped her waist, while his right hand guided his mass toward her dripping wet offering,
Just as don't move a muscle whispered into her ear, his mass sunk deep inside her with one huge thrust of his hips

A swallowed groan vibrated in her throat as his mass opened her swollen lips wider, then even wider, 
Fingernails dug into the carpet as his length reached to the end of her womb depths,
Sensations of penetration completely overwhelmed her loins, but his words of don't move a muscle rung in her ear

Slow smooth deep measured strokes fell inside her womb one after another; they eased back and forth in her soaking wet canal, causing tears of pleasure to drip past her eyelids,
As his hips flesh started to slightly slap against hers, her eyes closed as she concentrated on being completely still

Oh how she wanted to meet everyone of his long thrust, while pushing her romp deep into his pelvis,  
Oh how she wanted to moan out loud from the sharp surreal sensations that was flushing through her womb,
Oh how she wanted to lower her head to the floor, so his mass would penetrate to its maximum depth inside her wetness,
Oh how she wanted to cum hard and cream all over his rigid shaft, while his hard manhood rammed inside her fast and furious,
Oh how she wanted to scream, while the tap, tap, tapping sound of his scrotum slapping on her buttocks echoed in the room,
Oh how her lungs wanted to audibly deeply moan, as the sloshing sound of his rigid mass floating in and out her tight wet hole was heard,
Oh how she wanted to let her body lay down flat on the carpet, and let him ride high on her buttocks like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco, 
Oh how she wanted to feel her body shake and quake under her cowboy while his pulsating cock used her opening as a seed-dumping receptacle

Eyes slowly opened, 
Flat on the carpet laid her body, while his body lay lifelessly on top of hers,
With his flaccidity still wedged in her tightness, the mixture of his seed and her sticky clear lubricate was felt flowing down her thighs,
Damn, it was that good she thought...

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I appreciate the comment..

  2. ...perdona la mia assenza...vedo che non perdi mai la tua vena erotica...da me molto gradita...

    dolce risveglio carissimo...

  3. i'm going to need a moment...

    maybe two. grrrr!

    this. is. hot.

  4. Fantástica viagem pelos sentidos...escrita a quente.

  5. What a magnificent image:"The feel of his hard mass pulsating on her stomach made it rain inside her haven..."/ I know how that feels like:..."as the sensations from his teasing touch rushed up her spine,"!

    A marvelous text: hot and intense.....
    Love it...
    Catherine K.

  6. so vividly done. i would have closed my eyes had I not needed my eyes to read. I could see and almost feel everything. very well done sir. even made me a little wet.