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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Head Day.... Subliminal BJ (S-Words) Free verse

Inside the crowded space
Of my 
Slithering tongue
Slide over the bald mushroom head
Of my towering
Structured Phallus
Weaving itself 
Down and across
Scrotum flesh

Sizzling heat
Seeps into 
Scrotum flesh
That introduce a
Moan to my throat

Steady Licks
Succeeds upward on
Stretched flesh
To the top of 
Smooth mushroom head

Soft lips
My engorgement

Suction of abundance
Soft round flesh of my erection
Across its tight bald surface

Strong lip movements
Steel Hard
Of my 
Pulsating manhood
Sail head-on inside my loins

Strong lips
Back and forth
Across my harden flesh
Swallowing its head
Suckling on its erect follower
Causing my

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Desire....... (Revisited)......... Prose Poem

Mass clouds of steam emits from the water as raw passion explode from their internal love of each other, burning desire deep into their souls, while igniting the texture of their flesh on fire, 
Moaning, groaning, deep breaths echo's in the warm air as they lose their orientation of place, and sense of time, while ignoring all whom may be around them, 
Lips melt on lava hot flesh as their bodies lock in a lustful embrace, 
Necks, shoulders, breast are lick and suckle on as hair is pulled out by the roots, 
While splashing, diving, half drowning they try to put out the fire of desire as their minds and souls are consumed by the lustful flame, 
Kiss, touch, pull, nails rage across flesh that bleeds, 
But to put out the desire the lust must be doused with nothing but the purest of passion 
Legs spread; harden flesh lowered as their bodies balance on the water edge Penetration on one's face, as the other one thrust with animalistic rage, 
Up, down in a rhythmic wake of raw passion their bodies bounce on top of each lustful wave, 
Moans, groans, an eagle screams high into the sky as a baritone voice rumbles into the depths of the sea, 
The steam clears and all you see is a ripple in the outgoing waves that breakdown and dissipates as it enters the open sea 

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Moan... A Wish ..... Prose Poem

Anticipation, had my body in wanting,
Thoughts of your sex, made me wet between my thighs,
The feel of the head of your engorged sex, easing past my moist swollen lips, made me moan for more...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Head Day ..... Licktation ... Rhyming Poem

Quick tender tongue licks,
Is making my long get heavy and thick

Soft lingering flicks,
Is making my elongated thick,
Harder then a oak wood stick

The more your tongue flutters,
My voice stutters,
My body shutters,
While coming closer to an nutter

Deep back and forth suction,
Has brought my thick to a immense eruption

Audible moans,
Turn to graveling groans

As hot white cream sputters,
Deep inside the wet heat of your shutter

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Moan... Taboo ....... Prose Poem ...

Taboo is want lovers do,
When they are alone,
In the dark of night,
And passion urges call

They do not think of,
Right nor wrong,
They just react to the moment

And when that moment is fulfilled with
shear blissful pleasure,
They wonder, want took them so long,
To acknowledge passion Taboo... 

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Head Day ...... Lick ...... Prose Poem ....

Is the way your tongue flick across the smooth bare surface of my 
sleeping manhood,
Awakening it to a rigid stance with delicate licks on its sensitive edge, like a kitten licking sugar sweeten cream

Is the way you spiral your tongue downward, leaving a trail of heated moister down its rock hard pulsating sides, 
Then tease it with lightening quick licks on my scrotum, making my lungs gasp from the surreal sensations, and when you are finish with your playful tease, you make my body writhe by inhaling my scrotum into the heat of your mouth, while holding it captive with just the right pressure between your soft lips, enchanting the sensations by waltzing the tip of your tongue gingerly across its surface

Is the way you make my heart race,
My body squirm and contort,
My legs twitch and jerk, 
My lungs inhale deeply to catch its breath,
Then, you do it all over again

Is the way, you do what you do best, 
And that's take the swollen head of my affliction, and suck it into the moist heat of your mouth, 
And then ease it slowly back and forth,
Back and forth, against the soft flesh on the underside of your lips,
Until you feel its swell push against your lips tight grip, moments before it rewards your efforts with sweet white cream, 
From the center of my core...

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Moan... Hush....... Repetitive Poem ........

I wait,
For his choice of implements
 to spank my bottom red

I wait, 
For the first sting, to burn into my flesh, 
While the sensation flush into my loins

I wait,
For the stinging pain to turn to pleasure, and my lips to become wet
with lust fever

I wait, 
For him to rub the redness of my bottom, while he whispers words of endearment into my ears

I wait,
To feel his firm manly touch slowly surround my flesh,
Ease over the points of my bosom,
Follow the crease between my buttocks cheeks, then make my body shiver as his fingertips gingerly ease along the tenderness of my inner thighs

I wait,
For his touch to slide between the slit between my legs, then wade in my moisten wet, causing my lungs to relinquish a moan into the air, while the firmness of his lips softly kiss the red spots on my bottom

I wait, 
To feel the tip of his tongue, easing over the mushroom swell of my lava lips, then trace the inner softness of my pink walls, while lapping in the sweet taste of my liquid

I wait,
For that first deep passionate moan, that will escape from my lungs, as his lips suckle on the sugar sweetness of my wine

I wait,
As his tongue dip and flick inside my wetness, making my body shiver with lustful sensations, while his tongue taste and lick deep into my pink, until my lungs moan loudly while my body quakes with orgasm spasms

I wait,
While he playfully circled on my wet opening with his harden flesh, making my body tremble with desire

I wait, 
To feel its girth spread my domain slowly open, sending surreal sensations of first penetration up my spine, then into the back of my brain

I wait,
To feel his first long thrust fall into my waiting depths

I wait,
To feel his hips gyrate against mines

I wait
For his forthcoming, in silence

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Miss You ...... By Peaches.... MY Poetic Quest ....

I feel you kiss me gently on the back of my neck
Sending tingles of pleasure through my spine
It has been so long; I am so glad you came to see me
You gently roll me over and pull off my night gown
“What did I tell you about these clothes?”
You purr your words into my ear and my nipples react
Then you kiss each one as they reach out to your mouth
You grab my hair and my chest arches as you suck them
It is dark I cannot see you so I reach for that beautiful dick
You push my hand away “Lay back and enjoy, babe”
Holding my arms down, you slide your tongue slowly down my body
I am trembling uncontrollably now as you lick and suck
My legs open involuntarily and you take my clit in your mouth
All of the air leaves my lungs as you play with it with your teeth
I want to touch you but my arms won’t move
I squeal in pleasure as you open me up and plunge your tongue into my pussy
I cum and you swallow my juices as you growl from your throat
“Oh I missed you……I missed you”
You come up and kiss me and I can taste my juices in your mouth
Again you make your way down to my nipples and soak them
I cum again and you chuckle softly in my ear, “That’s my Peaches”.
Then you slowly slide your dick in me and we move in unison
Slow and deep thrusts causing us both to moan in pleasure
I feel the heat move from my pussy up into my face
The glow begins to fade and so do you as I slowly awake
No no no ……don’t go.
This was real, it had to be. But then it couldn’t be.
You died two months ago.
Fully awake now, I lay there in my own sweat and cum, crying.