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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Miss You ...... By Peaches.... MY Poetic Quest ....

I feel you kiss me gently on the back of my neck
Sending tingles of pleasure through my spine
It has been so long; I am so glad you came to see me
You gently roll me over and pull off my night gown
“What did I tell you about these clothes?”
You purr your words into my ear and my nipples react
Then you kiss each one as they reach out to your mouth
You grab my hair and my chest arches as you suck them
It is dark I cannot see you so I reach for that beautiful dick
You push my hand away “Lay back and enjoy, babe”
Holding my arms down, you slide your tongue slowly down my body
I am trembling uncontrollably now as you lick and suck
My legs open involuntarily and you take my clit in your mouth
All of the air leaves my lungs as you play with it with your teeth
I want to touch you but my arms won’t move
I squeal in pleasure as you open me up and plunge your tongue into my pussy
I cum and you swallow my juices as you growl from your throat
“Oh I missed you……I missed you”
You come up and kiss me and I can taste my juices in your mouth
Again you make your way down to my nipples and soak them
I cum again and you chuckle softly in my ear, “That’s my Peaches”.
Then you slowly slide your dick in me and we move in unison
Slow and deep thrusts causing us both to moan in pleasure
I feel the heat move from my pussy up into my face
The glow begins to fade and so do you as I slowly awake
No no no ……don’t go.
This was real, it had to be. But then it couldn’t be.
You died two months ago.
Fully awake now, I lay there in my own sweat and cum, crying.


  1. Oh wow! I was thinking how delicious this poem was until I got the end. Then it got sad. So well expressed. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the reply Sweets...

  2. Nice. One of a few pieces were I don't mind the sad ending...

    1. Thank you for your comment Cornnell

  3. Sad, but beautiful thoughts of a lost love... Lovely write...

  4. Hello, for a time my blog is down (for google razons). Now i have take a new dmain:
    If you like you can added my blog to your links.

    Best regards

    1. If you read and comment on the next poem, I will be more then happy to add a link..

  5. Mais uma vez lindo poema, sempre que leio fico sem palavras, adorei a parte final, de forma alguma achei triste e sim belo.
    E então quando sei se aceitas o meu desafio?
    Vou dar uma dica, vou dizer tudo.
    Um poema...
    Sobre mulheres texto apaixonado, peço sem linguagem, atrevida para poder publicar, escrito em inglês.
    Fico a espera da resposta no meu blog basta dizeres sim ou não.
    Mesmo sendo a resposta não, eu fico sempre tua amiga.
    Alexandra melo.
    ( tentei colar uma foto bonita de uma mulher mas o comentário não aceitou, usa a imaginação)

  6. A volte perdere qualcosa nella traduzione ..
    Hai sfidarmi a una poesia?
    Oppure fare una poesia insieme?
    Ad ogni modo dico di sì ... Mi piacerebbe fare qualcosa con voi. :)