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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day Poem, Euphemistic Sex .... Prose Poem...

While you were inside me,
I felt your eyes eagerly watching me,
As my body twist and contort to the sensations of our sexual play,
Your hands kneading my body like clay,
Your kisses building a fire in the bottom of my belly,
That's burning hotter, by the second

As one hand holds tightly onto my backside, the other roam the bare sweaty surface of my flesh, all while your hips gyrate of wanting, me,
While your inflated manhood smoothly glide deep into my watery depths

A hushed scream escape my lungs, hurriedly rushing past parted lips, breaking the silence of the dark room, as your length immerse itself inside my wake, like an oil drill rig, drilling for oil deep in the ocean dark depths, lethargically slow and precise,
Enticing moans and groans of ecstasy to flow in the rhythm of your hips vertical impalement of your rock hard manly membrane

Heaving breast, lightly bump into wide chest,
While painted fingernails leave a trail of etched skin on bareback flesh

Legs open wider,
Manhood descend deeper into my wet,
One set of hips buck up, as the other gyrates down,
Deep breaths are pushed out lungs, on each of your hips downward plunges,
Blissful sensations rush into minds,
Leading them to the world of heaven sexual content

Up... Down...
Up, Down...
Hips gyrate in sexual sync,
Pushing, pulling, his blood engorged membrane in and out the tight confinement of my pink depths

Right there, right, there,
My softest voice whispers into your ear, as your spacious girth slowly slides directly on the side of my fully erect clit,
Slowly bringing my sexual need closer to closure

A subdued voice whisper faster,
Faster, oh faster,
Then become audible loud while speaking,
Harder baby, harder

Painted nails anchor deep into bareback flesh,
As your hips gyrate faster and dip deeper,
After pulling the head of your rock hard assault out the comfort of my womb, and leaving only the tip of its head in my wake, your hips ram forward with brutal force, slamming your swollen manly membrane deep as possible into my wet

A squealing scream echoes in the room,
While hips bounce off push bed mattress on your every deep stroke,
My graveling voice whispers I'm-m, cumin-n-n, as sharp shear sensations runs amuck inside my loins

Quakes consume my body muscles,
As your forever swelling membrane urgently slide up and down the center of my haven walls

Spasms, followed by tighter spasms, envelop your harden membrane with tightness,
Hips pump harder, to push your swell beyond my haven tightness,
But is soon consumed by its heat and over powering grip,
Which entice your swollen palpitating swell, to spill and fill my opening with white hot seed that is so hot, it causes my haven to convulse, my voice to perpetually moan in ecstasy

Bodies on fire quake and sake to a rumble,
Then to a stumble,
Then crumble,
Into a sexual fumble

Limpness lay still inside my wet core,
Words of deep affection sooth my ears,
A soft kiss, embrace my lips,
Deep affected hugs, envelop my body...

As we lay in the quiet, fingertips sooth your back flesh,
Soft kisses seek the softness of my neck, causing my body to stir and wiggle, my heaven to spasm,
The center of my haven can feel the start of our next sexual dance arising....

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. Wonderful! I love this part " A hushed scream escape my lungs, hurriedly rushing past parted lips, breaking the silence of the dark room," . Always a pleasure, great poem.

  2. Thank you for the visit and even more, the comment. It was appreciated. I shall visit you soon...

  3. Muy erotico e interesante, me gusta

    1. Alex, muchas gracias por el comentario .. Por favor visite otra vez

  4. oh yeah. this touched


    1. You are so crazy... hehe.. Thanks for the visit lisa...

  5. Hey 1Man, I have missed your words. I needed a fix and in this piece I am sated.

    1. We are on the same wave length. I was deep in thought of you. Missing your creativity and persona. Please leave us with something soon, I'm slowly dying out there by myself.. Thank you so much for the visit, and I hope to see your pen soon my poetic friend...

  6. Exciting, engaging, intoxicating lust ... under the skin that runs down each word.

    Juicy kisses,

  7. Hot sweeping pen ~ I like the bodies on firequake ~

  8. Heaven, always appreciate your comments...