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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Relations.... Prose poem .... (Revisited)

Soft gentle fingertips gently guides his enormity to the center of her soft moisten core,
Slowly her body falls; first penetration sends a chill up her spine, a jolt of sensuous sensations rush into her mind,
A quiet moan escapes in the air as her folds slowly folds open, her body becomes still as the sensations of the bare mushroom head of his enormity intrudes into the sanctuary of her cotton soft haven

As the mushroom head of his enormity touches the pinkness of her haven walls, A rush of electrified sensation passes through it, the feel of his girth opening her walls wider causes an almost unbearable pleasure pain inside her womb, making her legs to twitch uncontrollable,
Her head drops forward, her back arches, as his enormity ease into the moistness of her darkness,
When his thick harden flesh ease deeper into her womb, her head slowly falls backward, her mind is soaked in blissful sensations as his inflexible pulsating flesh, drown in her fast flowing river of nectar

Moan he does, as her womb tautness collapse around his harden flesh, his eyes fixate on its hard smooth surface, as it disappears completely into the darkness of her heated core,
Her body leans forward as his manly flesh retreats, then with tender force, again enters her domain,
His hands cups the roundness of her ample breast as his hips slowly thrust his meaty flesh upward, then pulls it downward, upward, downward, again and again inside the growing heat between the thickness of her thighs,
As her walls surrounds his hard excitement with sheer tautness, his lungs groan softly, sensation of tautness rushes from the mushroom head of his shaft
through its core, then into his loins,
With smooth soft deep penetrating gyrations, his hips thrust up and down lifting her body and her sexual being higher on each thrust

Like a jazz dancer, his hips gyrations moved in a slow and smooth rhythm, hitting her marks at the precise moments, filling her mind with pure tantalizing sensations,
Her voice tune into his sexual beat and softly moaned harmoniously in rhythm in the background, while his enormity slide in and out the slippery depths of her wetness, their bodies glided in a motion of one, like a slow rowing boat on a lazy river tide

A bead of sweat forms on her forehead, as it grows it slowly eased downward on her face, sending added sensation to her already overwhelmed brain,
His eyes watches it descent as it falls from her face unto his chest, he moans not knowing it came from the visual allurement of the bead of sweat falling gracefully off her face into the air, then landing on his stomach

Fingertips dig deep into his sides as the girth of his enormity swells, opening her walls ever wider, while they secreted large abundance of slippery nectar that flowed down his shaft and over his scrotum, leaving the bed sheets soaked with her love juices,
Her nostrils filled with the smell of their sexual dance, her womb vibrated with blissful pleasure, as it was crowded with the girth of his excited extended flesh

His dance quickens, her body stiffens as if it has been frozen in place, then suddenly shakes as if it has been struck by one thousandth volts of electricity,
Lungs spasm as contorted muscles appear on her face, her breathing comes in short hard burst,
Carnal rapturousness sensations overwhelms her brain, her body starts to ferociously convulse helplessly on top of his

Arms muscles bulge as her body is drawn into his with deep powerful thrust
His girth swells as her walls spasm tighten, again and again he forces his hardness in and out the taut opening between her thighs, as his dance pace quickens, he feels his loins release his white manly seed deep into the molten heat of her darkness,
Half roar, half groan exhales out his lungs, as the sensation of a consuming ejaculation rips through his loins,
Her womb rides his harden shaft with tautness, her hips dance back and forth with urgency, milking every drop of his white seed,
The dance ends, their bodies become still in time, while their love juices mixes

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


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    1. Thank you Cheeky Minx, happy to see you again...

  2. you know what's amazing?
    every time i come in here and experience your words of sex, it is a very different experience every time. kudos!

    1. I very much appreciate that comment lisa, I try to mix it up, and thanks to some wonderful blogs I follow, I get keep getting new positions to try... :)

  3. ...fare l'amore è come una danza, sensuale, accattivante, provocante e così appagante...

  4. Che un commento meraviglia, e sì, è ...

    Grazie per la lettura e la visita ....

  5. Such a good blog!
    Good words and so exciting... ohhh I'll be back for sure!

  6. Pepa* thank you, and i hope to see you again soon...