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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Secret Secretions..... Prose Poem...

Lips juicy and firm, gently brushed against mine, leaving a blaze of passion heat across their flesh,
Sizzling kiss sink lips deeper into each other, presenting a moan so deep from my loins, it had to be restrained in the back of my throat

As I felt the soft touch of his thumb strumming tenderly across my cheek, sensations stirring inside the hidden treasure between my thighs was so deep, and so strong, my treasure started to tear

Bulging arms pull me into a tight hug, pushing his hard manly mass against the thick of my thighs, causing lustful sensations to flush inside my loins, leaving my mind wondering why?

Why a first kiss had stirred emotions hidden deep inside me for such a long time?
Why, did the heat of his kiss instantly sink deep inside my soul?
Thoughts wondered how could a simple kiss make my heart skip a beat, break down my will?
Had I found what my heart had been searching for, waiting for?
And If I am wrong and give in to his passionate kiss, would my secretions be wasted once again?

Wasted, on waiting for a men who would not love all of me, but just the feel of my raw passionate sexual urges,
Wasted, flooding out my womb as his harder then steal rod pounded my womb into oblivion, just to see him walk out the door leaving me as another one of his sexual conquest,
Wasted, seeping on his enormity girth flesh, so it slides in and out my domain in smooth rhythmic motions, that make my lungs scream for more, my body buck in sexual joy,
Wasted, its sweet taste flooding down his throat, as his rifled tongue shoots straight down the center of my wake, until my body bounce and jerk in joyous orgasmic quakes and aftershocks,
Wasted on a man who can not see beyond the small cleavage of my bosom, the thickness of my firm thighs, the swagger of my full hips, while not seeing the Ph.D. in my mind, the passion of life in my soul, the love in the feel of my touch, while remember seeing my toes nails were painted the same bright turquoise color last week...

But for reasons of sexual and emotional fears, my mind fights the surreal feel of secretions that’s building inside the heat of my womb,
It has decided at this particular moment of time, it and my body will hold completely still, as if we did not feel that kiss from the tip of my nose, down to my turquoise colored toes, 
Until my mind is at rest about if his passion is for all of me, and not just my body inner heat, and not about capturing my rain as my thunderstorm rain perpetually down his throat, or over his harden stretched flesh, I shall not react to the secretions leaking past my folds that's puddling in the center of my silky pink panties,
Until my mind feel that his time has truly arrived, my secretions shall stay my little wet secret...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


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    1. Nice to see you again CA, thanks for the comment...

  2. not sure why this feels bittersweet.
    very cleverly written, in a very sexy way.

    1. Thank you lisa, I try not to be so straight forward all the time.

  3. I like that there's a secret -- "little wet secret" -- until she's very sure. ;-)

  4. Not always the best to jump into lust.. ;) ,, Thanks for the read....

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    1. Thank you reggie, i appreciate you leaving a comment..