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Friday, July 20, 2012

Silent Touches.... Prose Poem ........ (From Touch series)

Calm breeze, brought cool fresh air wispily through the open window across the bareness of my breast, as I prepared to dress for another day

As I stood close to the window, the sound of the songbirds touched my ears, keeping my legs unmoving, while my rears tuned into the new morning cheer,
The touch of a single finger ease across my neck,
It flowed slowly, softly, across my right shoulder, then eased all so gently down my back torso,
It crosses the small of my back, causing my body to tense up from the sensation, and then relax as it eased over the fabric that covered the roundness of my butt cheek,
More touches joined in as it firmly gripped the shape of my bottom

A flinch, a sigh, as touches from his other hand ease between my legs and circle on the forthcoming moist spot on my panties, 
Quiet moans purred past parted lips as his genteel touched slowly seduces me,
While on bended knees behind me, his touch manipulated my folds, kneading them with a soft but firm touch over my panties, a fingertip was felt slipping my flimsy panties off my folds, then sliding down the center of my wet slit

A teasing fingertip dipped slowly between my folds, my body quivered as it traced the contour of its shape, then eased over its flesh that had turned to mush,
After sliding my panties back into place, he pressed his lips between my thighs and slowly blew his hot breath through my panties thin fabric,
The warm air, the touch of softness easing up and down my inner thighs, started a wanting fire deep into my loins
The feel of the hot tip of his tongue wondering up the cleavage of my butt sent goose bumps chasing each other all over my body, as a hot chill race through my extremities,
A sudden warm soft kiss in the middle of my back made by body jerk, my lungs to sigh out loud, my back to bow inward as the fire of his tongue traced upward on the contour of my spine,
Once the tip of his tongue reached the back of my neck, his lips suckle on its flesh while his fingertips touch consumes the front of my breast with a tight firm grip,
My legs gave way as my body, my will, surrender to his touches...

Probing fingers slip past my panties elastic, they softly circle on the wetness of my heaven opening then gently pushed their way to the soft pliable pinkish flesh between them,
Wider my legs spread, as my body succumbed more and more to his surreal touch, my lungs moaned as tingling sensations rushed through my womb, into my loins, then rushed up my spine into the back of my head,
After his touched soaked itself in my wet, it eased out and surrounded my waist flesh,
A gentle pushing touch form his other hand leaned my arching body forward, then preceded to pull my panties downward

With my panties barely past the roundness of my butt cheeks, I felt the head of his harness pulsating on my wet opening, he pulled my arms behind me and held them tight together with one hand, my lungs gasp, as the head of his hardness suddenly intruded into the pinkish of my wet, 
Stretching, sliding, sensations bombarded my brain as his steel harden girth and elongated length forced its way deep into my wet offerings,
As sensations of first penetration sensations gave way to sensations of deep penetration, my body shook and quivered

A slow long stroke fell deep into my wet depths,
Followed by another, then another, yet another,
As my womb adjusted to his thick girth, his strokes became faster, deeper and harder,
My body rocked forward on each thrust of his hips, my untied full breast bounced side to side like a pendulum, as his scrotum touch tapped loudly on the back of my buttocks, while slapping on my erect clit

His touch released my arms and was felt wrapping around my waist, His strong touch held my body completely still as he rammed his rock hard manhood deep into my pinkish depths,
I reached my arms behind me and pulled my butt cheeks further apart, I wanted, no, I needed to feel every centimeter of his hard manly flesh touch the side of my pink walls, I need to feel its swollen head tap against the front of my cervix, 

Pop, pop, pop, pop, came from his scrotum as it slapped against my backside, each time it slapped on my aroused clit, my loins filled with my fast approaching release,  
As his hands touch held my body still, my arms and breast flail like a rag doll, I could feel the touch of his girth on my pink walls push harder, his manly length touched inside my womb deeper, 
As my body succumbed from his sexual touches, my womb spasm with quivers, then erupted like a sleeping volcano, shaking my body into a sexual release frenzy,
My legs shook, my flesh shivered, as he urgently stroked his hardness into my lake,
My lungs cried out his name, as his hard sexual thrust rocked my body back and forth without mercy

Manly hardness slide in and out my womb with urgency, lungs groaned as my walls tighten with spasm, 
Just as I felt the first throbbing quake of his shaft on my walls, I begged him to release inside my mouth

His touch release my waist, my body dipped downward as it spun around, my lips quickly devoured his shaft into the heat of my mouth

My first head bop made his girth swell, the second made his shaft throb deeply, the third made no difference, so I knew the forth would bring him pleasure of release,
As the forth head bop slid the tight grip of my lips to the base of his hardness, hot thick gooey seed was felt touching my tongue pallet with the heat of a hot winter shower, leaving a sweet salty taste on it as it quickly flushed down my throat,
The tight touch of my lips held his palpitating flesh deep into my mouth, 
His lungs grasp for air as his release consumed every muscle in his body, urgent head bobs kept my lips easing up and down his shaft until his release was spent

His eyes looked deep into mines,
Then his loving touch pulled my body up into his arms,
A tight embrace envelop my body completely,
He smiled a moment before his lips tasted mine,
As we held each other tightly, no words were spoken, because his touches had said it all... 

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  1. Wow! I can so visualize this happening;).


    P.S. Great job!

  2. Thanks kitty, I'm not to happy with myself right now, somehow I posted the first draft of this poem which I thought I had destroyed. The second one is about the same, but sent through word correct and actually read to myself. This one is straight off the cuff, so I'm not happy. The second one is a smoother read then this one. And I don't have time to correct it now.. (cursing at myself )

    It was nice to see you around these parts again... :)

  3. the details...making it so easy to drift into your words.

  4. I appreciate your words lisa, I was trying to leave a visual of being touched, which means being more detailed.
    looks like I may have succeeded...

  5. Well damn. Your detail and descriptiveness is impressive.

    1. Appreciate the nice comment Reggie...

  6. visual of being touched - you certainly have succeeded.


    1. Thanks for the great remark Ronnie...

  7. ...dopo un lungo periodo di assenza torno a riprendere il mio posto e così sono passata a salutarti...mi è mancato questo posto...un abbraccio carissimo...

    1. Sono molto felice di vederti di nuovo ...



  8. Whew! That was hot! I love that line, especially: " As we held each other tightly, no words were spoken, because his touches had said it all..."

    1. We so think alike :) As soon as I wrote that line, I liked it a lot...
      Thanks for the comment Sweets..

  9. Very hot indeed...but the last line says it all ~

    Hope all is well ~

  10. Thank you heaven. That last line just blurred out and I said Ok, I like it...:)
    Always happy to see your visits...