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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Head Day Poem.... A Tease .... Picture Poem ...

Body awaken, by the feel of your touch easing over the covered bareness of my flaccid flesh,
Slow soft tingling touches turns into a burning ocean of surreal sensations that fuels my inner lust, a lust that stirs a desire, 
A desire that ache between my legs, 
An ache that grows by the second

A light raining mist of kisses fall softly on my chest, it's followed by light licks on blood erect nipples, that finds themselves surrounded by a swirling tongue tip,
A sigh softly moan into the air as a nipple disappear between the softness of lips

A nip, a suckle, a slight bite, ease down the wave of my stomach flesh, stopping at the impression of my enraged beast that was pushing heavily against my shorts

Playful bite on harden flesh erects a moan in my throat, a high long impression of rock hard flesh under my shorts fabric is left wet by your wet slithering tongue,
The sudden feel of hot breath seeping into my engorged flesh makes me seed gather inside my loins, as you playfully blow deeply on the moist fabric 

Fingertips tug up, then downward on my shorts elastic, 
Passionate energy gathers in my loins as you release the beast from its captive,
As my eyes watch the hungered look in yours, the urgent feel of anticipation makes my shaft swell ever harder

What feels like as endless wait of the first flick of your tongue on the stretched flesh of my beast, leaves me wanting that first suckle of your lips, on the swollen head of my extended shaft,
The first bob of your head,
The first moan floating past my lips,
The first shake of my legs,
The first curl of my toes,
The first drop of my white seed ejaculating violently and deep into the dark heat of your mouth, to the last kiss of your lips on the head of my beast, that will make my legs violently jerk one last time, 
Leaving my chest heaving up and down while my lungs gasp for air,
Leaving me with a feel of serenity and closeness flushing throughout my body

As my eyes watch a hunger look on your face, as your eyes watch my elongated pulsating beast cliff hang in the air,
A commanding, "Suck it baby" leaves my lips...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. Mmm! Morning Head! I really like this! You have me moaning and it ain't even Moanday! :-P

    1. I see you were up again like me... :) nice to hear you moan... hehe.. Thanks...

  2. Hungry look on my face too (licks my lips slowly)

  3. You make me feel a strong desire.....


    1. Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it, nice to see you again...

  4. "Suck it Baby!" most favorite words to hear in the morning right next to "You taste so good...", lol!


  5. I'll remember that... lol... Nice to see you kitty, thanks for dropping in...

  6. I'm unsure there's anything better or more delicious than this kind of worship...