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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Head Day ..... Wasteful.... Picture Poem ... Prose Poem ...

It stood straight out, pointing at my lips,
Prancing up and down before my eyes,
Enticing my desire,
Fueling my wants,
Before I knew it,
My tongue flicker on its baldhead,
Then slowly swirled around its cut perfection,
Making it jump with anticipation, balloon and stretch outward from the extra flow of his rich red blood

A desirable lick, lead to a delicious taste,
A delicious taste, lead to a tender kiss,
A tender kiss, lead to a soft suckle,
A soft suckle, lead to a deeper suckle
A deeper suckle, lead to a slow head bob,
A slow head bob, lead to a faster head bob,
A faster head bob, lead to a deep swallow,
A deep swallow, lead to many more swallows,
Many more swallows, lead up to it pushing into my throat,
Pushing it into my throat, lead up to “clean up in aisle four”,
Mmm, forever the slut…

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  1. I can relate to this "slut". LOL! Love this (as I do all your poems)!

    1. All men want a slut now and then to show up in the bedroom... lol ... As always, thank yoo for the visit Sweets.

  2. A sensual and stimulating picture illustrates your inspiring poem. Great!