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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Am I Dreaming (Pt 2 of 3).. Song Poem.. Prose Style....

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, 
using a phrase or sentence from that song. 
It must also be written in the melody, rhythm or spririt of that song: 

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Push Play Please

Sounds of the night awaken my mind,
Hoot owl cries out in the dark,
His deep hoots fell into the shear darkness unanswered,
His baritone voice blends with the sounds of lonely crickets crying in the background,
As my body laid in indolent silence for a while, my ears heard his cries finally answered

My body scurrying in the bed caused her to stir,
My eyes scan over and see the indentation of her body under the warm comfort of soft blue silken sheets,
The shape of the back of her legs caught my glance,
As my glance became eye level with the thick of her thighs, the sleep in my eyes was awaken

Eyes continue their scan upward; they fixated on the round of her firm round assist protruding up in the air,
A low tingling sensation was felt deep inside my loins

A hand slides over and lifts her night shirt up, just enough so it could touch the smooth flesh covering her back,
As my eyes finish its scan upward, they study the beauty of your sleeping face,
My mind ponders, "am I'm dreaming", is this woman sleeping next to me for real,
How did I transform form heart breaking pain, to forever real love, a love so complete, so deep, so loving, my mind feel as if I must be dreaming

Lips part, and a soft low emitting sigh emerge as my hand soothes your back flesh with an ultra light massage,
As sensations of soft flesh runs under my fingertips, my mind drift and thinks of the past, and how did the me, end up with the someone like you,
Some one so intelligent, cute, and mentally strong, with a womanly profile that makes me have lustful desires, just by touching her cotton soft flesh

Again my mind ponders, "am I'm dreaming", is this woman sleeping next to me for real?
How did I go form heart breaking pain, to forever-real love, a love so complete my mind thinks it must be dreaming

Fingertips ease under the elastic of your panties, they tenderly ease back and forth on its roundness, your voice mumbles, but you do not wake as my soothing touch keeps roaming gently over your backside

Fingertips ease between your legs and are welcome by warm heat, then dampness,
My lust quickly rose to a level of I must have you, and I won't be denied

As three fingertips ease up and down your folds, one tease the slit between them making it wet, a long deep sigh tells me that you have awaken, 
A playful push of my finger sends it into the pink between your folds, your body tense, as a loud gasp follows its slow intrusion inside you,
After feeling your walls tautness envelop my finger, the lust of must feel that tightness on the tip of my hard swell rushed into my mind

Legs swing over legs, as I center my body over yours, my eyes fixate on skin contrast, as my darken hardness pulsate while lying between the cleavage of your lighter colored butt, after securing my pulsating mass into my hand, I lay the swollen tip of it at your haven door, 
A thrust forward slow and straight, pushes the tip of my manly mass pass your leaking folds, as the swollen head of my engorged mass ease past the enraged of your folds, your lungs gasp, your body stiffens, 
As shear pulsating hardness fall slowly inside you, first penetration sensations made your body tremble in pleasure pain, while lungs moan in unison

As swollen mass fall deeper in the clear cream between your thighs, heat of a volcano seep into my manly flesh, it is quickly followed by a surrounding tautness on my hard mass girth, 
Thrust stops abruptly as my lungs take long deep breaths to retain my body sexual composure, after your walls adjust to my intrusion, and I to your womb tautness, my hips trust slowly forward, spoon feeding the length of my manhood into your pink, wet, depths

A long slow back stroke, is followed by a long slow forward stroke,
Each measured stroke is more precise then the last, as my mind has decided to make soothing love to you, just as it was in my dreams

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. Nice dream, scorching hot ~

    Visiting you ~ Hope you enjoyed the long weekend ~

  2. Thank you Heaven, had a great weekend. I hope yours was as good as mine... ;)

  3. This is sexy, all right! Whew! Someone get me a glass of cold water, please.

  4. :) Thank you Sweets, I hope you enjoy part 4 and 5 as well...

    1. I look forward to the continuing parts. I'll have a cold glass of water close by. :-)