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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Head Day ... Am I Dreaming PT.5 .. (Last Drop) Prose Poem

(Poem is In second voice .. She ..)

I awaken with his body curled into mine,
He sleeps deeply, my mind wonders if he is dreaming of me,
Does he know the adoration of affections I have for him

Deep lingering sensations in my womb grab my attention, 
My mind flash back on his tongue intrusion into my womb, and how
its silky smooth flickers seduced my body into surrender of orgasmic frenzy,
Mmm, it felt all so good,
Now, payback is coming

First I gingerly roll into his body, easing his on its back,
I softly stroke the lifelessness between his legs; I fight the temptation of stimulating it to a rise, because I yearn for some passionate fun for myself,
Quietly I ease my head downward until my eyes are level with his lifeless organ,
My fingertips ease his uncut skin back, uncovering the smooth bald head of his penis, as much as I fight the urge, my tongue steal a light flicker on his limp mass head for a taste,
He doesn't even flinch; his mind stays into its deep dream

My mouth opens wide as I slide all his limp meat into it, soft suckles ensure on my prize as I gingerly rock my head up and down,
His taste, my taste, erupts on my tongue, causing a deaf moan to vibrate in my throat,
Saliva lubes his shaft as I anticipate the engorgement of his manly meat, sliding back and forth in my hungry mouth

Breath hesitate, legs slowly stiffen, an awakening gasp is followed by fingers tugging on my head,
My tongue is the first to feel his mass stiffening, 
As it slowly balloons in my mouth, slow short head movements makes its growth spurt in a hurry,

Towering length pushes out my mouth, as I hold my head still to enjoy the erotic effect of feeling his mass intensely grow inside my mouth heat, 
The feel of his engorged head pressing deeply into my mouth, for an instant gave me a gage feeling, but once I relax my throat muscles the feeling passes

His ballooning girth stretches my mouth to its limit, while deep pulsation's of his mass vibrating between my lips is felt, the feeling is so erotic my womb starts to leak from passionate lust...

A long, slow, deep head bob, causes a unexpected audible moan to escape past his lips,
His legs shake violently, as his loins is bombarded with none stoppage of sharp surreal sensations,
He begs me to stop so his body can adjust to what's happening to it, but I want to bust his fast coming nut, and I want that busted nut too to be a mind-blowing experience for him

Lips covers just the head of his rock hard penis,
Slightly twisting lips, glide on its wet sensitive ridge,
Toes curl,
Legs stiffen,
Buttocks become hard as a rock,
As arms trembling, try to force-feed his enormous pulsating mass deeper into my mouth, but I'm in control of this nut, and it will come when I decide

My mouth opens wide letting his girth fall deeper inside,
I barely let the stretched soft skin of his manhood touch my lips, to keep him from spilling over the edge to soon,
Long, slow deep movement of my head makes his whole body tremble in sensational bliss,
His breath starts to hesitates in short burst,
His eyes are close so tight his eyelids quiver,
Each drop of my head produces a deep groan from his lungs,
His hands fall to his side in uselessness

Again and again my head rise and fall, easing the softness of tight lips over his rock hard flesh,
He wants to scream, but sensations rushing into his brain takes away his voice
A deep strangle grasp of air into his lungs, is followed by a “Oh Damn... Baby”

My head rise and fall in a slow deep rhythm, lips envelope around his shaft tighter,
My eyes watch his body prepare for release, like a countdown for a rocket launch 

Ten... his eyes close tightly shut
Nine... His face contorts in sexual pain,
Eight... His breath hitches as his stomach flattens
Seven… His arms bulge like a weight lifter lifting heavy weights
Six... His back arches inward, 
Five... His arms and hand pulls down heavily on my head, 
Four... His toes curl tight,
Three… His body jerks while his legs tremble uncontrollable, 
Two...  His body goes deadly rigid,
One... His breath is takin' away,
Lift off... His buttocks lifts of the mattress as his loins explode like a mega-ton bomb

Aaagggg grunts from his lungs, while his body flails on top of the satin sheets as if it was being electrocuted by one million watts of power,
White spew ejaculates in such an enormous rate of volume, it quickly flows past my close lips faster then I can swallow
Sounds of lungs gasping audibly for air crowds the room silence,
Then it happened, his whole body goes suddenly flaccid,
Only a low moaning growl lets me know he had survived the blissful nut-busting ride I had given him,
Before my mouth could suckle his last drop of creamy white ooze from his flaccid shaft slit, he was off in orgasmic induced dreamland, dreaming of my sweet honeydew....

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. I wouldn't have minded waking up that way but alas life plays cruel jokes on us and I am on autopilot, trying to get ready for work while fighting the urge to blowjob after reading this post.

  2. Before my mouth could suckle his last drop of creamy white ooze from his flaccid shaft slit, he was off in orgasmic induced dreamland, dreaming of my sweet honeydew....

    Story of my life!

    1. LMBO ... It's not his fault your are so good at what you like.. Thanks for the visit and comment, it's always appreciated...

  3. Puts me in the mood to do that to do that for my man... ;)

    1. Mmm, sounds naughty to me... :) Thanks for stopping in, and I also adore comments...

  4. Excellent, excellent, excellent piece.

    "Suckle" is one of my fave words. :-D

    1. Thank you, thank you Sweets. I was hoping to end it in a bang.
      Suckle is on top of my list too... ;)

  5. I spent to get to know your blog and I loved it.
    Thanks for visiting my space too
    Come whenever you want

    1. Deh. Thank you coming, and shall visit you again soon...

  6. El deseo se desprende en cada renglon de tu relato.



  7. Gracias, siempre es un placer verte aquí ...