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Friday, October 12, 2012

Handy man .... Prose poem

 Warmth of bodies seek intertwine affection,
Sweetness of lips transfer from one to the other,
Hands wonder, fingertips gently caress

Breast meets chest
Chest greets breast
Kisses get sweeter, deeper,
Blood rigid flesh stands alone,
Base enveloped by soft petite fingertips,
Slow soft strokes is bestowed on rigid flesh

Hushed moan seeps from one mouth to the other, as kisses flow ever deeper,
Legs stiffen as petite fingertips grip tighter, 
Nipple inhaled, as tongue swirls around its foundation,
Stomach flattens as tongue wetness ease across its surface

Quiet groan ease past parted lips as scrotum flesh is suckled into the heat of her mouth, while petite fingers caress quickens,
Legs vibrate as shear sensations rush through his loins,
Audible sigh is heard as tip of mushroom head is washed by swirling tongue tip,
Legs buck straight, breath hitch, as head of rigidness is covered by the soft touch of her lips

Petite fingertips ease up and down rigidness girth, as close lips suckle on its bald head, 
Heart race as her mouth heat seeps into his rigidness flesh, 
Inch by inch his length disappears into the depths between her soft lips, while her head movements follow the rhythmic rhythm motion of her clenching fingers

Ragged breaths fill the air as her lips slid up and down the stretch length of his rigidness with urgency, while her fingertips hold onto its base tightly, 
Once she felt he was nearing the edge of release, her lips release its captive

Light brown eyes fixated deep into dark brown eyes. as petite fingers eased up and down his shaft with quickness,
Rigid mass swell, girth push hard against clenched fist, as clear liquid ooze from mushroom head slit,
Hips bulk, buttocks flex tight, as hot wet sperm spew from the depths of his loins,
Audible climaxing moan roars into the air, as her petite clenched fist pump his rigidness shaft like a pump shotgun, while his white substance squirt across his stomach and chest

Chest heave while petite fingers caress scrotum and legs,
Mmm, ease past soft lips after she dips a finger into his white substance and give it a taste, a wicked grin slowly etches across her face,
Once his heart rate declines and his chest no longer heave, she seductively straddles his face and lowers her hidden treasure in distance reach of his tongue, giving him the chance to have first taste of her clear substance,
His chest expands as he deeply inhales her womanly fragrance, then he extends the pink tip of his tongue slowly upward...

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