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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Head day ........... Visions ......... Prose poem

Fingers wrap around his hard mass,
Triggering sensations of wants and need,
Sprinkle with the essence of lust, and envisions of what will become,
As I satisfy the need to hold his solid foundation in my hand, to let my lips spread around its intimidating girth,
While I feed the need of having the taste of his hard flesh on my tongue,
The wanting of it sliding in and out my mouth, feeding me his manly taste over and over again,
While my lips feel the texture of his smooth stretched flesh and puffed up veins, slipping past their taut grip

Urge of wanting fuels the envision of our sexual act, as it unfolds with clarity inside my mind, as my fingers pull his hard mass out of he confines of his tight red briefs,
Which springs into action like a piece of spring steel,
Causing an itch to appear in the back of my throat,
An itch that only can be scratched by the swollen bulbous head of his ballooning staff,
That resides on the end of his lengthy penile, 
Which will push it in and out the back of my throat,
As my head slowly rise and fall 

Slurping, slopping sexual sounds of giving adrenalized head will fill the air,
As a moist feeling arise between my thighs,
knowingly of his sweet cream is on the rise,
And soon will be my mouth flavor-able captive prize

Fingers grip his girth tightly,
Holding his thumping swell steady,
While lips encircle the head of his tumescent penile,
As my envisions, come to reality...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. I am very happy that you will comment on my blog, because I love to know what you like and who also writes erotically beautiful things, time does not come to visit you, hope you're well and be sure to communicate with me, because we have poetry erotic in common, your vision is wonderfully mature and has the body heat of desire and lust which to read your poems and traveling makes me feel burning passion inside you, we will communicate more often, if only because I love to exchange ideas with a person who is in another place with great cultural differences, but it has the same poetic vision that I have a nice week, hug!!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the warmth of your words. And yes, I like reading other countries work. I have learned that sexually, our countries are pretty much the same...

  2. "Causing an itch to appear in the back of my throat" HOT!

    1. (Smiling) For some reason, I liked that line too as soon as I wrote it... Thank you...

  3. You always have the right picture to fit the poem was perfectly!! While reading this I was visualizing it all.

    1. Thanks Poetic_Butterfly, it has been a boost seeing your comments...

  4. I love this photo. Love the way she's holding him.

    Love your words -- every single one. Hot dayum!

  5. Thanks much Sweets, I appreciate your comment.. :)

  6. How did you know this is the very thing I'm currently craving, 1man?

    1. Lucky man... :) Thanks for the visit CK...

  7. Sempre belas imagens ...

    Mega-abraço !