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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Head day.... Feast ........ Prose poem

My eyes feasted on the thickness of its curves,
The sable color of its naked flesh,
It's natural aroma filled my nostrils as it transmitted into the air,
As my fingertips touch its flesh,
It was found to be hot to the touch, 
My slight touch had its hot juices overflowing,
Mt tongue tremble in excitement of first taste

Mouth open wide,
As its hot pink flesh eased onto my tongue palate,
Its sweet tasty juices flooded my mouth full,
As It's tender flesh ease down my throat, 
I  knew it was going to be the best steak I had every tasted...

By the way, where was your mind?

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  1. LOL! This was a GOOD one! Happy Head Day!

  2. P.S. OMG! Did you take that steak photo. Wow!

    1. Just for he heck of it I google the words steak pus+y... And this popped up... It was perfect
      for my poem... Thanks for the read Sweets...

    2. LOL! I'm going to google "hot dog di*k". Heh heh heh! See what you've started? :-D

    3. LOL! I did the search but didn't see what I had in mind. :-/

  3. Quand les yeux savent voir plus que regarder ;)

  4. He..he...that looks like a delicious steak ~ Happy weekend ~

    1. And a great week for you Heaven... :)