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Friday, November 30, 2012

Spankker (pt 3 of 4) ........... Prose poem ..........

My body presume the position of attention in the doggy stance, it held completely still with my eyes looking strait ahead, 
He slowly pulled my panties down, I could feel his stare glaring on the expose flesh,
Shivers swept over me, as I waited in anticipation of his hard engorged manhood either dangling an inch from my lips, or teasing the opening of my weeping hole

My wish was for a deep hard pounding of his dark hard flesh inside my pink, until my cries begged him to stop, 
Then my lips would suck his girth deep inside my mouth moist heat, and finish him off with deep suction,
But he seems to always know exactly what I need to fulfill my hunger or thirst, and right now I'm not in the position to ask of him

His leg steps over my body as if it was a throw rug, straddling it in the opposite direction of his,
My body felt like a conga drum between his muscular thighs, and I anticipate my butt was going to be his drum skin by the way his thighs had tightly entrap my body,
My mind impatiently waited in anticipation for his next move

A sudden soft stroke of his fingers on my buttocks bare flesh entice my body to flinch,
Quiet moans purred in my throat partly in approval of his surreal touch soothing the fiery flesh on my backside, and part none approval of not having his hard pulsating beast driving deep into my womb depths

His fingertips ease themselves downward, giving me the sensations of not ten, but a hundredth soothing fingertips easing across my buttocks bare flesh,
As his fingers drifted toward my center, the floozy woman in me opened her legs wider

My body felt his lean forward, suddenly heat from the tip of his tongue was felt softly circling on my buttocks flesh,
My body started to squirm as his tongue flickered on its softness like a garden snake,
My back arched,
My lungs groan, 
As the tip of his tongue parted my dark forest, then slowly circle on my slick heat opening

My mind couldn't decide if I should cry, scream or cream continuously on his slithery tongue, that was slowly penetrating into the pink of my heat,
My legs slowly caved in from the assault of sensations rushing into my loins

A strong arm reached around my waist and held my reeling body in place, as his tongue completely painted my heat with his clear saliva, 
A low crying scream etched into the still air as his tongue parted my pink sea wider, and plunged deep into its sweet clear wake

Long, slow, precise licks of his tongue, cause my body to shiver and shake, then jerk like a junkie in drug rehab,
Once his flickering tongue found the rhythm of my butt shakes, it plunged inside me at optimum moments, causing my lungs to moan louder and louder as my loins prepared to detonate

Hips involuntarily gyrated side to side, as his deep licks became forever deeper, 
The ecstasy oft his face against my butt cheeks flesh and the surreal feel of his sweeping tongue all so deep inside my wetness, cause an orgasm to explode with the force of a megaton of TNT,
Orgasmic waves seemly raged forever uncontrollably, as he licked and sucked inside the depths of my pleasure zone

Low graveling moans vibrated inside my chest, as his tongue swept orgasm after orgasm out of my womb, 
My body became a limp wet mess of flesh after my orgasm cease to a calm

Succumbed, my body lay limp in his strong arm embrace,
Slowly he lowered my body down to the floor then tenderly release me, 
While my lungs gasp for air, I felt his body hovering above mine,
Once my eyes opened and scanned upward, they notice his hard palpitating manhood, jerking wildly just a lick away from my wanting, wet parted lips...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spankker (pt 2 0f 3) ......

Smack-OOH, smack-OOH  smack, smack,OOH-OOW,
Oh how I hate him this very second for putting pain on my azz, a blazing fire in my loins, and wanting in my soul, all without a word of why

As tears rain from my womb, a single tear clench to my eyelid,
My mind ponders, is it a tear of pain, or a tear of passion?
Confusion clouds my thinking, as I feel it dangling from my eyelid,
And if he doesn't stop spanking me soon, it will rain tears from above my waist, just like it does below it

Silence becomes the room,
My ears listens for his voice, but only hear the deep ragged breaths coming from my mouth,
As much as my mind wants to know why this is happening to me,
I dare ask him again

Soft touches ease over my fiery buttocks, soothing it with tenderness,
As my lungs gasp for a deep breath of air, I feel his hardness pushing up into my stomach,
I feel its heavy girth throbbing against my flesh, 
I feel its length pushing up against me,
I want it so badly inside my heat, 
I lust to feel it's swollen head push open my gate,
Its roundness fill the empty void inside my womb, 
Its length touch the back of my womb depths,
Its inner eruption, ejaculate globs of its hot white seed to the point it completely paint my pink walls white

Tiny shivers run up my spine as his fingertips roam gingerly across the glow of my backside,
My breathing has calmed, my mind has cleared, as soothing sensations rush through my extremities

My mind no longer dwell on his silence, it just focus on the mixture of sensations floating inside it,
Sensations that has brought peace to my body

My milky thighs open permissively,
A single fingertip slides up the center on my slit, as it slowly circle my clit, my legs start to vibrate,
My breath becomes unsteady, 
My womb feels like a volcano ready to spill its molten lava,
His touch is deliberately slow, so not to waken the volcano inside me, but yet keep my orgasmic flow on edge,
Moans escaping in the room echoes off the wall, 
A sudden gentle push slides my body down to the floor on all fours... 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Moanday poem .... Spankker (pt.1) ...... Prose poem .......

He sat in the chair surrounded by calm, he didn't look at me, but through me,  a single finger directed me towards him

Once I stood before him, he vigilantly placed me over his knees,
Fingertips eased up my skirt, then slid over the blue cotton fabric that covered the firmness of my behind,
They roamed over my backside with gentleness, they ease over my inner thigh with a feathery light touch,
My body flinched when a single finger was felt easing up to the elastic of my panties leg opening, then ease under it and follow its edge back and forth, each time easing closer to my center core

The tip of his finger pushing through my unruly forest was felt, it roamed near, but never touched the center of my heat,
In my mind I knew he could feel the heat seeping from my molten core, and he knew I badly wanted him to touch it,
A moan of wanting lust and needy greed escaped past my lips, as his finger retreats from under my panties 

Tiny shivers ran over my flash as fingertips now eased over the roundness of my back side, 
My eyes closed as sensations from his light touch continuously reached back and forth over my buttocks, while teasing its flesh with tenderness,
Just as my body became placid, his grip around my waist became tighter, his fingertips no longer wondered over my butt flesh, instead they gently pulled my panties slowly down, 
A rush of cool air circulating over my expose flesh was felt as he eased the soft blue fabric off my buttocks, 
My breath quickly inhaled as the blue soft fabric eased over the flesh that covered the thick of my thighs,
In all do purpose, his fingertips slowly dragged my panties forcefully down my legs, then over my knees, once over my knees, he let them go and watched them free fall to my ankle

Breaths became quick and deep in anticipation while silence surrounded us, he didn't say a word, he just sat quiet and still, but I could feel his eyes taking me in, I could feel them sizing me, sexing me, wondering in me,
Just as the silence was driving me into a mental frenzy, a crack in the air broke the silence of the room

My head popped up, my eyes opened wide, my backside from the waist down tensed tight, as the pain from his hand snapping down hard on my buttocks totally caught me by surprise,
No words were spoken, just the sound of his hand smacking on my backside was heard, it was followed by sharp pain

Smack-OOh, Smack-OOh, Smack-OOh
Normally he's very vocal about why he's spanking me, he tells me I have been a bad girl, or I didn't listen, or I have been asking for it,  but this is the first time he spanked me in total silence, my body doesn't seem to know how to react too this sudden down pour of his hand

With my backside glowing,
I can't take not knowing, 
So I moan, what did I do, what did I do?
Smack- Crack, oh hell, he just cupped his hand, he knows I hate it when he cups his hand because it drives the pain deeper  into my buns, 
Again I yell, baby, what did I do?
Crack-Crack, Crack, Oh shi_.... Shut up woman I say to myself, just take it

Just as my mind submits to his doings, the pain is no longer felt, a glow in my loins flows throughout my body, the I should be ashamed that my purposely wetting womb is overflowing race through my mind,
My lungs deeply moan, while the sensation of needing his hardness deep in the center of my heat, rise like the morning sun in the middle of July...

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winded...... Reverse Etheree poem ..... (Redone)

Foreskin stretches,
Fascinating sight,
Astronomical heights,
Redolent masculine scent,
Elevated compacted harden flesh
Stroked firm by tight woven fingertips,
Preparation of ejaculation

Violent, spasmodic muscular twitch,
Discharge stream of hot gushing white seed
High into the clear of the air,
Bombarding soft silken sheets,
One mesmerizing sight,
Swollen head suckled
Deifying moan,

The poetry form, Etheree, consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables. Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Get creative and write an Etheree with more than one verse, but follow suit with an inverted syllable count.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving ..............

Head Day Poem: Empty shell ..... Repetitive poem .....

I would ask you, if the tip of my tongue tender licks around your scrotum, and up your elongated shaft flesh, was enticing?

But, at the moment, my mouth is full...

I would ask you, if the gentle soft kisses of my moist lips on the swollen head of your penis, was the reason your body was shivering?
But, at the moment, my mouth is full...
I would ask, if wrapping my lips over the swollen bulbous head of your harden mass, then running the tip of my tongue in an circular motion all around the very tip of your penis, was why your lungs was gasping so loudly? 
But, at the moment, my mouth is full...
I would ask you, if my lips deep sucking on the bulbous tip of your long swollen shaft, just the way you like it sucked, was the reason your eyes closed tight?

But, at the moment, my mouth is full...

I would ask you, if those quiet moans filtering into my ear, as the stretched flesh that surrounds your girth slides slowly past the tightness of my close lips, mean blissful sensations are blistering through your loins?

But, at the moment, my mouth is full...

I would ask you, if it feels as good to you, as your hard as steel flesh feels to me, inside the moist heat of my mouth?

But, at the moment, my mouth is full...

I would ask you, if that involuntary leg shaking meant you couldn't stand the pleasure pain from the deep suction of my greedy lips on your harden man rod?

But, at the moment, my mouth is full...

I would ask you, if taking your length deep into the back of my throat, was the cause for your eyes to slowly roll back into your head?

But, at the moment, my mouth is full...

I would ask you, if your gasping silence meant your loins was about to explode and ejaculate your life giving seed, deep into the depths of my throat?

But, at the moment, my mouth is full...

I would ask you, what the hell did you just call me?

But, I'm too busy swallowing, a mouth full of your hot white juice...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Slowly he..(made love to me)...Song Poem (Prose poetry)

This  poem was written for couples like myself, who has been together for a long period of time, and tend to let life get in the way of love making...


Slowly, gently,
His lips tenderly brisk past my cheek,
As he slowly, deeply, inhaled the scented essence of me

Lips slowly embrace with a moist soft kiss,
It was long, and tasted as if his lips had been sweet honey dipped, 
Then he slowly laid me down on warm silky white satin sheets,
That covered our big brass bed,
With just the stare of his eyes, he slow-ly, undressed me 

Buttons on my blouse, long fingertips did reach,
Then slowly, and gently breached,
Exposing the firm frontal round flesh, of me

Fabric that covered my body whole,
Slowly fell to the plush carpeted floor,
He slowly pulled my soaking wet panties down,
Leaving me naked for only his eyes to see,
He slowly undressed, and became butt naked like me

Slowly, did his touch, 
Touch me,
A gentle touch that was so docile, 
It make me feel like a beautiful queen, in a mountainous white castle,
My soul felt the release of tranquil calm,
That make all my insides feel heavenly warm,
Showing me why our love had survived all life's unpropitious storms

My mind quit counting the sacred places his slow soft touch 
had touched me,
As my body relaxed like a piece of drift wood, bathing in the warmth of the morning sun, while floating in calm waves of the vast blue sea

Soft slow kisses between my swollen folds, made my body slowly tremble, wIth exquisite waves of pure ecstasy,
Which made my mind to no longer ponder, if he had remembered,
How to completely fulfill me

His soft slow lingering licks, made my heart skip between beats,
While making my inner seems heavily leak,
As his hardness slowly fell deep inside me,
My inner thunderous storm, slowly rained all over him,
His love making felt so damn good, the bright moonlight had become dim,
As he slow-ly, made sweet love to me

It's been a hour every-since he was in me,
Slowly thrusting deep, inside my pink sea,
Slowly bringing up my sexual essence, 
That I held on tight like it was my first ever Christmas present

Slowly my back arched then bowed,
As the first of my orgasmic sexual releases flowed,
He slowly make me cum, until I just couldn't cum anymore,
Reasons why my mind, body and soul adored,
The expectancy of his prowess, of making sweet slow love to me

As I felt his palpitations increase,
I couldn't wait for him to cum deep inside of me,
Fill my seems with his white creamy hot cream,
But he just kept slowly, making sweet love to me

He slowly made love to me until my face glowed,
Then with a deep graveling moan, he came inside me until my pink walls overflowed,
Staining, my new white satin sheets,
With the mixed hot fluids of him, and me

Bodies dripping wet, in each other arms,
Sleep covered me, like a magical charm,
As my eyes slowly closed, a beam of hope eased slowly through me,
Hope, that I would wake up to him, making slow sweet love, to me...

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song... 
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Head Day .... TemptingSweets ......... Prose Poem

The tip
Of his masculinity,
Heat penetrates 
Its stretched flesh,
As the softness
Of lips
Inhale his length
in one slow downward motion,
Sucking it into the darkest part
Of her wet wanting mouth,
Each bob,
Of her head, 
Leaves his over stretch flesh wetter,
And tighter,
His legs shiver,
His heart race,
His mind ponder,
Until his molten core, 
Breach form his scrotum,
In an explosion of orgasmic bliss,
Filling her mouth,
With the satisfying taste,
Of him

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Moanday ......... Vehement PT.1 ....... Prose style

My body slides under the velvet soft covers and come to rest near hers,
A deep breath escapes me, as my body goes into a calm rest state,
My eyes watch the dark of night come through the window pane, dragging the dim light of the half moon with it,
My body lies still, awaiting a night of quiet slumber,

Restlessness, ease my body closer to the center of the bed, 
The warmth of her body easing into the night air is felt,
My body rolls on its side, my hand reaches under the soft covers and extend a fingertip on her soft bare flesh,
As it eased over the curve of her buttocks, a flash of surreal sensation raced through my loins, by the time my fingertips eased down the center of her thighs, my loins ache, the extension of me is in full bloom of lust,
Slowly, carefully not to wake, I slipped the covers off the bareness of her creamy soft skin

A single fingertip circle slowly across her shoulders, then down the middle of her back, as it followed the crack between her butt cheeks, her body stirred, the quiet sleeping rhythm of her breath, now hesitates 

My eyes watched her eyelids flutter,
Once they opened I showed her my intentions by softly kissing the back of her neck, 
Her neck flinch, but her eyes quickly close, showing my intentions, no intentions what so ever

A devilish smile eased across my lips, then part as the pink tip of my tongue slide past them, 
A wet lick eased down the center of her back flesh, it continued over the roundness of her buttocks, 
As it starts to circle on her inner thigh, her body draws tight, her voice sigh, my intension now was to make her body lust for mine, as much as I lusted for hers

Miniature kisses are bestowed on her backside, some velvet soft, others closer to a nipping bite, causing goose bumps to float across her flesh,
As the flickering tip of my tongue followed the crack between her butt cheeks, her voice sighed, 
And when it circled around her most sensitive spot, a low moan reverberated in her throat...

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Follow Up.......... Repetitive poem ......

From behind he slid into my shadow, and filled my ache,
His indistinguishable slow hard deep trust moved my hips,
His persistence brought in the rain, 
His tenaciousness made it thunder,
As my body jolted from his lightening strikes,
My clear liquid showered all over him...

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lurker day....

I don't know if I have any lurkers, but if i do, please take the time to say hello...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Head Day ....... Talk to me........ Repetitive poem

As she sat across the room admiring him at a distance,
She remembered last night, 
She failed to surround his mass with her hand,
She failed to take is girth down her center,
Then it dawned on her,
Why she woke up speechless...

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