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Friday, November 30, 2012

Spankker (pt 3 of 4) ........... Prose poem ..........

My body presume the position of attention in the doggy stance, it held completely still with my eyes looking strait ahead, 
He slowly pulled my panties down, I could feel his stare glaring on the expose flesh,
Shivers swept over me, as I waited in anticipation of his hard engorged manhood either dangling an inch from my lips, or teasing the opening of my weeping hole

My wish was for a deep hard pounding of his dark hard flesh inside my pink, until my cries begged him to stop, 
Then my lips would suck his girth deep inside my mouth moist heat, and finish him off with deep suction,
But he seems to always know exactly what I need to fulfill my hunger or thirst, and right now I'm not in the position to ask of him

His leg steps over my body as if it was a throw rug, straddling it in the opposite direction of his,
My body felt like a conga drum between his muscular thighs, and I anticipate my butt was going to be his drum skin by the way his thighs had tightly entrap my body,
My mind impatiently waited in anticipation for his next move

A sudden soft stroke of his fingers on my buttocks bare flesh entice my body to flinch,
Quiet moans purred in my throat partly in approval of his surreal touch soothing the fiery flesh on my backside, and part none approval of not having his hard pulsating beast driving deep into my womb depths

His fingertips ease themselves downward, giving me the sensations of not ten, but a hundredth soothing fingertips easing across my buttocks bare flesh,
As his fingers drifted toward my center, the floozy woman in me opened her legs wider

My body felt his lean forward, suddenly heat from the tip of his tongue was felt softly circling on my buttocks flesh,
My body started to squirm as his tongue flickered on its softness like a garden snake,
My back arched,
My lungs groan, 
As the tip of his tongue parted my dark forest, then slowly circle on my slick heat opening

My mind couldn't decide if I should cry, scream or cream continuously on his slithery tongue, that was slowly penetrating into the pink of my heat,
My legs slowly caved in from the assault of sensations rushing into my loins

A strong arm reached around my waist and held my reeling body in place, as his tongue completely painted my heat with his clear saliva, 
A low crying scream etched into the still air as his tongue parted my pink sea wider, and plunged deep into its sweet clear wake

Long, slow, precise licks of his tongue, cause my body to shiver and shake, then jerk like a junkie in drug rehab,
Once his flickering tongue found the rhythm of my butt shakes, it plunged inside me at optimum moments, causing my lungs to moan louder and louder as my loins prepared to detonate

Hips involuntarily gyrated side to side, as his deep licks became forever deeper, 
The ecstasy oft his face against my butt cheeks flesh and the surreal feel of his sweeping tongue all so deep inside my wetness, cause an orgasm to explode with the force of a megaton of TNT,
Orgasmic waves seemly raged forever uncontrollably, as he licked and sucked inside the depths of my pleasure zone

Low graveling moans vibrated inside my chest, as his tongue swept orgasm after orgasm out of my womb, 
My body became a limp wet mess of flesh after my orgasm cease to a calm

Succumbed, my body lay limp in his strong arm embrace,
Slowly he lowered my body down to the floor then tenderly release me, 
While my lungs gasp for air, I felt his body hovering above mine,
Once my eyes opened and scanned upward, they notice his hard palpitating manhood, jerking wildly just a lick away from my wanting, wet parted lips...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012


  1. The universe of fetish fascinate, delight and make us delirious with lust, and read it all described this way by you, is even more delusional and enjoyable.

    Kisses and a weekend filled with lust,

  2. This is certainly hot reading for a cold Friday. Thank you! ;-)

  3. The beautiful language tool to give pleasure.