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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spankker (pt 2 0f 3) ......

Smack-OOH, smack-OOH  smack, smack,OOH-OOW,
Oh how I hate him this very second for putting pain on my azz, a blazing fire in my loins, and wanting in my soul, all without a word of why

As tears rain from my womb, a single tear clench to my eyelid,
My mind ponders, is it a tear of pain, or a tear of passion?
Confusion clouds my thinking, as I feel it dangling from my eyelid,
And if he doesn't stop spanking me soon, it will rain tears from above my waist, just like it does below it

Silence becomes the room,
My ears listens for his voice, but only hear the deep ragged breaths coming from my mouth,
As much as my mind wants to know why this is happening to me,
I dare ask him again

Soft touches ease over my fiery buttocks, soothing it with tenderness,
As my lungs gasp for a deep breath of air, I feel his hardness pushing up into my stomach,
I feel its heavy girth throbbing against my flesh, 
I feel its length pushing up against me,
I want it so badly inside my heat, 
I lust to feel it's swollen head push open my gate,
Its roundness fill the empty void inside my womb, 
Its length touch the back of my womb depths,
Its inner eruption, ejaculate globs of its hot white seed to the point it completely paint my pink walls white

Tiny shivers run up my spine as his fingertips roam gingerly across the glow of my backside,
My breathing has calmed, my mind has cleared, as soothing sensations rush through my extremities

My mind no longer dwell on his silence, it just focus on the mixture of sensations floating inside it,
Sensations that has brought peace to my body

My milky thighs open permissively,
A single fingertip slides up the center on my slit, as it slowly circle my clit, my legs start to vibrate,
My breath becomes unsteady, 
My womb feels like a volcano ready to spill its molten lava,
His touch is deliberately slow, so not to waken the volcano inside me, but yet keep my orgasmic flow on edge,
Moans escaping in the room echoes off the wall, 
A sudden gentle push slides my body down to the floor on all fours... 

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  1. Mmmm! Hot, hot, hot! I'm glad there was a part 2 and look forward to part 3. This is so wonderfully and erotically expressed. Hot!

    1. Thank you my Sweets, but by the response, part 3 ?...