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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday Moaning ....... Within ......... Prose poetry

Clear weeping fluid from missing its absence, seep past swollen folds,
Fragrant scent, deliberated from excitement within, hovers in the air,
Gasping moan, massage air passage way, as the swollen head of his extension
parts the pedals of her sexual flower

Back and forth, the extension of him, push and pull inside her wake,
Disturbing the peaceful calm inside the small crevice between her legs,
While her body rides up and down on top of his,
While hips gyrate in their preferred sexual dance,
In a chosen rhythm that will cause the peaceful calm inside her domain, 
To cry its rain in a downpour,
In hope to smother the fire burning inside their aching loins

Moans, groans filtrate the air,
As tight tug on large,
That pushes back and forth through tight, tightest grip

Sanction scream embarks from her lungs,
As fire extinguish fire, bringing a calm to within ...

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