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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Head Day ......... S is for Head .........

Scented tip

 Straight and tall


Slippery tongue tip

Swirls slowly,

Slow creamy dribbles appear

Swiped up in one motion,

Soft lips

Simply covers

Standing hard ovation,

Smooth head dips









Sudden ejaculation



Solution of 

Saturated liquid seed burst

Strike back of throat,

Satisfied elation's




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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday Seduction ... Silent night 3 (My Turn) ...

I sit in the corner of the dim lit room, and watch his naked slim muscled body sit tall in the chair,
My eyes room over his taut chest, the define muscles in his arms, the size of his taut thighs, and the anticipating bulge hiding inside of his tight shorts

I patiently sit, making him sweat with the thoughts of pay back,
Tonight is my night,
I'm the Alpha, and his devilish mind has wrote a check that his azz can't cash..

Quietly I stroll up to him,
A slow wave of my hand floats the scent of my perfume into his nostrils,
My eyes watch them flare, they watch his head tilt as he strains to hear my movements,
A butterfly wing soft touch from my fingertip ease on the tip of his nipple,
His chest expands, his lungs suddenly inhale, his nipple inflates to hardness as my soft touch circle on its center,
Don't move whisper into his ear

He tries to compose his body, but the butterfly soft touch across his taut chest make his body slightly shiver,
What part of don't move don't you understand I whisper in his ear,
He smiles knowing it's going to be a long hard night for him

Tip of tongue teasingly lick the tip of his nipple erectness, once I notice they are blood full, they're slowly slipped into my mouth,
The feel of his chest expanding is felt as my lips softly suckle,
A swallowed sigh, doe not go unnoticed

Two fingers ease over his bulge, then slip into the slit in his shorts, his body raise to full attention,
Quiet whispers of breathes are heard, as my fingers sweep under his scrotum,
I stop all action and take a step back,
I stand in silence, letting his desires lustfully play with is mind

On bended knees, I quickly take his scrotum into my mouth,
As mouth heat seep through his shorts, his legs quiver,
A quick slap of fingertips on the tender side of his thighs, reminds him to be still

Tip of tongue trace the length of his swollen meat,
When my tongue finds the tip of the top, it swirls softly on it,
Eyes watch his arms bulge, his head slowly trail upward, as the sensations of sharpness rush into his loins,
A quick firm but gentle bite sinks into his firm girth,
The suddenness of it causes his voice to softly moan, 
My voice quietly chuckled, to let him know I heard him

A firm grip took him behind the neck and lead him to the bed,
With the power of being the Alpha, I fling him into the bed,
At first my eyes saw the fight of control take over for a moment, then his body slumped in surrender onto the bed mattress,
I finally had him where I wanted him, in total surrender to my wishes

Untied was his hands from behind his back, 
While position on his stomach, his hands was now restrained to the bed post, his legs was also restrained

Eyes traced his body curves, taking in his manliness, 
Tongue softly tasted his flesh,
His buttocks became tight as drum skin, as my tongue slid slowly over its roundness,
A slow drag of my tongue inside his inner thighs left linger sensations rushing into his loins

Soft fingertips ease up the center of his spine, then slowly back down, 
One followed his butt crack to his scrotum, where I found his penile sticking straight out hard as a double baked brick,
My finger slowly trailed on its stretched flesh to its tip,
Then swirled on its warm seepage,
Causing his legs to slightly quiver

Can't be still a whispering voice speak into his ear,
Smack! Ye-oww barks into the air, 
One must obey my voice whisper,
Smack! His butt retracts then pucker, but he does not speak,
Smack! Once again cracks into the air,
Oh, by the way, that's a wooden paddle slapping your butt a high five my lover man,
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

After a minute of silence, again he hears my voice whispering in his ear,
Mmm, I can't see that beautiful round tight butt with those shorts on, they have to go

His body flinch as his shorts are pulled away from his flesh, then he hears snip, snip snip, as I cut his shorts off with a pair of scissors that just happen to be handy,
That's better I whispered

Mmm, not much color yet, we must hit harder, don't you agree my husband?
My petite body gets up on its tippy-toes,
Altering each blow,
SMACK! SMACK! Oops, missed the mark on that one, Smack!
My eyes watch him closely to see if he flinches or moaned, but he lies there quietly taking each hard hit, his butt color had changed to a nice toasty red 

My mind now know the Alpha in him has not really surrendered yet, so I replace the paddle with a soft flickering tongue on his warm backside, I swirl it down his butt crack, when I take his scrotum into my mouth, I feel his legs tremble,
When my fingers grip his girth and slowly stroke up and down its length, the whole bed vibrates,
A large mass of his pre-seed is felt running down on my fingers, 
Quickly I roll out the bed and take off his restraints,
Turn over my By-itch, I seductively whispered into his ear...

Body.. His.. Reluctantly turns over... Sit up a commanding voice speaks,
He sits up and defiantly look me in the eye,
Spread your legs my lover I whisper softly,
As soon as his legs spread, my tongue attacks the tip of his long hard mass,
His whole body tense tight when I wrapped the top of his mass with the softness of my lips,
I suck hard and bob my head up and down like a wild woman,
Twisting, twirling my head from side too side,
His fingers dig into the bed mattress, as I take his hard dick deep into my mouth

Up, down,
Up, down,
My head bobs with urgency,
Slurping sounds soon fills the air, as did his silent moans,
My eyes watch him fight the urge to grab my head and pull my hair, as he loves all so much to do,
His face has that look of sexual agony pain of sensational pleasure on it

His mass swelled, his legs uncontrollably swayed in and out, 
Suddenly I stopped,
His mass was spit out my mouth, then I looked him dead in his eyes,
After a devilish smile, I whispered, you may not come 

My eyes watch his legs tighten taut as he fault the urge of release,
When I glanced down, I could see his hard mass twitching wildly in excitement,
This time when I glared into his eyes, I was truly the Alpha, and he was now my complete By-itch 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Head Day........ Joyful ............... Prose poem

lips soft
Engulf the head of my affliction

Tongue swirls
On sensitive ridge

Head bobs
In slow rhythmic motion

Th fourth of July 
Celebration begins...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Moaning ...... Morning Meal .... By ~hisqueen~ ....

Gapping legs
staying moist
not by memory but by choice
of where they need to be
in the morning
waiting for thee
to be devoured
like breakfast for two
to be ordered by you
as the special of the day
the bed as a platter
giving a wonderful bouquet
a aroma you love
in the morning
for breakfast my love
you drink like coffee
and it energizes you
and I love the way you feel
as you awaken your morning meal 

This poet was written by ~hisqueen~ my poetic quest ....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Head day .... Warning ............

This is not a toy,
May cause choking if accidentally swallowed...

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Seduction... Silent Night 2 ... Prose

Ears deceive me,
They never heard sneaky hubby enter the room,
My startled body lunch forward when his tenor of a voice came an inch from my ear
The grip of his grasp held me by the neck,
Be still he whisper,
My body became compliance

Do not move, means, do, not, move,
You moved, now pay the price,
I felt the strength in his arms lift my body up by the neck,
He maneuvered my body around the opposite way,then whispered kneel down,
Slowly he guided my body downward, 
With arms partially extended I felt the chair and balanced myself in front of it,
Again he maneuvered my body position, he leaned my upper body over the padded part of the chair, which left my backside in full view,
He put his hand between my legs and made me space them apart, 
which left my behind slightly elevated in the air,
Then came the dreaded silence

My mind drifted,
It anticipated,
It wondered,
Suddenly a finger was felt softly easing over the round of my behind,
It followed the indentation between my butt cheeks,
Then roamed aimlessly over my folds,
Their tips pushed into the pink of my womb, a hushed gasp was swallowed as they slowly pushed deeper into my tightness,
After he slowly pulled them out, he put their wet tip on my anus opening,
No way, my mind thought

MY ears did not deceive me this time, as the sound of his belt was heard cutting through the quiet of the room,
Swoosh, Swat, Oww,
Swoosh, Swat, Oww,
Swoosh, Swat, Oww,
How many was that he whispered?
I wasn't counting, a whimpering voice replied,
"Oh", then we start over his devilish voice stated,
"Payback is a Bitt-tc", but before my mind completed its thought,
Swoosh, swat, Oww,
Swwosh, swat, Oww
Swwosh, swat, Uughh

Silence again overcomes the room,
My body holds the position, while my pink red flesh of my azz burns from the harsh slaps from his new black leather belt

Fingers trace the outline of my buttocks, they dance softly across its burning flesh, then lightly massage the sting of disobedience,
A tear runs down my face, as tears seeps past my folds,
Two fingers sweep into my wet, a quiet moan escapes through my lips, 
But was it quiet enough?

The strength of his arms sweeps me off my feet,
My body is laid softly down on the bedroom sofa,
He position his body on top of mines,
His raging bare hard-on indents into my thigh flesh, the warmth of his seeping pre-seed is felt dripping,
Enticing my lustfulness,
My lugs silently moan in anguish, as he drives his hard-on tight against my thigh,
Teasing my mind with anticipation of my womb being full of its hard dark meat

Soft kiss trace my neckline, 
lips nibble on my ear lobe,
Moisten tongue tip wets the impressions of my ear, 
Gentle warm breaths are blown gingerly across it, sending chills down my spine,
My body bucks up, the sensation of his throbbing mass against my bare flesh entice a deep hushed moan inside close lips

A deep kiss steals my breath, as his hips start to slowly gyrate, pushing his mass deeper into my flesh,
My legs attempt to open to let him in its center, his tight grasp quickly holds my body at bay, the still stinging reddish flesh on my azz, reminds me of whom is in charge this night,
My body relax in pleasure surrender

Soft kisses trace my eyelids, 
My nose, 
The edge of my pouting lips,
His lips serenade mines with one after another deep kiss,
My body is swallowed by the sensations of soft sweet kisses embarked on it

Hips gyrates with his muscular thigh on my center, he feels warm seepage on
its surface, his upper body leans up and he smiles his pleasure at me, then he gyrates his hips so deep, his mass feels as if its going to penetrate right through my leg

Painted long fingernails rake across the broadness of his back,
They shear through his firm flesh,
He grimmest, then gyrates his hips ever harder,
My voice scream in lust passion, but no one hears me 

My voice wants to speak out,
It wants to tell him to take me,
Ravish my body with deep penetration,
Thrust his dark mass deep into the center of my pink universe,
Make my eyes tear from passionate love making,
Make my voice bark on each hard thrust of his rock hard dick into my wetness,
The silence from my lips, is killing me slowly...

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Head Day ... Obsess .... Repetition poem

I'm obsess

Obsess with his erectile

The manly musty scent of it, when it has fully bloomed in excitement

The look of it's stretch skin in sheerness 

The thick river vein, pulsing along side of its stretched length 

The look of its uncut protuberant head, peeping from under its protected layer

The feel of it, slowly thrusting into the warmth of my mouth

The feel of it pulsating between my lips

The sight of your body when it shutters, as my tongue swirl on its girth, and dance on tis bald bulbous head 

The feel of it's long smoothness sliding to the front of my throat

The angry of it, as it push my lips extensively apart

The feel of its rapture, spewing into my throat, as it explode in ecstasy

The taste of it, as it seed lingers on my tongue

The naughtiness of, the intimate encounter

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Seduction . Enhance 2(Silent Night1) ..Prose

In the dim dark of the room,
Wearing a scarf over my eyes, 
And just the essence of my flesh,
I sit and wait,
While anticipating,
His arrival

Do not move a muscle,
Was his last words

I know he is here,
And he's close beside me,
His fragrance has arrived ahead of him,
And his quietness gives him away,
Because I can hear excitement in his breathing

Lips part,
Soft suckling kiss ignites passion flames inside my loins,
More kisses are bestowed on my bare flesh,
They suckle on my neck,
The back of my shoulder,
The roundness of my breast,
The erect tip of my nipples

Extremely slow, he kisses my body with docile kisses,
I don't know where the next kiss will be,
Each kiss makes my body flinch,
It makes my lungs moan,
My voice sigh,
My womb weep with tears

The touch of hands tenderly part my legs,
His tongue is felt sweeping on my inner thighs,
The warmth of his breath is felt softly blowing on my center,
Causing my heart to beat faster,
My chest to heave,
My breath to become erratic

The soft moans from my lungs become silent as the room,
As sounds of emitting movement is gone,
Sounds of his deep breathing is no more,
Just empty silence

Tingling sound of a belt buckle being released is heard in front of me,
The zip of a zipper zips into the air,
The ruffle of pants being lowered is heard

Aroma of him softly trickles into my nostrils,
It becomes stronger by the second,
The soft point of his penile is felt brushing up against my lips

Lips part,
Tongue flicks outward,
The salty taste of his pre-seed is tasted on the tip of my tongue,
But before I can enjoy its flavor, a soft continuing thrust intrudes the tip of his erection into my mouth warmth

Deep breaths through my nostrils is taken,
As a continuing thrust push his erection deeper into my mouth,
Lips are pushed apart, jaw muscles are stretched open wider with the forthcoming of his girth, that paves the way for his elongated length,
Once half of his erection has intruded pass my lips, his thrust abruptly stops

Hard palpitations are felt on my tongue,
Deep breathing is heard emitting in the air,
The exoticness of it all, makes my womb walls tighten with lust

Unfamiliar object is felt on the back of my head,
A tingling sounds tells me it's his new black leather belt,
My head is held steady with it, as his hips gyrate back and forth,
His hip rhythm is slow, but his thrust are hard and long, as he slowly feeds his length more and more pass the softness of my inner lips

The tip of his erection rest at the front of my throat,
My mouth has taken all of him as possible,
His hips gyrations are rhythmic slow, but his breathing has already become erratic and deep, an indication his eruption will come urgently

His hands pull and release the pressure on the belt, pulling my head back and forth, as he force feed his swollen erection between my lips tight grip,
Lips suck harder, as his hips thrust deeper,
His hips gyrating actions becomes rough and erratic, as his will becomes lost in the lust to cum

Faster-harder, he pulls the tension tighter on the belt on the back of my head,
I feel his body rise up on its toes, as sounds of sloshing wet fellatio spills into the air,  
How I wish I could put my hands on his buttocks, so I can feel his round cheeks become taut just before he explodes,
But tonight I surrender my body to his every whim 

A slight gag comes over me as his hips pump harder,
Forcing my mouth to take more of his harden flesh inside it then it's accustom too,
I fight the urge to put my arms up and steady his deep penetration into my mouth

Moans and wet hard flesh, slipping past tight lips, control the sounds floating in the air
His hands pull so hard on the belt, I fear his length is going to choke me...
Suck harder, harder he commands,
Quietly my left hand corrals his tight scrotum and squeeze them tight just like he likes it,
After a moment of silence, his body tense completely tight,
Aaagg-Aaaggii-I'm cumin is the next sound of words I hear ringing in my ear

Between my lips his erection is felt palpitating harder then a old style water pump, moments before a violent ejaculation of sperm spew deep into my mouth,
His ejaculation is so violent, his sperm feels like its shot out the barrel of a 12 gauge shot gun into the root of my throat, 
His body muscles tremors so fast, it seems as if his body is standing motionless

His hot white seed fills my mouth cavity faster then I can swallow,
Hot overflow is felt trickling pass my lips and down my chin

At first I hesitate, then I break the rules of the night and bob my head
quickly back and forth, sliding his swollen flesh in and out between my lips tight death grip, milking every drop of his bitter sweet seed,
I don't stop until he relinquish a command for me to stop 

Deep breaths fill the air,
The softness of his flaccid manhood lies still in the covered warmth of my mouth,
The bitter sweet taste of his offering lingers on my tongue

Silence return to the darken room,
The belt is relinquished from behind my head,
His flaccidity is slowly pulled from between my lips sealed grip, a slight pop disturbs the silence in the room,
Right afterwards, a silent chuckle is heard coming from his direction

He leaves the room as he came, 
In silence

Again I await in the chair, 
In the dark silence of the room, with a soaking wet womb and aroused anticipation...

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