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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Seduction... Silent Night 2 ... Prose

Ears deceive me,
They never heard sneaky hubby enter the room,
My startled body lunch forward when his tenor of a voice came an inch from my ear
The grip of his grasp held me by the neck,
Be still he whisper,
My body became compliance

Do not move, means, do, not, move,
You moved, now pay the price,
I felt the strength in his arms lift my body up by the neck,
He maneuvered my body around the opposite way,then whispered kneel down,
Slowly he guided my body downward, 
With arms partially extended I felt the chair and balanced myself in front of it,
Again he maneuvered my body position, he leaned my upper body over the padded part of the chair, which left my backside in full view,
He put his hand between my legs and made me space them apart, 
which left my behind slightly elevated in the air,
Then came the dreaded silence

My mind drifted,
It anticipated,
It wondered,
Suddenly a finger was felt softly easing over the round of my behind,
It followed the indentation between my butt cheeks,
Then roamed aimlessly over my folds,
Their tips pushed into the pink of my womb, a hushed gasp was swallowed as they slowly pushed deeper into my tightness,
After he slowly pulled them out, he put their wet tip on my anus opening,
No way, my mind thought

MY ears did not deceive me this time, as the sound of his belt was heard cutting through the quiet of the room,
Swoosh, Swat, Oww,
Swoosh, Swat, Oww,
Swoosh, Swat, Oww,
How many was that he whispered?
I wasn't counting, a whimpering voice replied,
"Oh", then we start over his devilish voice stated,
"Payback is a Bitt-tc", but before my mind completed its thought,
Swoosh, swat, Oww,
Swwosh, swat, Oww
Swwosh, swat, Uughh

Silence again overcomes the room,
My body holds the position, while my pink red flesh of my azz burns from the harsh slaps from his new black leather belt

Fingers trace the outline of my buttocks, they dance softly across its burning flesh, then lightly massage the sting of disobedience,
A tear runs down my face, as tears seeps past my folds,
Two fingers sweep into my wet, a quiet moan escapes through my lips, 
But was it quiet enough?

The strength of his arms sweeps me off my feet,
My body is laid softly down on the bedroom sofa,
He position his body on top of mines,
His raging bare hard-on indents into my thigh flesh, the warmth of his seeping pre-seed is felt dripping,
Enticing my lustfulness,
My lugs silently moan in anguish, as he drives his hard-on tight against my thigh,
Teasing my mind with anticipation of my womb being full of its hard dark meat

Soft kiss trace my neckline, 
lips nibble on my ear lobe,
Moisten tongue tip wets the impressions of my ear, 
Gentle warm breaths are blown gingerly across it, sending chills down my spine,
My body bucks up, the sensation of his throbbing mass against my bare flesh entice a deep hushed moan inside close lips

A deep kiss steals my breath, as his hips start to slowly gyrate, pushing his mass deeper into my flesh,
My legs attempt to open to let him in its center, his tight grasp quickly holds my body at bay, the still stinging reddish flesh on my azz, reminds me of whom is in charge this night,
My body relax in pleasure surrender

Soft kisses trace my eyelids, 
My nose, 
The edge of my pouting lips,
His lips serenade mines with one after another deep kiss,
My body is swallowed by the sensations of soft sweet kisses embarked on it

Hips gyrates with his muscular thigh on my center, he feels warm seepage on
its surface, his upper body leans up and he smiles his pleasure at me, then he gyrates his hips so deep, his mass feels as if its going to penetrate right through my leg

Painted long fingernails rake across the broadness of his back,
They shear through his firm flesh,
He grimmest, then gyrates his hips ever harder,
My voice scream in lust passion, but no one hears me 

My voice wants to speak out,
It wants to tell him to take me,
Ravish my body with deep penetration,
Thrust his dark mass deep into the center of my pink universe,
Make my eyes tear from passionate love making,
Make my voice bark on each hard thrust of his rock hard dick into my wetness,
The silence from my lips, is killing me slowly...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


  1. Un beau moment que l'on vit à travers vos mots !

    1. Merci comme toujours ...

      paix et d'amour

  2. I really like this...what a fantasy and to have it fulfilled would be bliss.


    1. Working on it... lol .. Thank you Hannah ..

      peace and love

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Paula..

      peace and love

  4. I'm certainly glad I stopped by, 1man... ;-)

    1. Not as much as I.. Thanks for the visit...

      peace and love

  5. That´s a spectacular poetry....
    The words have a sound of erotic moments....That´s the kind of sex I love...
    Wonderful poem, and the pics are in the exact measure of the thema.
    Thanks for the recent visits and thanks for advising me!
    You know what I say!
    From the friend!

    1. Thank you very much... I appreciate you nice comments...
      And I'm pleased that I could help you..

      peace and love

  6. Intenso poema, cada renglon es una montaña de sentimientos que desencadenan en una pasion de la que es dificil escapar.

    Gracias por tu visita y tus amables palabras.



  7. Lindo poema e erotico e sedutor ao mesmo tempo...
    bjos e abraçoss

    Sr. e Sra. Q.

    Obs: Seguindo você... :)

  8. Obrigado pelas palavras bonitas ...
    Vou visitar e seguir você também ....