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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday Seduction ... Silent night 3 (My Turn) ...

I sit in the corner of the dim lit room, and watch his naked slim muscled body sit tall in the chair,
My eyes room over his taut chest, the define muscles in his arms, the size of his taut thighs, and the anticipating bulge hiding inside of his tight shorts

I patiently sit, making him sweat with the thoughts of pay back,
Tonight is my night,
I'm the Alpha, and his devilish mind has wrote a check that his azz can't cash..

Quietly I stroll up to him,
A slow wave of my hand floats the scent of my perfume into his nostrils,
My eyes watch them flare, they watch his head tilt as he strains to hear my movements,
A butterfly wing soft touch from my fingertip ease on the tip of his nipple,
His chest expands, his lungs suddenly inhale, his nipple inflates to hardness as my soft touch circle on its center,
Don't move whisper into his ear

He tries to compose his body, but the butterfly soft touch across his taut chest make his body slightly shiver,
What part of don't move don't you understand I whisper in his ear,
He smiles knowing it's going to be a long hard night for him

Tip of tongue teasingly lick the tip of his nipple erectness, once I notice they are blood full, they're slowly slipped into my mouth,
The feel of his chest expanding is felt as my lips softly suckle,
A swallowed sigh, doe not go unnoticed

Two fingers ease over his bulge, then slip into the slit in his shorts, his body raise to full attention,
Quiet whispers of breathes are heard, as my fingers sweep under his scrotum,
I stop all action and take a step back,
I stand in silence, letting his desires lustfully play with is mind

On bended knees, I quickly take his scrotum into my mouth,
As mouth heat seep through his shorts, his legs quiver,
A quick slap of fingertips on the tender side of his thighs, reminds him to be still

Tip of tongue trace the length of his swollen meat,
When my tongue finds the tip of the top, it swirls softly on it,
Eyes watch his arms bulge, his head slowly trail upward, as the sensations of sharpness rush into his loins,
A quick firm but gentle bite sinks into his firm girth,
The suddenness of it causes his voice to softly moan, 
My voice quietly chuckled, to let him know I heard him

A firm grip took him behind the neck and lead him to the bed,
With the power of being the Alpha, I fling him into the bed,
At first my eyes saw the fight of control take over for a moment, then his body slumped in surrender onto the bed mattress,
I finally had him where I wanted him, in total surrender to my wishes

Untied was his hands from behind his back, 
While position on his stomach, his hands was now restrained to the bed post, his legs was also restrained

Eyes traced his body curves, taking in his manliness, 
Tongue softly tasted his flesh,
His buttocks became tight as drum skin, as my tongue slid slowly over its roundness,
A slow drag of my tongue inside his inner thighs left linger sensations rushing into his loins

Soft fingertips ease up the center of his spine, then slowly back down, 
One followed his butt crack to his scrotum, where I found his penile sticking straight out hard as a double baked brick,
My finger slowly trailed on its stretched flesh to its tip,
Then swirled on its warm seepage,
Causing his legs to slightly quiver

Can't be still a whispering voice speak into his ear,
Smack! Ye-oww barks into the air, 
One must obey my voice whisper,
Smack! His butt retracts then pucker, but he does not speak,
Smack! Once again cracks into the air,
Oh, by the way, that's a wooden paddle slapping your butt a high five my lover man,
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

After a minute of silence, again he hears my voice whispering in his ear,
Mmm, I can't see that beautiful round tight butt with those shorts on, they have to go

His body flinch as his shorts are pulled away from his flesh, then he hears snip, snip snip, as I cut his shorts off with a pair of scissors that just happen to be handy,
That's better I whispered

Mmm, not much color yet, we must hit harder, don't you agree my husband?
My petite body gets up on its tippy-toes,
Altering each blow,
SMACK! SMACK! Oops, missed the mark on that one, Smack!
My eyes watch him closely to see if he flinches or moaned, but he lies there quietly taking each hard hit, his butt color had changed to a nice toasty red 

My mind now know the Alpha in him has not really surrendered yet, so I replace the paddle with a soft flickering tongue on his warm backside, I swirl it down his butt crack, when I take his scrotum into my mouth, I feel his legs tremble,
When my fingers grip his girth and slowly stroke up and down its length, the whole bed vibrates,
A large mass of his pre-seed is felt running down on my fingers, 
Quickly I roll out the bed and take off his restraints,
Turn over my By-itch, I seductively whispered into his ear...

Body.. His.. Reluctantly turns over... Sit up a commanding voice speaks,
He sits up and defiantly look me in the eye,
Spread your legs my lover I whisper softly,
As soon as his legs spread, my tongue attacks the tip of his long hard mass,
His whole body tense tight when I wrapped the top of his mass with the softness of my lips,
I suck hard and bob my head up and down like a wild woman,
Twisting, twirling my head from side too side,
His fingers dig into the bed mattress, as I take his hard dick deep into my mouth

Up, down,
Up, down,
My head bobs with urgency,
Slurping sounds soon fills the air, as did his silent moans,
My eyes watch him fight the urge to grab my head and pull my hair, as he loves all so much to do,
His face has that look of sexual agony pain of sensational pleasure on it

His mass swelled, his legs uncontrollably swayed in and out, 
Suddenly I stopped,
His mass was spit out my mouth, then I looked him dead in his eyes,
After a devilish smile, I whispered, you may not come 

My eyes watch his legs tighten taut as he fault the urge of release,
When I glanced down, I could see his hard mass twitching wildly in excitement,
This time when I glared into his eyes, I was truly the Alpha, and he was now my complete By-itch 

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


  1. Inspirador... ;)))... Beijokas sedutoras... Madame K...

  2. This has given me plenty of inspiration love it!!!!!!!

  3. Edging at its best huh? LOL :) I love having control at brief intervals like that:) I do love to surrender;)

    1. I bet he does too. :) Thanks for commenting..

  4. Hmmm definitely HOT!

    1. Thank you TP, I appreciate your comment...

  5. She was the true Alpha, indeed. :-)

  6. None and then, almost everybody wants to be the boss.. hehe ... Thanks for stopping in Sweets..

  7. I guess where spankings are concerned, it's far better to give than to receive.

    1. Diffidently .. lol ... Thanks for stopping in Reggie...