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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Seduction . Enhance 2(Silent Night1) ..Prose

In the dim dark of the room,
Wearing a scarf over my eyes, 
And just the essence of my flesh,
I sit and wait,
While anticipating,
His arrival

Do not move a muscle,
Was his last words

I know he is here,
And he's close beside me,
His fragrance has arrived ahead of him,
And his quietness gives him away,
Because I can hear excitement in his breathing

Lips part,
Soft suckling kiss ignites passion flames inside my loins,
More kisses are bestowed on my bare flesh,
They suckle on my neck,
The back of my shoulder,
The roundness of my breast,
The erect tip of my nipples

Extremely slow, he kisses my body with docile kisses,
I don't know where the next kiss will be,
Each kiss makes my body flinch,
It makes my lungs moan,
My voice sigh,
My womb weep with tears

The touch of hands tenderly part my legs,
His tongue is felt sweeping on my inner thighs,
The warmth of his breath is felt softly blowing on my center,
Causing my heart to beat faster,
My chest to heave,
My breath to become erratic

The soft moans from my lungs become silent as the room,
As sounds of emitting movement is gone,
Sounds of his deep breathing is no more,
Just empty silence

Tingling sound of a belt buckle being released is heard in front of me,
The zip of a zipper zips into the air,
The ruffle of pants being lowered is heard

Aroma of him softly trickles into my nostrils,
It becomes stronger by the second,
The soft point of his penile is felt brushing up against my lips

Lips part,
Tongue flicks outward,
The salty taste of his pre-seed is tasted on the tip of my tongue,
But before I can enjoy its flavor, a soft continuing thrust intrudes the tip of his erection into my mouth warmth

Deep breaths through my nostrils is taken,
As a continuing thrust push his erection deeper into my mouth,
Lips are pushed apart, jaw muscles are stretched open wider with the forthcoming of his girth, that paves the way for his elongated length,
Once half of his erection has intruded pass my lips, his thrust abruptly stops

Hard palpitations are felt on my tongue,
Deep breathing is heard emitting in the air,
The exoticness of it all, makes my womb walls tighten with lust

Unfamiliar object is felt on the back of my head,
A tingling sounds tells me it's his new black leather belt,
My head is held steady with it, as his hips gyrate back and forth,
His hip rhythm is slow, but his thrust are hard and long, as he slowly feeds his length more and more pass the softness of my inner lips

The tip of his erection rest at the front of my throat,
My mouth has taken all of him as possible,
His hips gyrations are rhythmic slow, but his breathing has already become erratic and deep, an indication his eruption will come urgently

His hands pull and release the pressure on the belt, pulling my head back and forth, as he force feed his swollen erection between my lips tight grip,
Lips suck harder, as his hips thrust deeper,
His hips gyrating actions becomes rough and erratic, as his will becomes lost in the lust to cum

Faster-harder, he pulls the tension tighter on the belt on the back of my head,
I feel his body rise up on its toes, as sounds of sloshing wet fellatio spills into the air,  
How I wish I could put my hands on his buttocks, so I can feel his round cheeks become taut just before he explodes,
But tonight I surrender my body to his every whim 

A slight gag comes over me as his hips pump harder,
Forcing my mouth to take more of his harden flesh inside it then it's accustom too,
I fight the urge to put my arms up and steady his deep penetration into my mouth

Moans and wet hard flesh, slipping past tight lips, control the sounds floating in the air
His hands pull so hard on the belt, I fear his length is going to choke me...
Suck harder, harder he commands,
Quietly my left hand corrals his tight scrotum and squeeze them tight just like he likes it,
After a moment of silence, his body tense completely tight,
Aaagg-Aaaggii-I'm cumin is the next sound of words I hear ringing in my ear

Between my lips his erection is felt palpitating harder then a old style water pump, moments before a violent ejaculation of sperm spew deep into my mouth,
His ejaculation is so violent, his sperm feels like its shot out the barrel of a 12 gauge shot gun into the root of my throat, 
His body muscles tremors so fast, it seems as if his body is standing motionless

His hot white seed fills my mouth cavity faster then I can swallow,
Hot overflow is felt trickling pass my lips and down my chin

At first I hesitate, then I break the rules of the night and bob my head
quickly back and forth, sliding his swollen flesh in and out between my lips tight death grip, milking every drop of his bitter sweet seed,
I don't stop until he relinquish a command for me to stop 

Deep breaths fill the air,
The softness of his flaccid manhood lies still in the covered warmth of my mouth,
The bitter sweet taste of his offering lingers on my tongue

Silence return to the darken room,
The belt is relinquished from behind my head,
His flaccidity is slowly pulled from between my lips sealed grip, a slight pop disturbs the silence in the room,
Right afterwards, a silent chuckle is heard coming from his direction

He leaves the room as he came, 
In silence

Again I await in the chair, 
In the dark silence of the room, with a soaking wet womb and aroused anticipation...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


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  3. gives oral sex a poetic flavor

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  5. Whoa, I love this and all your pictures. So very hot!! I need to sign on more often, I'm missing out, truly!