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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday Moaning .... My panties ... Prose poem

If I was to offer you my panties,
With the jest of taking them off,
Would this please you?
Entice you?
Excite you to the point of extending yourself?
Make your slit weep a wet drop?
Move you in anyway?

If I was to hand you my panties, 
Would you take them in your hand?
Sexually twirl them on your finger?
Blush in innocence?
Smile in delight?
Would you stick them in your suit pocket and take them to work with you, so that my feminine scent would remind you of want is waiting for you when you get home?

If I was to offer you what's inside these panties right now, 
What would you do?

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday Seduction ........... Say yes .......... Song poem ....

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhythm or spirit of that song...

Please press play before you read this poem

Dating for a long while,
A true gentlemen in every way,
Movies, dinner, hand in hand walks in the park,
Lips locked in sweet kisses under the stars, in moonlight bright,
Leaving my heart racing in wait,
The center of my thighs wet with desire,
My mind wondering why you haven't asked me to say... Yes

Your scent lingers on me, as I sit in the dark thinking about you,
Thinking about that crooked smile that moves me,
The softness of your caressing touches, that grooves me,
The feel of your arms embracing my body with a tight tug of a hug,
That always leave me breath--less

But tonight as you sit so close to me, with your body at rest,
I'm wishing your fingertips was slowly creeping up my dress,
Causing my heart to race in subliminal duress,
Enticing my mind to say... Yes

Say yes, 
To thighs slightly parting, giving room for your tender touch to roam, to lingering on my inner thighs so tenderly, my moans die quietly in my throat,
Tease the bare flesh by the seams of my panty lines,
Making my hips micro grind,
In anticipation of the swollen treasure, your fingertips are about to fine

Say yes,
To passionate kissing, hips dry grinding,
Making my body so-so, so-sooo ___

Say yes, 
To deep kisses, as my panties slide down my thighs,
Fingertips forging in my nest,
Making my mind a wreck, 
While the touch between my legs, make my pinkness a wet mess

Say yes,
To me undressing you,
Leaving the gentlemen of you behind,
As I offer you the sweet taste of my nectar of clear wine

Say yes, 
To pink nipples,
Suckled, licked to erect,
All while your lips sample the firmness of my breast,
While maneuvering fingertips, pull down my dress

Say yes... 
You want me, as much as I want, need you, 
Before your lips touch my dripping dew,
Your tongue taste the rich flavor of my soft pink walls,
While your tongue flickering licks, make me feel so-so, so-sooo___

Say yes,
My offering of latex,
For safe sex,
To cover the head of your hard long apex,
That's pulsating between your hairy firm thighs,
That must be covered before you arrive,
Inside the domain of my Kingdom

Say yes, 
To your covered hardness penetrating into my tightness,
Slowly easing up and down the tight confine of my flexing walls,
Causing shearing sensations to run up our spines,
Breaths to hitch, 
Voices to moan, 
Lungs to groan,
Fingernails to wound unsuspecting flesh,
As your rock hard mass, dives incredibly deep into my depths

Say yes,
And I'll put your prowess to the test

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Head Day ............ Captive ............ Prose poem

With a moist, soft, firm touch,
They seem to wrap around my being,
Leaving me feeling motionless, 
Not able to speak in syllables 

My body seems to freeze in place,  
Suspend in time, 
While my mind wonders, hopelessly lost in the outer hemisphere of irrational thoughts, while drifting in a misty maze of futileness, 
I try to concentrate on moving my extremities, but it's like I have been bitten with paralyzing sensations of venomous blitz





Always accomplish their action,
Followed by an orgasmic blitz of ejaculation

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Moaning ..... In hand ...... Prose poem .....

In the middle of a sentence, he kissed me,
Soft, with firmness,
Tenderly, but with passion warmth

Breath hitched, 
Hands drifted to my sides idled,
My legs became soft as putty moist,
My mind went to a place I only know when he is near me

Covered breast, became a victim of his docile kisses,
My world twirled,
My liquid pooled in my center space

Fingertips wondered under my panties elastic,
They touched me softly here, they touched me firmly there,
Each touch felt more sensuous then the last

My breath flowed quickly past his ear, as he held my body all so close to his bosom, 
While his fingertips roamed my hills, my valleys, my erect mountain tops, 
When they dipped into the wake of my moisten pool, he whispered into my ear, 
I'm going to make you cum

My body rose up on it's toes,
My breath inhaled deeply, then abruptly came to an end,
My body shook, as a whole,
"My soul came, audaciously" ...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Head Day ......... Just for me ....... Prose poem ...

Soft wrap of fingertips, secured its pulsing rapture,
Stroking its sides slowly, firmly, tenderly,
Bringing it to a complete wholeness of fullness

Inhale was my breath,
Vibrating was my legs,
As sear sensations projected through my loins,
Contested up my spine

Rhythm steady,
Grip firm,
Scrotum squeezed, while tongue tease the tip of
my distended membrane,
Fingertips enmesh deeply into her hair

Lips encircle,
Heart beats with urgency,
Voice become numb form unbearable pleasure pain,
As head gestures slowly move back and forth,
Easing soft wet lips over the velvet soft flesh of swollen membrane

Lips manipulate,
Fingertips tingle-late, 
As motions of gesture sends my body to the edge of orgasmic completion

Body cling to sensations of pleasurable affliction,
Toes curl,
Buttocks tighten,
Legs involuntarily vibrate,
As swirling sensations bombard the inside of my loins

Lips gip tighter,
Rhythm of gestures quickens,
Body becomes compliant,
Loins flood then explode

Shakes inhibits body movements,
As violent expulsion of white substance,
Ejaculates into the heat of her mouth

Vision blurred,
Lungs burn,
Drum beats articulate from my heart,
Legs too weak to stand,
Again, anticipates through my mind

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday moaning ...... Late bloomer .... Prose poetry...

Stop day dreaming baby, you look great, what's taking you so long,
We're never on time anymore...

Mmmm, I'll call them and tell them we are going to be fashionably late,
No, let's make that, you aren't feeling well...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Head day........ Lay it down.... Repetitive poem

Whispering voice ... 

Take your clothes off

I need you naked,
To see your strong elongated stance

I want to see your hard firm flesh,
pulsate in your firm grasp

I want to touch your wide base, 

I  need to inhale the fragrance of your manliness, 
Unprovoked by cloth fabric

I want to taste your succulent flesh,
On the palate of my tongue

I want to feel the ecstasy of your body trembling,
Next to my bare flesh

Whil I quench the thirst in my throat,
With your white creamy liquid 

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monday Moaning .... Impatient ........ Prose poem

Footsteps in rhythm of my heartbeat,
Ease down the hallway,
Anticipation of
His thoughts,
His will,
His touch, 
His kiss,
His pulsing harden endowment,
Intruding into my dripping wetness,
Taking me slowly,
Taking me quickly,
Taking me with the passion of lustful urgency,
Taking me ultra deep
To a complete come...

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