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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday moaning ...... Late bloomer .... Prose poetry...

Stop day dreaming baby, you look great, what's taking you so long,
We're never on time anymore...

Mmmm, I'll call them and tell them we are going to be fashionably late,
No, let's make that, you aren't feeling well...

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  1. I love the gif (from a very entertaining foreign film) and I love your scenario that goes with it. :-D

    "No, let's make that, you aren't feeling well..."

    That's a good excuse. :-D

  2. Thank you Sweets, it was so sensuous I had to do something with it. Do you happen to remember the name of the film, it does look interesting at the least... :)

    1. It’s a foreign film from the Czech Republic, called "Muži v naději"

      Here's a 2-minute subtitled clip where gif is taken:

      Official 2-minute trailer here:

      One hour-subtitled clip:

    2. Thank you very much Sweets... :)