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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday Moaning .... My panties ... Prose poem

If I was to offer you my panties,
With the jest of taking them off,
Would this please you?
Entice you?
Excite you to the point of extending yourself?
Make your slit weep a wet drop?
Move you in anyway?

If I was to hand you my panties, 
Would you take them in your hand?
Sexually twirl them on your finger?
Blush in innocence?
Smile in delight?
Would you stick them in your suit pocket and take them to work with you, so that my feminine scent would remind you of want is waiting for you when you get home?

If I was to offer you what's inside these panties right now, 
What would you do?

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  1. Good questions. All that would make one moan. ;-) Happy Moanday (on Tuesday)! ;-)

    1. Late but posted on Moanday... :) Any day can be Moanday..

    2. I know you always post on time. Unfortunately, I was only able to read it the next day. Hence, the belated Moanday greetings. :-D I agree, however, that any day can be Moanday. I'm reading your post and moaning all over again. :-)

    3. Any day you comment is good with me. :) I was hesitant to post this, and it was Tuesday by my time when I did post it... lol ....

    4. I'm glad you posted it. As you noted, any day, is moanday. ;-) You write it and I'll comment. :-D

  2. Replies
    1. Works for me.. hehe ... Thanks for commenting Tiffany

  3. Mmm, I think I will try this one on J... :) Always with the imagination 1Man ...

    1. Let's know what J does.. Thanks for visiting PE ...

  4. Inquiring minds want to know ... your answers!

    Delicious Moanday post!!!