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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Head Day... Tattle Tale Trail ..... Prose poem...

All day its been patiently standing next to me,
With the beats of its heavy heart, pulsating on my leg,
The weight of its flight, 
kept reminding me of its plight

I can feel Its ache of hunger to please,
Its not stop will to dive into hot tight places

I can't wait for you to reach out for it,
To hold it,
To caress it with your gentle soft touch,
To slowly stroke it, while your lips warm it from the bottom up,
To envolope it, while caressing it with the softness of your moisten lips,
Bath it in your mouth warm moist heat,
Taste its smooth white creamy offering, after it loses its sweet mind, 
From enduring too much of your suffocating oral pleasure...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013


  1. I always loved that picture. Being connected to him by that dangling cum is so HOT.

    1. The same here. I darken it a little and it looked even more inviting, so I used used it again... :)

  2. What a pleasure this poem is! I especially love the first stanza, with the description of its heavy heart, pulsating on the leg... its flight and plight. Love it!

    1. Always a pleasure to read your comments Sweet.. :)