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Friday, May 24, 2013

No Need To Talk ......... Repetitive poem ........

This poem is a response to TenptingSweet99 poem:

No need to talk

As I stretch your mouth wide open,
With the thickness of my pulsating cock,
While I watch it's uncut skin glistering from the slippery liquid wetness 
spilling from your mouth,
Making its easy for my cock length to slide and glide back and forth between the softness of your inner lips,
To plunge it's total length into the back of your throat with deep thrust of my hips

No need to talk

As I take my slippery wet cock from the heat of your mouth,
And slide it between the over bearing of pillow softness of your bosom,
And stoke it up and down the deep valley between it's peak,
While watching your lips time the capture of the head of my cock on it's up strokes

No need to talk

As your leg lean against the top of on my shoulders,
While my tongue slide deep into the overflowing banks of your pink garden,
Making licking and sucking sounds that entice the excitement of your lust, 
Fuel the greed of your desire

No need to talk
While your hand pull my head closer to your garden opening,
As your hips grind hard into my face, 
While the thickness of your thighs tighten around my ears, only letting them hear the muffled sounds of your groan and moans as my tongue flicker, dive, stroke, slice and taste inside the wetness of your center,
Enticing an articulated scream to pierce into the air, as your body tremble and quake on the elastic tip of my tongue

No need to talk

As my body quickly slide between the deep shivers of your thighs,
Ram the swollen head of my cock deep into the wet pink darkness between your legs,
Cries from the sensation of your pink walls stretching to accommodate the girth of the python slithering into your tightness, will be heard only by the walls,
As my loud greedy grunts follow stroke after stroke, that sails deep into your pink depths, until spasms grip your inner walls, that tightens securely around my cock girth, while your body tremor like a earthquake under mines

No need to talk
As I flip your body over into the "head down as up" position,
Listen to the uncertain gulp that slide pass your lips,
As the swollen head of my cock push against the forbidden door of your darkest offering of your orifices

No need to talk

As deep moans slip into the air, as the slick head of my dick slowly open the virginity of your dark hole, and slowly slither into its dark tight confine of forbidden zone,
Your loud moans will overshadow my loud groans as my length slowly glide up and down the chocolate corridor of your anus,
Excitement, enticement, will fuel the subliminal sensations flooding into our loins,
As my length reach far into your darkest depths 

No need to talk

As whispering moans become silent, as colored white hot ejaculated sperm, 
paint your chocolate walls with its mass white intrusion, as bodies deeply shake and quake

No need to talk
As sexual sleep grabs our bodies that lay in a heap of one...


  1. Wow! I bow down to your hawtness! This is just too good. Love the matching gifs, too.

    1. Thank you very much Sweets. Your piece inspired this one... :)

  2. P.S. I linked this post to mine.

  3. That was great. I'm really enjoying reading your poetry. Thank you for sharing.

  4. A late thank you. Please return soon...