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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Down time.....

It looks like I will be down for awhile. COMPUTER died and I refuse to bring it back to live.
It has served its master well. Now I have to buy a new one, which means, not back soon.
I shall be lurking in the background with the kindel. I shall return as soon as possible!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Head day .. Blow-up ....... Prose poem

Out of the dark, articulated moans drifted into the air,
Followed by undertones of his deep breathing,
Slurps, slops, pops join in the sound parade in rhythmic beats,
The taste of him became stronger and stronger with each measured dip of my head, as my lips slid effortlessly up and down the length of his wet stretched velvet soft skin

More and more the length of him pressed deep into my taste, as his hips slowly rotated in synch of my lips sliding rhythm,
As the pace of his harden mass flowing in and out my mouth quickened, hands on his backside steadied me, while pulling his body forward, 
While my lips squeezed tighter on the taut soft skin sliding quickly back and forth between them, the feel of miniature vibrations rumbling through his lower torso was felt on fingertips that pressed deep into his firm buttocks flesh

Strong was the pull of his hands on the back of my head, as he neared his peak
of sensation overload,
Hips thrust as much of his harden flesh inside my mouth it would take, 
As the feel of sensation overload started to burn inside out of his loins,
Steady and hard his hips gyrated, as his breath hitch in sequence,
The deep hip gyrations rocked my head upward on each hard thrust

His body hitched,
His muscles tightened,
His breath hesitated, 
His mouth suddenly opened, letting out low deep moans that ripped into the air, as his body jerked, shook, then trembled with release of orgasm

Hot thick fluid was felt ejaculating deep into the heat of my mouth, its heat made my lungs moan, its taste made my body lust, his body trembled unmercifully making me want the same

Darken air was bombarded with loud moans and bellowing groans, as his length slid deep into my mouth again and again,
His fingertips pull hard on my hair to the point it felt as if it was going to be pulled out by the roots,
Just as the pain became unbearable, his body of whole went limp

Lips suckled on limp smooth flesh, while my mouth swallowed the last trickle of his hot release, darken silence surrounds the presence of both our bodies...

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday "Red Panties Dairy" ... Come without ... Prose poem

Quietly I walk around his nakedness, eyes caught a glimpse of new bright red panties,
Fingertips grab and violently rip them off my hips, 
Darting eyes look through his smudging smile, pouting lips surrender to his...

Sot kisses, 
Search for the softness of my lips, 
Once found, 
He kisses me directly,
He kisses me with tenderness,
He kisses me with fire of desire,
That move me, 
That groove me, 
That inflame the very soul of me

Naked body laid on edge of bed mattress,
Legs elevated unto broad shoulders,
Harden mass rest at my desire,
And slightly dip its head into my wetness,
Temptation resisted to dive face first, into the warm waters between my legs

Soft flesh wrapped in steel washed over the erectness of my nub,
Hips rock methodically, gently, in love rhythm, back and forth, back and forth,
Sliding hardness effortlessly over my erect nub again and again,
Sending waves of euphoric sensations washing inside me,
Making moans of pleasure vibrate in my throat,
Making my body wanting to climax

Its weight, 
Its heat, 
Its bulbous head that leads the way for his hard as steel exterior, inches closer to my sex entrance,
An entrance of sex that is plumb from need, 
Wet with wanting lust

His harden shaft head rest, while pulsating on my homage opening,
A gentle thrust,
A quiet moan, 
A silent groan, 
Emerges as his width gradually stretch the pinkness of my opening, its elongated length slowly push into my secured depths

Is followed by,
More pain,
More ecstasy, rushing through my extremities, as inch by inch of his swollen harden mass steadily penetrated into my wishing well, stopping only to allow my womb walls to accommodate his size, then plunge again ever deeper into my pink darkness

As sheer erotic ecstasy filled my womb, his girth fills the cramped space inside my opening, 
Once all of him is buried balls deep inside me, his hips become dormant, 
His lips tenderly suckle on mines, 
They suckle on the side of my neck, 
They suckle on the edge of my earlobe,
His warm breath whispers of love, silently fall into my ears,
While the warmth of his body, seep into mines

Harden flesh pulsate in my depths, each erotic deep pulsation send electrified sensations up my spine, into the back of my mind, to the farthest corner of my loins,
Eyes close,
Lungs moan in need, 
Body shiver in wanting, 
Breath hitch, as unexpected spasm ravish my womb with orgasmic release

As my body shudder under his, 
He made me cum once again, without a stroke..

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Head day ..... Just leave me alone... Repetitive poem

You couldn't leave me alone,
You just kept implying about it

You couldn't leave me alone,
Even in my silence, you kep messing with me

You just couldn't leave me alone,
You had to touch me, push me, pull on me, until you got a reaction

You just couldn't leave me alone,
Until I got full of you and swelled up

You couldn't leave me alone
Your mouth open wide, your tongue flickering about

You just couldn't keep your trap shut, 
You had to tout and tease me with wet blistering heat

Now I hope you are happy about it,
But remember, you asked for it!

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Moaning ... Riff .... Continuous Erotic American Haiku ......

Close and personal
The fragrance of a woman
Wet glistering folds

Wet glistering folds
Deep licks into pink softness
A mouth full of taste

A mouth full of taste
Hips quivering in release
Rhythm of the dance

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Drips.... Haiku ....

Wrapped inside of you
A constant inside my mind
A long time coming

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday Moaning .. Red Panties Diary .. lustful Moment ... Short Story written in prose

Body lazily stretch across the couch,
While his eyes stared at movement on the TV,
His face suddenly became flush,
Sensations of urgency rushed through his body,
A deep ache ballooned his affliction, and spread through his loins,
Weight of redemption rested on his thigh,
Then he heard it, his demon speaking on the phone in the distance

Yes mother, bla-bla- bla,
Ok mother , bla-bla-bla,
That's right mother, he-he-he,
His patients waited
And waited, and waited

Body ached,
Redemption of release plagued him,
His feet supported him across the room

Enter the bedroom he does, 
Stretched across the bed facing him was she,
The view of her low valley attracted his eyes,
The firm roundness of her bosom resting on the bed, enticed a low moan in his throat,
The curves of her thick hips, 
Made his ache deeply pulsate

He stood where she could see him,
He stood in a way she could see his predicament

Her eyes slowly traveled up his body, she wet her lips and smiled at him, 
A smile that was happy to see he was thinking of her,
But her voice kept speaking into the small cell phone, that was speaking into her mother ear

His body slowly wondered behind hers,
His hands softly roamed upward on her legs,
Stopping to massage the firm smooth roundness of her buttocks,
A soft moan escape between her words, but her words kept flowing into the phone

Skirt hem lifted,
Fingertips follow the elastic trail of her red panties,
Then slipped underneath the bottom, and gently teased the moist opening of her hidden den

Voice gasped,
Legs flex tight,
Stop it softly floated towards him,
After a deep breath, words again flowed into the small phone

Pride became deflated,
But lust for his demon, urged him on

Panties slide quickly over round mounds,
They are rolled into the middle of her creamy thick thighs,
Bed mattress move, but her voice kept conversing to her dear mother

Heat of his affliction was felt pushing up against to her gate opening,
The thought of him daring to enter her moisten den at that precise moment, was erased with her voice gasping out loud at the sensations pouring into her womb, 
She deeply moaned into the phone, as the head of his affliction speared half deep into the root of her den

"What was that you said dear", was heard coming from the phone,
Mo-mo-mother, I hav to ca-call you bac-back, was heard

Phone laid down,
But forgotten to be turned off

"Oh gu-gud", she moaned as his affliction pushed deeper into her tight pink orifice,
"OOh baby", you're hurting me she screamed, as deep thrust, after deep thrust, rushed unto her weeping den,
"Ohh-Ohh" pushed into the air, as hands grasp the sheets, while deep penetrating sensations rocked her world,
Don't stop baby, don't stop, she moaned, as he reposition his body on top of the roundness of her buttocks

Audible moans followed audible groans, as his hard mass ravished the pink walls of her den,
Each hard thrust enticed an sexual grunt from her lungs,
When his hands gripped her hips and pulled them into each of his hips deep gyrations, she cursed his name, she cursed the bed she was in, she cursed her dear mother, she curse the air she was breathing, for being there

Balls popping, 
Dick sloshing, in wet tightness filled not only the air, but slipped into the ear on the end of the small unattended phone,
Sounds of the bed board bouncing off the wall was heard,
As her body rocked up and down like a old worn out rag doll

I'm cumin', I'm cumin', she screamed a moment before a low howling man lunging grunt, flushed into the air, 
It was followed by more random cursing, as his hot white seed filled the space in her womb dark pink depths

Her head rested on the bed, 
Her firm bosom resembled doing push ups, as it pushed her upper body down and up on the mattress, 
She felt the dead weight of him, resting on top of her butt,
Strange sounds were heard trickling from her unattended cell phone,
She quickly picked it up

"Mother", she half spoke into the cell phone,
But all she could hear,
Was the coming of her mother's moans...

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