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Monday, December 30, 2013

Regrets.... ( A spanking ) ... Prose poem ...

Over bended knee, her body suspended,
The rough side of his hand,  slapped the softness of her creamy butt flesh,
Each slap made her body twitch in anticipation,
Bounce in repercussion 

Her voice moaned,
Her butt soft flesh glowed with redness,
Stung in pain

She wiggled her butt, trying to ease the sting,
But it just made him grip her body tighter, and spank her harder,
The tears started,
The "I'm sorry" flowed past her lips,
But the spanking continued

Remorse soon followed, 
But the remorse was for creaming between her thighs,
Instead for what she had done,
When he realized her crotch was wet, her punishment lingered,
His hand slapped deeper into her tenderized butt flesh,
When he finally stopped, he pushed her off his lap and just walked away in self silence,
A silence that she truly regretted,
Because his silence left her desire wet, 
And her lust, hung out to dry....

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Silent Kiss ......... Prose poem .......

Darkness engulfed our beings,
Silence stagnated our hearing,

Our words stayed fixed inside our throats,
Simple touches felt electrified

When our lips embarked in a simple kiss,
That simple kiss started an evolution of eternal love...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fill-er ....... Picture Poem .... Prose

You ever have that feeling... 
That feeling inside your loins, that whispers you are in need,
Then your heart seem to beat harder and faster,
While that feeling gets louder and louder until you hear the quiet in you speak up...

"I want you in me"..

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Disinclination (Stay) .... A Song Poem .... Prose Poetry

Just A Girl wrote a beautiful poem to this song. It was sad, loving and submissive. Please take a minute to read this wonderful short poem...
Thank you lisa for always stirring my pot. 

Bodies deviate closer,
As soft words of love, whisper into the calm of the air,
Fever of passion beckon, our lips together,
A cold sweat race through my extremities, as the sweetness of his kisses,
Saturate my lips

Touch of his, 
Undressed my clothes, 
Undress me complete, and whole,
All the way down to the sanctuary, of my soul,
With indulging caresses, that eventually caress the mushy swell, of my tight folds

My body dared,
His caresses didn't care,
As his docile touch made my voice quietly moan, and  swear,
While his tender touches, touched me intimately everywhere,

His hips gyrate,
Their steady motion measured me,
They measure the perception of my pleasure, 
They measure my body needs,
Its insatiable greed,
  They measured my indulges of the size of his prize, 
That rode fathoms deep, in the center space, between my thighs,
They measure the willingness of my heart, 
To give...

Fingertips, hold onto his rotating hips,
Deep breaths exhale, through open lips,
As uninhibited sensations crash inside me,
Leaving me with feelings of wanting,

As he rides steady and smooth, inside the precipitation of my ocean,
My body followed his body every rise, and falling motion,
Wave after wave of sensations rushed towards my shoreline,
Making my mind wish one day, he would permanently stay mine,
Each vigorous thrust of his hips, pushed my waves closer to the edge,
Each passionate kiss, have my waves clinging to the edge ridge,
Until my waves crest, and roll into the orgasmic climax of my,

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday moaning ..... Coming soon..... Prose poem

Engorged membrane,
Thrust slowly down the soft pink center of my feminine breach,
My womb weeps,
My swollen seams seeps,
While sharp shearing sensations rush from my sensitive womb walls, into my loins,
Each of his measured thrust, bring my body closer to the sexual satisfaction that my body crave,
That it wants,
That it needs,
 It brings me closer to the feel of embellish sensations of coming inside myself

As silent moans drift into the flicker of the dim lit room,
I feel the power of his coming approaching,
The feel of his hard member girth swelling inside me,
The feel of hard urgent deep thrust, that not only push his rigid core deep inside my sex, but push my body closer to its own sexual gratification of coming 

One more,
One more,
Just one more deep thrust, my mind and body scream for,
Just as his body becomes tense, then shudder with the coming of his white liquified cum releasing deep inside my sex cavern

Hot ejaculating liquid is felt pushing pass my vulva lips, while his rigid sex palpitates  solidly against the softness of my pink walls, heightening the surreal sensations already swirling between my thighs, causing the coming of my release, to come profoundly inside myself

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Times to rub off the rust

I'm on the way back. I've been gone too long. I have missed everyone. I did not get that new computer I was looking at, it cost more then a use car, but I got a stand bye for now. I'm hoping Santa is going to be real good to me. (hint-hint sweetie) There is so much work in changing computers. I use to hit a bookmark, now I have to chase to find anything. And pass words, I forgot them all. Duh :)

 I want to give AT&T a big "shout out". It only took almost two months to get me back on the internet. First they sold me a pagage that they haven't install in my area. Then they were suppose to mail me a new modem, but I got wires instead. Only took two weeks to get that straighten out. Yet, they got paid the hold time my internet was down. I was quiet about it, but now that its up and running, I feel sorry for the ear on the end of the phone Monday as I verbally show them my backside.

Anyway, I'm back, My mind is rusty as heck, but after catching up on some of your blogs, the mind is turning again.  Hopefully you will hear me roar real soon.  lol ....! .... 1ManView