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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Silent Kiss ......... Prose poem .......

Darkness engulfed our beings,
Silence stagnated our hearing,

Our words stayed fixed inside our throats,
Simple touches felt electrified

When our lips embarked in a simple kiss,
That simple kiss started an evolution of eternal love...


  1. "evolution of eternal love". Love it. :-)

    So glad you're back blogging.

    1. I'm so delighted to be back... I missed my blogging friends, and your wonderful comments that keep me looking for another line to write... :)


  2. Your work is wonderful and I am glad that my friend told me about this page you insprie me to write my own work like yours

  3. A humble thank you Stephanie, that's how I got started, after reading some other poets work. A thank you for the comments you have left me. I really appreciate them. I would like to read some of your work. Do you have a page anywhere?

    peace and love