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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Head day.. Double Dip ... Nonet & Reverse Nonet poem

Pulsating in wondrous excitement
Meets staggering kiss of soft lips
Stiffens, pulsating waving
Staggers with sensations
Makes it seek release,
Milky white
Hot seed,

WIth me
As my lips
Your soft pink haven
Into a weeping hole
Full of surreal sensations
That entices your back to arch
As your body comes to a release 

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A nonet is a nine line poem. 
The first line containing nine syllables, the next line has eight syllables, the next line has seven syllables. 
That continues until the last line (the ninth line) which has one syllable. 
Nonets can be written about any subject. 
Rhyming is optional.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Moaning ... Kat Nip ........... Prose Poem

The length of your hardness, 
between the soft pink center between my thighs,
And I'll make your eyes cry, your voice sigh

Thrust it deep into the wetness of my pink dark depths,
And without a doubt, the taut pull of my sobbing pink walls, 
will make your reverberating lungs moan...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Moaning ... Work to do.... Prose Poem

Round naked behind is admired,
Slippery lube is applied,
Hips straddled,
First penetration started

Eyes suddenly open wide,
Painted fingertips dig deep into mattress,
Voice wants to scream, but can not,
Sheer pain rushing through her center, 
Pain gradually changes into contempt pleasure, 
As folds stop resisting enormity intrusion

Firm chest rest on soft back, 
Hips resides on backside,
As swell deep pulsation's, pulsate against sensitive pink walls

Tight grip loosen, walls start too sweat, as hips slow gyration starts,
Balls push up against taut round behind,
Arms extend, pushing upper body up higher,
Slow long strokes thrust thick uncut endowment deep into her center pink dark depths

A voice grunts,
Another voice emanates faster, harder,
Hips start to gyrate with urgency,
As loins fill with sensations of blissfulness

Hips move in a frenzy,
Sound of balls slapping hard against backside slaps into the air

Enormity swells,
"Not yet" a voice gravels,
As deep grunts counts each hard down stroke of his mass into her soft wet center

One body quakes,
The other shakes,
As warm clear juice is mixed with lightening hot white liquid

Lungs breathe deeply,
As one body rest on top of the other,
Good morning sleepyhead, its time to go to work,
She moans deeply....

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Seduction ... I Come In Peace .. Prose poem ....

I came in peace

You pursued my will

Until I gave in

I thrust into your darken spear with tender caresses

You repaid me by calling me filthy names

You suck me in with your grip of brute tightness

You hid me in the dark and did to me as you willed

You stroke me into ecstasy

You choke me into unconsciousness 

Then stole my substance of white

Afterwards when I regain my attention span

You had the audacity to ask me

 If I wanted you to do it to me once again...

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Head Day ..... Indeed ......... Prose poem

Pulsating in wait

Stiffened by blood

Agonized in lust pain

Awaiting my faith

By the softness of your inner lips

The swirls of your wet tongue

The dry heat of your breath

The moisten heat of your mouth

The grip of painted fingertips

Sliding up and down my swollen girth flesh

From one end to the other of my length

In anticipation

Of manipulation

Of my white thick gooey substance 

From the depths of my loins

In a euphoric burst of tantalizing sensations

1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Moaning .. Kisses .. By Poetic Guest Peaches

Kiss me slow and deep
Kiss me long and hard
Kiss me with your hands holding my face
Kiss me as you stroke my hair
Kiss me with your eyes open
Kiss me on my top lip
Kiss me on my bottom lip
Kiss me as you push me up against the wall
Kiss me with urgency and need
Kiss me as I feel you harden
Kiss me as our heart beat quicken
Kiss me until the hair stands on the back of my neck
Kiss me until my knees become weak
Kiss me until your hands tremble as you reach under my clothes
Kiss me as I open your pants and free you
Kiss me as you lift me and plunge deep inside

Kiss me as we move to our own rhythm
Kiss me as the tear of pleasure falls down my cheek
Kiss me as your thrusts become harder and deeper
Kiss me and muffle the screams
Kiss me as you feel my orgasm
Kiss me as you arch your back and release
Kiss me as we both tremble and shake uncontrollably
Kiss me as we smile at each other...
Just Kiss me!

Written By Peaches...

Peaches © 2012 – 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Seduction.... Snow Flakes....

Eyes glanced across darken skies that was raining miniature soft white fluffy cotton balls,
The sight was wondrous as everything in sight was covered with first winter white coat

My mind drifted like the fast falling snow that was being pushed by a fast moving northernly wind,
It was so fixated on the first winter storm, I never heard his quiet footsteps easing from behind me

Muscles flinched,
Voice emitted a quiet school girl giggle, when the warm breeze of his breath slowly eased across the exposed flesh of my neck,
As my head turned too greet him with a loving smile, His cheek embraced mine for a brief moment, a moment that felt like it would last a life time

My smile was greeted with a bigger warmer smile, 
Then I felt his arms pin mine tight against my body,
His upper lips slipped between mine and captured my upper lip in a soft deep lingering embrace,
The tenderness of the kiss entice a quick shallow breath, followed by a quiet sigh that vibrated deeply inside my throat

My arms try to break free of his arms strong grip, so I could embrace his body deeply, but I soon felt my wrist bound together by the vise grip of his left hand 

A whisper soft moan escaped parted lips in protest of ending lips embrace, soon another silent moan appears, after his mouth covered the tip of my covered bosom,
Concentrated heat seep through the thin material of my blouse and show and tell bra, as the tip of his tongue slowly swirled on top of its horizon, my back arched inward, pushing my bosom deeper into the moist heat of his mouth,
Cuffed wrist struggle to be freed so I could pull the back of his head forward, and choke his mouth with my bosom fulness

A teasing touch of a fingertip softer then butterfly wigs eased slowly up my side,
It seem to find all my lustful spots, my body would writhe, as my lungs sighed from the static charged sensations

First one, then another blouse button was opened, once the buttons were all opened, his lips release my right captured bosom, his hand released my wrists

With one finger on each hand, he provocatively slipped my blouse over the roundness of my shoulder and slowly down my long slender arms,
Then he took one finger and snapped the front clasp of my bra lose, a slight moan escape pass my lips as the sensation of breast freedom sweep through me

The touch of his right hand firmly massaged my left bosom, when he felt my body go limp in surrender, his lips quickly slipped my tall erect right bosom nipple between them

Deep sighs fumed into the air, as the smoldering fire in my loins ignited,
The once dull distance ache in the recessed center between my thighs, was now sharp, close up and raging,
My body shivered, as his right hand kneaded my left breast while the gentleness of his lips deeply suckled on my right breast nipple

Abrupt stop, was followed by a kiss so sweet and deep it smothered my breath,
His bright smile was followed by two devilish soft kisses, that was followed by a docile kiss in the center of my breast valley, a teasing kiss at the top of my stomach, 
A soft as a feather suckling kiss was felt on my stomach navel
A steady tug on the side of my skirt pulled it pass my hippie curves, as my skirt fell toward the floor, two fingers were felt easing down the center of my tight fitting pink cotton panties, they roamed over the shape of puffy folds, down the center of their slit, then circled on a growing moisten spot in the bottom front center of my panties

A quick firm grip pulled on my butt cheeks was felt as he maneuvered my body quickly around him, just as I though I had lost my balance, I felt the heat of his mouth on my center, my lungs exhaled a loud gasp as the tip of his tongue followed the impression of my folds slit hiding under the soft fabric of my panties, 
Urgently he pulled the snug fit panties down my legs, 
A confused mind just clumsily followed his lead, once he had my panties off, another firm grip on my butt cheeks was felt maneuvering my body in an awkward downward position

Lungs gasp as my body quickly fell towards him, 
Panic struck my thoughts while my eyes started looking for something to grab a hold too, as not to let my full weight to bare down on his head, 
Just as my arms reached out, I felt my weight being supported by the strength and positioning of his arms, moments before my knees came to rest on the floor

Eyes glanced downward, only to get a glance of his eyes and nose before the arch of my back suddenly arched inward from sharp stabbing sensations of his tongue urgently diving deep into the taste of my clear wake...

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