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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Head day .... Sessions (1) ... Short erotic story ... In Prose ....

Teach me...


He walked up to the black board and wrote two words, "Today's Lesson",
When he turned around, his eyes was met with the naked body of a gorgeous young lady with light green eyes,
She had thick smooth thighs, ample firm breast, and two sets of moist soft lips that had kiss me written across them,
He could smell her feminine perfume of ripeness, but today was for only lesson number one, so picking her fruit, had to wait

Pants strained to ease past his erection,
Once off, he urgently kicked them to the side,
He unfasten his shirt, but he had became too excited to take it completely off,
He quickly sat down before her, then motion her down on bended knees in front of him,
Her center lips started to leak, as her eyes feasted on the rippled muscles flowing across his stomach, his broad chest, the enormity between his legs that was pointed straight at her wanting lips

No words were spoken as his hands grasp the two long ponytails on the side of her head,
He kept moving them from side to side, back and forward, moving her head until she accepted and followed his hands movement without hesitation

Her head suddenly jerked hard forward, bringing her face up close to his pulsating erection,
Her eyes watched the long extension of his dick softly wobble in the air,
Its girth soft smooth flesh was so stretched it looked paper thin, 
Her nose overflowed with the pungent smell of his sex, rushing sensations of lust into her loins, 
Making her mouth water in anticipation

His facial expression motioned her to lick him, and lick him she did,
She licked him clumsily, but with enthusiasm,
Each flick of her tongue made his body shiver with sensations,
The heat from her tongue made the tip of his dick, feel as if it was going to burn off

Loud articulating moans escaped his throat, as the pink flesh of her tongue followed the trail of his erection ridge,
Just as she thought she was getting the hang of licking his dick, his body began to tremble

Her head quickly pulled back in "what's happening", before he could reel her head forward so he could slide his palpitating dick head inside her mouth, his hot cream spewed forcefully into her face,
Her body froze in shock

Once it was over, she watched his chest heave heavily in and out as he tried to catch his breath so he could speak,
When his body finally resume its composure, he spoke out

That was lesson one, it's called a facial,
"Oh really" she replied, when I use to spy on my sister giving head to her boyfriend and that would happen, she would say, that was a little premature wasn't it?
A blushed streaked across the professor face, before he could think of a quick reply she said, "I have so much to learn"

Next week same time professor?
He smiled and nodded his head yes....

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Moaning.... Enticed ..... Continuous American Haiku .....

Hard and protruding
Quickly fell into my swell
Enticing a moan

Enticing a moan
Tongue sweeping in moisten heat
Fast approaching storm

Fast approaching storm
Quivers, shivers, delivered
Coming to a calm

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Weakness In Me ..2 Song poem ....

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song.
 It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song..
The weakness in me by Keisha White


Guilt sensations wrap itself around me, 
as I wait for the likes of you, to have unadulterated sex with me,
I know I shouldn't let someone like you be inside of me because; 
You're thoughtless,
You're callous,
You're worthless of a handsome man,
But...Your prowess, overwhelms the being of me,
Making you, "The weakness in me"

When I see you standing at my front door, 
My womb walls start to broil,
The crotch of my panties instantly become soil,
My body becomes in waiting for more,
My heart out race all my senses,
Because you are "The weakness of me"

When I open the door, you walk right pass me without even saying hello,
And when I catch up with you at the bedroom door, 
You always meet me with that same old kiss,
The one I know all so well, and I always miss,
The one that always weakens my will,
Because it burns from the tip of my lips, 
All the way down to the tip of my toes,
Making me momentarily forgetting all life woes,
It's that kiss, that always awakens my sexual soul,
That kiss that make you "The weakness in me"

You quickly unclothe, then jump straight into my neatly made bed,
You will lay on top of my silky sheets, with the look of someone who is in great need of being sexually fed,
And after your sexual feasting, my mind will again dread,
Because you are "The weakness in me"...

You make me weak,
when your touch tenderly touch my body,

You make me sigh,
when your touch gently wipe over my swollen moist center,

You make me moan,
when your girth, widens my opening to accommodate its width,

You make my voice cry out, 
every time the weight of your length, thrust fast, hard and deep, into the taut pinkness of my sanctuary,
Making you, "The weakness in me"

My legs will wrap around you,
So you can thrust into my opening stronger, longer, fill my hole completely with your hard swollen dick,
Your hips gyrate so hard, mine will be pushed deep into the mattress,
Overwhelming my loins with electrified sensations,
Your lips will suffocate me, with their sweetness, 
While your mouth choke out my hysterical screams,
As the creamy clear nectar of my womb, leak past my swollen folds seem,
Again, making you "The weakness of me"

Lungs aspirate for air,
Body lie in a consensual heap,
Heartbeats search for feelings of love,
But only find the darkness of my despair, because 
I know this is just another one night stand with you,
But... My mind can't help to think it might be different on this gratifying night,
You are, 
"The weakness in me"...

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kiss me there once again ..... ( Head day) ... Prose poem

Lips lingered on my forehead, leaving an impression of tingling sensations of a soft kiss on its flesh,
Docile fingertips strummed gently alone the line of my cheek bone,
After the tip of his nose leaned tenderly on mine, his lips kissed mine with the heat of pure passion

Knees buckled,
Breath inhaled, 
Chest heaved,
The pit of my stomach burns with desire fire

His body is pulled tight into mine,
The hardening spot between his legs are surround by my wanting thighs, as my hips pushed deep against it

Buttons are forcefully pulled open,
Zippers are yanked downward,
Cloths are dragged off bodies

Uncomfortable floor became comfortable,
Hot kisses flowed on my neck,
Tongue tip flickered on my towering nipples,
Stomach button is swept clean by his sweeping tongue tip,
Thighs are teased with flickers of his hot tongue, quick suction of his insatiable lips,
Back arches as plumb lobes are suckled into the warmth of his mouth,
An articulating moan exit my throat, as his lips kissed me there once again ....

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday moaning .... Abandoned ... Prose poem ......

Was it something I said?
Was it something I did? 
Or maybe, something I did not say nor do?
All I know for sure is,
I'm really missing you

I miss the way you talk to me without words,
The way my body react to your touch, 
I miss the softness of your manly but soft skin, with its underlining bulging muscles rubbing against mine,
The way you approach me with directness,
The way your hard body pierce into the center of my attraction

I don't know what I have done wrong,
But I do know that I need you, 
That I want you, and my insides are empty and lonely without you,
So when you see my manifestation of pleading,
Please come inside, and leave a message....

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Hidden ..... Prose poem

Zipper gently opened, by unseen fingers, 
Dress ease off the roundness of my shoulders flesh,
Panties of color, 
All endure the same faith

Gentle push, 
Suspend my body over the table edge,
Extended arms,
Steady suspended body,
Heart race,
Breathes deepens,
Anticipation excites my mind, body and soul

Harden mass, centers on my close opening,
Unseen hands grip hips with taut grip,
Harden membrane pierce into center of my pink flesh,
Leg muscles tightens,
Stomach muscles suck inward,
Back arch into a bow,
Slumping jaw opens mouth,
Low gasping scream is heard escaping one's throat,
As unseen ecstasy of first penetration, 
Penetrates my soul

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sweet-Taboo ......... Hump day poem .....

Guide me,

Slide me,

Hide me in your darkest corner,

Ride me rough, hard and deep,

Stride your hips slow and uninterrupted, 

Until I blow my mind, into your sweet-taboo

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Moaning... Last Night .... Repetitive poem....

The scent of you,

The sting of you,

The last brutal trust of you,

The last moan from my lips,

The last gyration of your hips,

The soreness and burning sensations of the actions of you,
Still lingers between my thighs,  

All from last night passion with you

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Saturday Seduction .... Too Hot To Trot .... Prose poem .....

Burning lips become inflamed,
Bodies tremble from sensations of passion lust,
I want you,
I need you inside me,
Push it in deep baby, gasp into my ear

Blouse pulled off,
Brassier ripped off heaving breast,
Pants become unzipped, and pushed  downward in one quick motion, 
Her body is seized, then lifted onto the kitchen counter

Flesh push against flesh, while flaming lips melt together like butter,
Panties pushed to the left,
Rock hard dick comes in from the right,
Her lungs loudly groan as her womb stretch from my invasion of pulsating girth,
As my length reaches toward her womb fathoms, her body stiffens as the sensation of deep penetration flush into her loins

Her hair is pulled,
Her nails rake across my bare flesh,
Rings into the air,
Oh my, pushes past her lips, as her soft curvy body quakes on top of the cold counter top

Womb tightens,
Hips flail,
Hands pull on hips,
Oh gud, you feel so good, push into the air, 
Baby I'm coming, I'm coming, 
Moments later my buttocks stiffens,
My dick palpitates,
Lava hot seed spews deep into her cavern of heat,
As my orgasm overwhelms my body, she whisper into my ear,
Baby shhhh, you better stop screaming, or you'll wake up the kids again...

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday moaning ... In The Depths Of Paradise ... Prose poem

I feel,
 the hue of my skies darken,
the span of my horizon getting wider

       Low tides of my lake tumbles, 
      from thunder building inside the velvet softness,
        that lingers in the center of my thighs

As your prodigious hardness stir up the tranquil calm, 
inside the walls, of my paradise...

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Word Foreplay ..... Prose poem

Contempt are your dreams,
Relinquish is your fantasies,
Replace them with the essence of me, 
To free, your sexual being

In the crotch of your sex, I will lay,
Probing, penetrating your orifice opening,
With the solid of, myself,
Swimming, diving in your liquid of nectar

I desire to feel the warmth of your liquid 
surround my solid,
Lubricate the velvet soft flesh of its swell, 
So it can ease dead center down your moisten passage,  
Stirring your desire,
Thrusting up your lust ,
Stroke your kindling flame, until its passionately hot

Then with the length of my solidification, gradually explore your ocean depths, 
Scrutinize your shore line, with my expanded girth,
Touch your sex with, a slow rhythmic motion of tenderness,
Rival it with urgency,
Tap it with a vengeance, that will will shower your passage 
with waves of our orgasmic release,
Then wade quietly in its tides, until the core of my sun, rise again

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