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Friday, January 10, 2014

Saturday Seduction .... Too Hot To Trot .... Prose poem .....

Burning lips become inflamed,
Bodies tremble from sensations of passion lust,
I want you,
I need you inside me,
Push it in deep baby, gasp into my ear

Blouse pulled off,
Brassier ripped off heaving breast,
Pants become unzipped, and pushed  downward in one quick motion, 
Her body is seized, then lifted onto the kitchen counter

Flesh push against flesh, while flaming lips melt together like butter,
Panties pushed to the left,
Rock hard dick comes in from the right,
Her lungs loudly groan as her womb stretch from my invasion of pulsating girth,
As my length reaches toward her womb fathoms, her body stiffens as the sensation of deep penetration flush into her loins

Her hair is pulled,
Her nails rake across my bare flesh,
Rings into the air,
Oh my, pushes past her lips, as her soft curvy body quakes on top of the cold counter top

Womb tightens,
Hips flail,
Hands pull on hips,
Oh gud, you feel so good, push into the air, 
Baby I'm coming, I'm coming, 
Moments later my buttocks stiffens,
My dick palpitates,
Lava hot seed spews deep into her cavern of heat,
As my orgasm overwhelms my body, she whisper into my ear,
Baby shhhh, you better stop screaming, or you'll wake up the kids again...

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  1. Este poema tuyo es puro fuego...

    Me encanta.

    Un beso grande.

  2. Oooooh now that's risk taking love this part
    "Baby shhhh, you better stop screaming, or you'll wake up the kids again..."

  3. Thanks BC, I thought I would give us married people some passion play. :)

    1. I wish I found blogs like yours when I was married. But as the phrase goes it's never too late :)

    2. Thank you for the compliment...
      Its not easy for me to say this, because it took awhile for myself, but love will find you when you 're not looking for it...