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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Head day ..... Session (2) ..... Erotic short story ..... In Prose .....

Row ten,
Seat ten,
Gave the Professor a perfect view of her crotch area,
He doesn't have to look right, 
He doesn't have to glance left, just look normal and straight ahead to see the dark wet spot in the middle of her lacy light blue panties

As she waited for the class to start, her mind didn't dwell on last week,
Last week lesson left her unimpressed,
In fact, it didn't leave her in wanting like she had anticipated,
It left her wondering what the hell happen more then anything,
But today was session two, and she wanted to learn more, 
She wanted to know how her sister oral skills made men legs buckle at the knees, their voice cry out in passion pain,
How to make them come so hard they pass out seconds after they ejaculated,
How sometimes she made them cum just by licking and sucking on the side of their dick head,
How she sucked them into powerless weenie's before her eyes

Class was as it might be, was finally over, 
The door is bolted,
The blind is closed,
She stands half eager in front of her handsome professor like a soldier waiting for his orders,
"Strip", whispers into the silent room

Again no words are spoken, 
But this time he leaves his pants on,
He just quickly unzip them and stands in front of her naked kneeling body,
He doesn't even take the time to look into her glowing green eyes, or touch her creamy soft flesh, 
One might be confused why he didn't even admire her round firm breast, with wide dark pink nipples protruding straight ahead like torpedoes, 
He just jerks his long dick out, then grab her ponytails like they were a ship steering rudders,
Then loudly commands "open",
Once her lips become parted, his deep alto voice articulates, "lick-it"

Deep calming breaths are taken, slowing down her racing heart,
Now is her chance to learn how to lick a men into submission,
Taste the sweetness of his cum

Slippery tongue flickers out,
Softly slashing across the slit in the middle of his penis,
Her first taste of precum is tasted on its tip,
But before she can savior the moment, describe the taste to her memory,
He jerks her ponytails to the point of pain and yell, come on, "lick the damn thing!"

His irritated voice puts her body into shock,
Because as he put it at the beginning of the semester, this was suppose to be a learning experience, 
This was an advance sex education class,
The one he said she did not qualify for, because she hadn't taken the pre-class,
But he would over look it if she did the extra work after each class as he mandated,
Work that would put her far ahead of the class,
Work that would fulfill her wishes of giving head better then her sister,
Now she realize she has let the man with the handsome looks, and a extra large bulge in his pants, steer her into a bad decision

Now her tongue flicks out without emotion, without resolve, 
She let it flicker out at will, land were it may, touch what ever spot he steers her head, 
She now knew she was nothing to him but a soft flesh robot, with a built in joy stick on her head

When he was steering her head from one place to another, she noticed when her tongue hit a spot on the underside of his penis head, his body would flinch, when it circle around the top, he would gasp and lean forward, she concentrated on those two spots and had the Professor moaning in delight,
Just as she thought she was getting good at it, without warning he thrust his rock hard cock deep into her mouth,
Her hands quickly cup his shaft, to keep his dick head from slamming into her throat

Sounds of gagging filled the air, 
Tears from her eyes, was felt running down her face,
She became frighten, and tried to pull away, but his strong hands had grabbed the back side of her head and was holding it tight and straight, his hips was pumping fast and brutally hard,
If he hadn't been holding her head so tight, it would be bouncing back and forth like a rubber band,
But this way her head was held still, while her mouth was being used as a fuck hole for his big dick,
She looked up with eyes asking for mercy,
But his eyes was fixated on his dick shaft, as he tried to ram its full length down her virgin throat

His mouth was open wide,
He grunted like a grizzly bear on each thrust of his hips,
His face had the looked of a mad man possessed,
Possessed with the notion of being the first man to ram his cock into and down her throat

She gagged to the point of throwing up,
Just as she thought she would choke to death, she felt his hot cum flooding her mouth full,
Teary eyes watch his body uncontrollably jerk, as his ejaculating cum just kept pumping into her mouth orifice,
Finally his body went limp and she was able to pull away from his overpowering grip

She tried to breathe, but his thick cream blocked her airway, 
She half cough and half heaved up his sperm out of her throat, once her airway was clear, she slumped on the floor and took deep living breaths

Minutes later she still couldn't see clearly through her teary eyes,
But she did make out the professor shiny black shoes in front of her,
And she could hear his irritated voice yelling at her,
Telling her how she hadn't read the chapters she was suppose to read in the book, 
If she had, his dick would of went deep into her throat, 
She would of swallowed his hot sperm instead of wasting it by spitting it on the cold floor, and how she wouldn't be laying on the floor gasping for a breath of air,
If this was going to be the best she could do, he was going to fail her, and if he failed her, she would lose the double credits that he had promised her,
Which would put her far behind in her classes

Different tears now ran down her face,
She was damn if she did, damn if she didn't,
She was now his complete oral robot to control as he pleased

You failed this session terribly he barked,
And in case if you were wondering what chapter that you definitely didn't read, it was the one about giving oral sex to your partner standing up, Chapter ten or eleven, 
What we did is known as Face Fuck, you'll find it under the submission section, I suggest you read it again, because I will retest you next week on it,
You will need an A effort next week just to catch up with the grades in my class,
So I suggest you read and study the book a lot better this time,
Now hurry up and get dressed so you can clean up your mess you spit on the floor,
I have papers to grade 

She heard the sound of his pants zipper zipping up, then the sound of expensive leather sole shoes walking into the distance, 
She did as she was instructed to do, when she was finished she headed toward the door to leave,
Just as the sound of the door opening broke the silence in the room, he shouted, "Same time next week", and remember, you need to get an "A" to stay in this class young lady,
Young lady she thought, I bet he doesn't even remember my name,
Without looking back she nodded her head, slumped her shoulders and walked out the door

She walked down the hallway in a daze, her mind was confused, her mouth bruised from his oral abuse, 
She wiped away the tears so no one would see, she kept trying to figure away out of the mess her oral obsession had gotten herself into

As wide as the hallways were, she manage to almost bump into the only person walking down it, 
She heard a polite, excuse me,
She looked up into the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen,
They belong to a lady with short red hair, and a robust curvy body, 
She smiled at her and said, no- excuse me, and slid to the side to let her walk by,
I wish I could change places with her, was her last real thought as she slowly walked to her dorm room...

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