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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hump day ...... Booty ride ....... Erotica in prose .....

Breakfast was done,
Now that its clean up was at hand,
She had quietly disappeared

He did the dishes, then swept the floor and he still did not hear a peep come from her,
He strolled into the bedroom and found her on her stomach strolled across the bed asleep,
At first he wasn't going to disturb her because she had tossed all night,
But once his eyes glanced on the white oversize shirt she was wearing was riding high on her backside showing him her feminine side, he had a change of mind

Creamy soft skin, round buttocks, and a hint of her short trimmed hair garden was in his eyes view,
Even after a decade of marriage, the display still excited him,
It still made his heart race,
It still made him lose focus inside his mind,
It still stirred the weakness between his legs to the point of expansion, throb to the point of pain, while pulsating to the beat of his racing heart,
Now he had to have her,
He had to feel his hard cock deep inside the walls of her womb,
He needed to hear her moan his name,
He needed to feel her body quake in sexual satisfaction under him, as he rode high on her backside

Like a mountain lion sneaking up to its prey, his body lowered, then quietly walked up to the lamp table next to the bed, 
He quietly open the drawer, then slipped some lube on the head of his dick, then in stealth mode, he crept up to the bed where her sleeping prey laid motionlessly, 
Without shaking the bed mattress, he crawled up to her and straddled her body, then took the lubricated hard throbbing mass between his legs into his hand, and laid its pulsating head dead on the center of her opening

In a instant moment his body froze as the heat of her center seep into his hard flesh,
He reflected for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of the warmth of her opening on the tip of his wildly pulsating cock, then without further hesitation, he swiftly intruded his rock hard mass into her pink hole,
Trusting into her unsuspecting womb with a long hard deep stroke

Without hesitation, her eyes flew open, 
Her voice gasped out loud, while pink painted fingernails dug deep into the sheets,
Her back arched straight up into him, just as another hard thrust pushed even deeper into her womb, provoking a deep loud moan, that went silent into the cotton sheets,

Her body didn't move as the deep penetrating sensations overwhelmed her,
Stroke after stroke of hard cock slid deep into her depths, making her womb weep with lustful tears

She had awaking to a flurry of slow none stop deep thrust that rocked her butt upwards, while pinning her body deep into the mattress,
It wasn't long before she was moaning his name, screaming at the relentless cock that kept pounding itself in and out her wet hole,

His heavily grunting into her ear and brutal thrusting of his hard dick into her soft domain, made her feel as if she was being taken sexually by a savage beast

Loins overloaded with sensations sends her over the edge, making her body tremor and shake under his relentless assault,
Once he felt her body quaking under his, he lifted his upper body up up on his arms, drilling his hard mass even deeper inside her trembling depths,
A scream pierced into the air, as her body bucked uncontrollably,
Her womb spasm tight around his expanding girth, making him moan,
But his measured assault kept slipping into her pinkness without resolve

The first tingle of lust that started in his lions, was now hotter then a forest fire,
Each stroke brought him closer to redemption,
Each stroke his loins burned hotter and hotter until he could feel his orgasmic countdown

His loins erupted like a calvary cannon,
It erupted so hard he felt sensation of deep sharp pain inside his loins, as his white cream spewed inside her with so much thick white mass, it turned her pink walls to the color of white,
When she felt his heat ejaculating into her, she gathered herself and gyrated her hips hard and deep, milking him of every drop of his thick milky white seed

Bodies collapsed against each other, 
His eyes slowly close in a sexual sleep,
A wide smile crossed his face when he heard sexual moans purring from her throat,
When he heard her voice whisper, I hope it's a boy,
His brown eyes popped wide open....

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Bootyful! ;-D Love the ending, too. :-)

  2. Thank you Sweet Lady :)

    peace and love