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Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday moaning ..... No climax ........ Sensuous prose

Heavy rain drops pounding on the window kept him awake, 
Bright light penetrated the window blinds, illuminating the contents of the room,
as lighting bolts ripped across the open sky,
The room rumbled as the storm raged on through the night, rattling glass, shaking the bed,
But she didn't stir, she didn't use his body for cover, because she loved the sounds of thunderstorms, and its brute unstoppable power,
She love the way the air was left fresh once it passed, the calm of the aftermath 

Skies again lit up, illuminating the room once again,
His eyes caught the silhouette of her body under the sheets,
They fixate on her body appearance, then disappearance, each time focusing on a different aspect of her body,
The softness of the skin on her face, the flow of her hair that's going every direction, the curves of her body that wound like a newly laid highway,
He strummed a fingertip gingerly over her face, then leaned over and placed a gentle kissed on her forehead, but his affectionate actions wasn't enough to quench the fire stirring inside him he had for her

As if on a cloud, covers that covered her body floated down to the bottom of the bed,
A flash of light from the raging storm lit up the room, showing she was only wearing a pair of blue panties, the ones he loved to see her wear because they followed the shape of her behind, clung to the curves of her hips, defined the shape of her bare plumb folds

Fingertips follow a soft smooth trail down her stomach, they slipped under the elastic of her panties and came to rest on her bare soft folds,
Nipples are gently introduced to his moist lips, lightly suckled then caress by his tongue tip, her voice sighed, her hips stirred, the softness of her touch is felt caressing the back of his head

Lips suckle on the bottom of her pear shape breast, while his long thin fingers slowly circled on her folds opening, they softly ease up and down her folds slit until they wept, warm clear moisture now flowed on his thumb as it slowly circled around her clitoris

Her back arch up into his hand, in asking for him to penetrate her folds with his fingers,
He tease her opening until he heard her voice beg him in a soft deep moan, then slowly penetrate two fingers into her soaking wet womb

Up and down he slowly eased his fingertips between her womb walls, penetrating her deeper and deeper with their length, as her hips bulk up in rhythm with his hand movement,
As his lips and tongue manipulate her soft breast flesh, he could hear her breath breathing harder and faster, her body was felt scurrying back and forth under his tongue touch, once he heard her voice say come inside me, he stopped his actions of foreplay, and prepare to enter her domain

Light brown eyes stare deep into his, while his hand slowly pull down her panties,
His lips kiss hers deeply, as his body slip between her legs,
While holding his swollen meat steady, he slides the mushroom head between her wet folds and thrust it into her womb with a long slow thrust

Her back arch, her voice moans, her arms went limp, as his hard meat slowly filled her womb tight space,
He slowly pulls his shaft back and again thrust it slowly into her womb, this time piercing the swollen head of his shaft deep into her dark depths, 
Simultaneous moans erupt into the room air, as he holds his pulsating mass completely still, deep inside her tightness

Deep breaths steady the pulsation's of his hardness,
Each pulsation is felt on her womb walls, causing her lungs to gasp, to arch her hips up into his, e pulls his shaft back out of her tightness, to resume control of his excitement, 
He waits for the sharp sensations on the tip on his penis to diminish,

Seconds that felt more like forever to her, passed before he slowly thrust his hardness back into her depths,
Each thrust became deeper and harder then the last, as his hip gyrations built up to love making rhythm,
Once his hips hit its stride, her legs lifted then cross around his waist, 
He moaned into her ear as her tightness surround the girth of his swell, while his hard meat fell ever deep into her womb

Sounds of the ragging storm was drowned out by their audible moans and groans,
The bed shook harder then the walls from the storm as his mass raged in and out her opening,
Suction sounds of a tight wet womb sounded out in rhythm of balls tapping against her firm backside, 
Changing body positions entered his mind, but stopping the fiery sensations bombarding the insides of his loins was out of the question, so he just kept gyrating his hips until his body succumbed to suction of her tight womb

She felt the thrust of his hard mass intensify, its girth swell bigger and harder in her womb, 
Her body shivered with sensations, her voice moaned with each deep stroke,
Tears filled her eyes as she heard his voice speak of his love for her, her arms embraced him tighter, as his thrust went deeper into her wake as his orgasm build to an ending

Coming.. Coming,  expelled past his lips just before his body shook then stiffen, 
Soft hands quickly grabbed the bottom of his buttocks and pulled his body tight into hers while her hips gyrated deeper, her womb walls clench tighter, 
Sperm ejaculated from his loins in a flurry, flooding his white tide over the hot pink shoreline of her womb,
Before his last drop of seed reached the inside of her womb, his body collapsed in sexual content on top of hers

Her body laid still in peaceful sexual tranquil,
She laid there with the feel of her womb full of his hot seed, full of the warmth of his love in her heart,
While listening to the sounds of the thunderstorm raging outside, that brought peace to her inner works ...

Her not climaxing did not change the way he loved her,
It did not change the passion nor lust they had for each other,
It didn't even change the ending to this true episode of making love between two persons on a stormy night,
It only means she can not climax and should not be ashamed of it.....

4DJ ....
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  1. So wonderfully descriptive!

    1. Again smiling, Thank you Sweets ....


  2. I agree with Sweets, so wonderful written and descriptive. Thank you.


    1. :) thanks much Ronnie ....