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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Morning after ..... Sensual prose ....

In the center of the mirror she stood,
With a smile on her face all she could,
Her heart full of love,
As the morning sun shined from above

Eyes did admire a pendant that shined between her bosoms,
A reminder of what she meant to him,
A keepsake that would always shine and never dim,
It would not be the cost of it,
Nor the shine of the large diamonds that was installed in it,
But the way he gave it to her in the morning after the glow of last night

Her gown she opened wide,
Admiring the marks of the night of passion of her, he had left behind,
Marks of dark pale red that showed his hunger of her, was ample around and on her bosoms,
Marks that would fade in time, but every time she would look at her pendant, it would bring back the vision of the marks, the memory of the feelings he had left lingering on her body

Feeling of his hands ripping off her panties that were the color of pink off her hips,
Feelings of his lips showering her body of whole with soft moist kisses,
Making her body contort from side to side, 
Feelings of her back arching up, as his lips kissed moist droplets of her lubricate off her center opening,
Feelings of how his center kisses made her eyes cry in passion pleasure, the pink walls of her womb weep in lust, while leaving the taste of her being imbedded inside his mouth

Her eyes closed as she still felt his fingertips following the shape of her neck, his thumbs strum alone the lift of her inherit high cheek bones moments before a gentle pull on her head, pulled parted lips into a kiss of softness, of deepness,
A kiss that sent her world reeling, a kiss that started a fire deep inside her, a kiss that spelled the word love across the flesh of her rapid beating heart

Her body shivered as thoughts of his hands tenderly opening her legs wider, then gently ease up the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs

Goose bumps now run up her spine, as she visioned his naked body slowly falling into the crotch of her fully exposed body,
The remembrance of his swollen manhood pushing open her mussy lips, silently made her moan, 
Moisture starts to gather between her thighs, as the feel of his girth slowly falling inside her tight opening while stretching the soft pink flesh of her walls to the point of pleasure pain, rushed into her mind, 
Again and again he would thrust the outer soft flesh of his hard manhood inside her, making her voice cry out in passion, moan in lust, scream in wanting him to never stop, as he took her from the front, took her deeply from behind while she was on all four, then tenderly took her while they spooned, until he rocked them both to sleep

Eyes awaken with the rising sun,
Not to find him next to her, but to find the beauty of a pendent around her neck,
A symbol to remind her how much he loves her, a symbol that every time she looks at it, it will remind her of the morning after

The morning after he made tender sweet love to her, 
The same sweet love he has made to her for the many years they have been together, the same sweet love he shall make to her for their eternity ,,,

Eyes widen as she felt his loving embrace surround her body, 
A smile crosses her lips, as the heat of a soft kiss ease on the flesh of her neck,
Rapturous moan is swallowed in her throat, as his passion for her push deep inside the flames between her legs ....

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Sweet and hot memories ~ Hope you are enjoying the weekend ~

  2. Thank you Heaven, and yes, I am :)

    peace and love

  3. Sweet and hot memories, indeed! I think that's the best! :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping in sweets, And yes, hot memories are just that.. HOT! :)

      peace and love