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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The chair (She thought, He thought) ..... Prose poem

She gave her big playful pup a cookie and he ran off to play with it before eating it.
He dropped it under the table and wanted it back, so he moved the chair with his nose until he could plainly see his prize treat, then ate it on the spot

In the middle of the floor the chair sat, 
She saw crumbs around it on the floor, so she swept the crumbs up

She saw the chair was plainly out of its place, and moved it back

She wondered which one of her playful dogs, moved it in the first place

He saw the chair in the middle of the floor before she did and wondered how it got there

He stood by it and had vision of lust run rampage through his naughty mind

He saw her tied and bound to it, with her eyes covered with a bright red scarf, 
she would worship his hard manly membrane between her soft wet lips, 
licking and sucking it deep into the heat of her hungry mouth, making his body twist, his face contort, his feet stand on their toes until his voice growled like a wounded beast while he came with a thunderous climax that would fill her mouth full of his tasty cream, 
Then he would step away and admire how sexy she looked with his thick white cream dripping over the edge of her lip

He saw himself sitting in the chair while she sat on his lap facing him, she was doing a sexy lap dance on his dick while her booty was bouncing up and down, his hips were deeply gyrating, pushing and pulling the swollen shaft of his rock hard dick in and out of her hot squeeze box, he would thrust his dick entire length into her tight, box again and again until her body bulked wildly with climax

He envisioned her standing while bent over the chair, with her butt pointed up while being spanked by him for leaving the chair in the middle of the floor, he would spanked one cheek, then the other until his hand glowed cherry red like her backside, once he was satisfied her beautiful round butt had been spanked enough, he would push her red panties over to one side, then intrude his hard pulsating dick into her tight moist womb with lust flurry

He saw the crumbs on the floor around the chair, he knew the big dumb playful puppy did it, now he wondered how long it would take "her" to sweep it up, and put the chair back in its place....

Have a sexy weekend ...

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  1. 1MVB - So lovely. Thank you. You should write more like that.


    1. :) Thank you Ronnie, I think I shall take you up on that...

      peace and love

  2. I really loved this. I love the different points of view. And talk about hot, I need a cold shower now ;)

    1. Thank you Diane Reason or Rhyme, I appreciate the comment...

      peace and love

  3. You used a chair to create such a sultry sexy piece of writing.....excellent enjoyed the read

  4. Thank you, I always had this thing about chairs. :)