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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monday Moaning .... Just fək me ... Erotic prose

Hips gyrate,
Pushing the immensity of my swell, deep into the warm wake of your womb,
Soft moans and whispered coos drift into my ear,
While measured strokes ease In and out,
Back and forth, inside the moist soft coven between your thighs

Passion rises,
Lust rage,
Love cushions the inner storm,
As hearts start to race with urgency

Tears of sweat ease down my face, then drop on your soft flesh,
Each drip feels like an explosion on your flesh surface,
As the sensitivity of your tender flesh kicks into overdrive

My arms pull your body tighter into mines,
Yours pull our bodies together even tighter,
Making our bodies feel as one,
While maximizing the penetration of my thrust into the turbulent of your wake

Soft kisses bite with deep sensations,
Soft rake of nails, across butt flesh, leaves a jagged trail of blood,
Soft bite on breast flesh, causes a passion scream of pain, as teeth leaves an indention in breast tender flesh,
Slight pull of hair, cause head to jerk hard backwards, as hair roots feel as if being pulled out
As the burning fusion of pain between our legs, aren't enough to satisfy our urge of wanting

My sex size intrude deeper into your sex,
Your sex surrounds my sex with its warmth and tightness,
Causing a friction of optimum pleasure pain

No switching of positions are needed,
No flexing of backs,
No twisting of torsos,
No riding like a cowgirl or cowboy,
No darting of tongue, 
No back door,  with balls loudly slapping the back of your firm behind, to appreciate the blissfulness of orgasms of passion, 
In the missionary position

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. So glad to be here again. And of course, see that you pasion-in-words still great.

    See you arround, my friend!

    1. It was very nice to see you again my friend. Thanks for dropping in


  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I agree with above comment -- passioned-filed words, indeed, to make one moan all week long. Not just Monday. :-)

    1. You have to start somewhere ...:) Thanks ...


  3. Damn, your stories are HOT! I really need to watch when I read them. I get horny easily anyway but after reading that, I'm out of my mind! Great video as well :)

  4. :) Thank you so much Betsy T, if you know of anyone else who might enjoy my style of erotica and poetry, please send them my way..

    peace and love