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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday seduction .... Lazy day .. Erotica in prose .....

The sweet fragrance smell of Jasmine greeted me at the entrance of the room,
My eyes scanned the room side to side, but I did not see "the who", was behind it,
The smell grew stronger as I approached the couch from behind, 
As my steps became closer, I could see a light trail of steaming vapors climbing up into the air,
I knew I would find my little lady not far 

Footsteps became slower, softer, as I eased quietly up to back of the couch,
Once I was close enough, I leaned over cautiously, and peeped downward,
There she was, slumping down in the chair, her tea cup on the coffee stand, her hands resting between the crotch of her legs,
Her eyes were closed, a book was near by, which meant she was taking a break from it all

It was high noon, and she still hadn't gotten dressed for the day, she was still wearing her night top and panties, and no breakfast awaiting me,
It was the start of a lazy Saturday, as she would call it

I stood there for a moment, watching her enjoy her moment, watching the curves of her bosom softly move up and down, reminding me of the small firm breast that was covered with pillow soft flesh hidden under her top

"Hello", I whispered,
That I'm happy to see you smile crossed her face,
A wave of a index finger gave me recognition that I was standing near,
Not to disturb her Karma, I whispered, no hello?
She rolled her eyes as if I was annoying her, then reached over and grab her tea cup off the table and took a defiance sip of her hot brew,
At first I stood there in silence in disbelieve she was sitting there in complete defiance of my presence, 
But then as my eyes scanned her body, other things entered my mind, 
Other things such as the curves of her legs, the firmness of her small thighs, the smoothness of her stomach that was flat as a desert trail after a wind storm

She took another quick sip of her tea, then quickly put the too hot brew back down on the table, 
After taking a deep lung cleansing breath, once again her eyes closed,
Quietly I leaned over and took her tea off the table and loudly sipped on it,
She smirk knowing what I had done, but she refused to open up her eyes and acknowledge my presence,
After a few more small sips of her tea, I realized she knew that it was probably still too hot for me to drink it down quickly, but the hot cup was getting my hands warm and toasty

While holding the cup in my left hand, I leaned over the top of the couch and started to unfasten her top, 
Again she wouldn't open up her eyes, stop annoying me sounds emitted from her lips,
After exposing her creamy breast, I put the warmth of my right hand on her tender breast flesh

A loud gasp escaped her lips as the heat from my hand seeped into her pillow soft flesh,
Her body twisted trying to spin away, but I tighten my grip on her breast firmness, holding her in place,
Her eyes opened wide as she looked up and saw me drinking her piping hot tea down in one steady quip,
How did you? 
Are you ok she aspirated?
I just smiled while putting the tea cup down, then reached over the top of the couch and started to deeply massage her breast, 
She quickly forgot about me downing the hot tea and moaned as the deep massage of my hands caught up with the heat that was radiating from them,
Her eyes closed once again as her body took in the soothing sensations of my fingers deeply massaging her firm oval breast 

My hand squeezed the bottom of her breast, they kneaded their sides like a baker kneaded bread dough, 
Fingertips swirled around her towering nipples, after quickly wetting a single fingertip, it was slowly swirled on the tip of her left nipple, her legs twitched with each rotation of my finger on the rise of her sensitive top, 
As my fingertips gently pulled on her nipples, her body writhed, her hand slid between her legs

Slowly my right hand eased down the flat surface of her stomach, they eased under her panties elastic and slid down to her slippery home base,
As my fingers slid up and down her wet lobes, my index finger slid in the center of her slippery slit,
When my index finger circled her clitoris, I felt her hand caressing my arm, coasting my actions further,

 Again my fingers tenderly slid down her slit to to her home base opening, back up, back down, back up, then swirl around her erect clitoris again, then back down her lubricated lips, probe her sex, spread her lips, then back up and circle her sensitive clitoris once again,
Her eyes were tightly closed, her body squirmed into my fingertips, as they manipulated her sex closer and closer to the achievement of a orgasm

Her back arched, her breath was becoming ragged, as my fingers smoothly eased up and down her vulva, when my index finger pushed into her home base opening, her hips lifted up high off the couch cushion and gingerly gyrated her wetness of my finger,
Deep audible moan rushed pass parted lips when a second finger was inserted into her sex opening, her hips bucked up into my hand in a steady rhythm as both of her hands held my hand tight against her hot swollen sex

Hips steady and deep gyrations became shaky and hesitant,
Her voiced gasped loudly, then went silent as her body deeply shivered with release, 
Quivers eased through her body as it undulated to the rhythm of my fingertips,
Once her release passed, her body went limp, her hands became dormant at her side,
A deep sigh emerged from the core of her body

Brown eyes opened not only to find a cup of Jasmine tea steaming on the tea table,
But also my annoying presence removed...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Oh golly gosh I need a lie down after that phew sizzling hot.....and am loving this line.....munch

    ""Again my fingers tenderly slid down her slit to to her home base opening""

    1. Thank you BFC, I appreciate your nice comment... :)


  2. You sure you're not one of 'us' lol!! Love this.


    1. You mean horny right? lol...
      Compliments are always welcomed...