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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Head day ... Spanking good (2) .... Erotica in prose ....

The only sound in the room was the sound of my heart beating fast and loud, as my eyes watched the sweet nectar of maple drip off his thick sex erection,
My backside was burning, but my desire was hotter then any flame of fire,
I wanted it, I desire it, I wanted to taste it in my mouth, I wanted to feel it stretch the
opening of my wet desire, then reach into its depths and extinguish the flames within,
But the rules of his game was etched in stone, and those set rules kept me from devouring the hard sweet sticky shaft pulsating inches from the greed of my lips

Patience was never my virtue, and he knew it,
The longer he made me wait, the more my excitement would grow, the more my desire would blossom, 
But also, the more my will would be consumed by his

I could feel it,
Drips of my feminine liquid slowly leaking down my leg,
While the fire in my center, burned deep and out of control, 
But my will controlled my actions of desire, and that was, not to react 

Devilish smile ran across his face, as he knew he was tormenting my mind with denial to my desire,
He waited until that right moment, and that moment was coming soon, because the scent of my  
femininity was starting to filter into air 

He smiled down at me, then leaned forward, pushing his throbbing meat next to the quiver of my lips,
"You may" was my signal to start homage to his hard throbbing cock.. 

Deep breaths steadied me, 
My thoughts were, start slow with your tongue, no teeth, no hard sucking, no deep sucking, make him scream before he explodes

His body shivered as a single fingertip ease down the center of his inner thigh,
As two fingertips gingerly circled on the bottom of his scrotum, my eyes notice the motion of his body lifting up on its toes from the sensations rapidly flowing into his loins, 
His plans for cock worship is always for me to start off slow and easy, 
To take the smoldering desire of his loins, and build it up into a five alarm fire

Eyes watches mine, as my tongue tip slowly push out from between my lips,
The tip softly licked the dripping syrup off the swollen head of his erection, swallowing, 
tasting its sweetness, 
Watching the exoticness of my action, caused cautious inside my loins

A twist of the head, the dip of my tongue down the back side of his length, caused his lungs to sigh deeply,
When my tongue slash across his scrotum, my thoughts was to slowly lick off every drop of maple syrup, but my lust over ruled and suddenly I found my mouth full of his manly nuts

At first he moaned loudly from the sudden rush of surreal sensations rushing from his sacs, up his spine, but soon his moan was followed by a deep groan, as sharp pain of my lustful sucking shot through his loins,
His breath hitched, his legs tensed, but he didn't complain, because the shear pleasure he was receiving out weighed the pain,
When his hand tugged lightly on the back of my head, I quickly realized my lips passionate grip was a little strong, and soften their grip,
Moans of pure delight soon filled the air

As his moan flowed into my ears,
My thoughts drifted to what it meant to worship his cock,
And the words "prolong pleasure" was always a part of it,
But as my tongue slid up the length of his smooth thick girth, my lustful desire had become undeniable, 
I needed to taste the flavor of his manhood on my tongue,
I needed to feel his enormity deep inside my mouth, 
I needed to taste his seed as it flowed down my throat,
 And I needed it all to happen now, which would be against his desire, against his will, against his dominance,
And the price for my actions would be ?...

(Continue on Saturday Seduction)

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  1. Nice photo... nice experience to be sicked this way!
    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  2. Patience isn't one of my virtues either. Good thing I only have to want a day!