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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spanking good ...... Erotica in Prose ....

Weeks, he had ask her for homemade pancakes for saturday breakfast,
Each saturday she would ask him if he wanted her to cook him beacon and eggs,
He would say no, giving her the opportunity to remember what he had asked her for several times,
This time when she woke him up, and asked him if he wanted beacon and eggs, he became irritated and frustrated, then planned to put an end to her forgetfulness

He laid quietly in the bed and waited for his body to catch up with his thoughts,
Then in one motion he climbed out of the bed and walked into the kitchen,
He sat down in front of her as she ate her crispy beacon and eggs at the table,
You sure you don't want me to cook you some eggs she asked?
NO.. Spilled out his mouth in a firm articulated voice

She frowned at his voice tone as he got up from the table,
After urgently pushing things out his way in the pantry, he returned to her side,
She looked up and saw the pancake syrup in his hand, guilt quickly flushed across her face,
As her mouth opened to explain and ask for his forgetfulness, cold syrup flowed through the opening of her night shirt, covering her creamy round breast with its sticky sweetness

She gasp from its coldness,
She cursed at him for his boldness,
But when her eyes angrily pierce into his,  she realize his cold stare meant this was far from being over,
Her voice went to plea with him, but before the second syllable could leave her mouth, he had a handful of the back of her neck

Her body was forcefully pulled from her seat and spun in a half circle in one quick motion, by the time she regained her sense of direction, he was not only seated in her chair, she was bent over his lap with her legs locked down by his,
You better stop it, her voice yelled,
He didn't bother to speak to her, he reached out and laid the bottle of maple syrup right in front of her eyes on the table, then she felt the hem of her nightshirt being pulled up to her waist, her panties pulled down just far enough to expose her buttocks,
This is not fair she screamed,
He still did not speak, but in a flash she wished he had, as the sound of his dominance thundered on the firm roundness of her derrière flesh

Spank- Uuuu
Spank -Uuuu

She grabbed at the table trying to pull away, but this just made him more dominate then before

Spank- Oooo
Spank- Oooo
Spank- Oooo

You're noting but a big strong brute, "she yelled at him",
"Damn it, stop it!"
SPANK -OOoow her voice barked as he put his thunder down hard on the back of her tender thighs

A hesitation, a readjustment of her body on his lap,
She squirmed because she knew she had hit home with her statement, but now she was going to pay for her freedom of speech

As if on automatic, his hand came down relentlessly on the back of her thighs and derrière,
She couldn't yell out, she couldn't use any of her flamboyant curse words she like to use, Because she could barely catch her breath between the rapid-firing of the spanking he was putting down on her backside,
Her body tensed tight as if being jolted by a constant flow of electricity, as he spanked her hard and steady,
Spank, Spank, Span, Spank, 
His hand had no rhythm or aim, as it landed all over her thighs and azz,
When he stopped, her body still twitched as if it was still being spanked with his thunder

The grip on her legs loosened,  
His arm released her upper body from its grasp, 
Her body slithered down his leg like a wet noodle,
She sat up on her knees next to his leg in content silence,
Her bottom was on fire,
Her thighs burned as if they were sitting in hot oil in a frier
Her body language resembled a baby kitten who knew it had did wrong, and made its master angry

At first she didn't notice him reaching over to retrieve the bottle of syrup, but once she saw his  arm motion, she cleared her tearing eyes,
She watch him push his shorts down to his ankles,
His erection jumped up tall and proud from his taut body,
Her eyes then watched him precisely pour the thick creamy maple rich syrup over his raging hard-on, that was bouncing to his heartbeats

Watching the syrup pour over the protruding vein under his cock velvet soft skin, made her heart race,
Watching it cling to the underside of his balls, made her tongue lick her lips in anticipation,
Watching it run down his muscular thighs, made her already wet center, wetter with desire,
Watching the extra thick layer of syrup he poured over his foreskin, made her mouth water

His body turned and faced her until his throbbing hard mass was a fraction of an inch from her lips,
She smiled inside not only because she knew what he was about to make her do, but by the light color of the syrup, she knew when he was fumbling around in the cabinet looking for the syrup, he was looking for her brand, and not that dark thick horrible tasting stuff of his, that's full of added sugar, 
It made her heart happy that no matter want, he's always thinking of her ....

(Part 2 on Head Day )
@ Pleasure Principle, no this is not the one from your blog
 S is for Spanking :)
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  1. :)
    ...but this was spanking good.


  2. Fantabulosly deliciously the pic mmm

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  5. This is some way to start breakfast.

    1. Lunch is even better.. :)

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  6. I love this! Nothing gets me going like a good spanking. ;) I also love the vivid imagery of the syrup dripping all over. I think I need a cold shower now...

    Have a good weekend

  7. Thanks for reading and commenting Diane...

    Hope your weekend was great