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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge .... A is for Animalistic lust.... B is for Bedtime BJ

Today comes to an end,
Hot shower,
Sitting in bed,
While a book read my mind to slumber

His loud rhythmic music awaken my body from its complete relaxing slumber,
His loud singing in the shower awaken my thoughts,
His loud happy humming while he was drying himself, was a distraction to the quietness of the dark surroundings I had put myself in

Where are my pajamas, yell from the bathroom,
"Where they always are, in your drawer!" 
Such a big kid, I think to myself,
Half sleeping eyes, roll towards his body that was standing in the shadow of the room, as he ramble through the drawers looking for his pajamas

The silhouette of his chiseled chest captured my attention,
The definition in his smooth arms that could be seen in the low lights enticed me,
His flat stomach with its small waves of flexing flesh, started an ache low in my pelvic area,
My eyes roll down his waist to the curve of his ass, that was supported by firm thick thighs and strong legs,
My heart skip a beat as my eyes fixate on the semi hard eagerness slowly thickening between his legs,
Lust instantly flush through my extremities, I heard myself whispering out to him, It's not pajamas that you need

His eyes roll towards me,
His broad smile flashes,
His body walks towards mine

Greedy bodies meet at the edge of the bed,
Wanting hand surround his erectness,
Hungry mouth suck his swollen head inside of it,
Deep moans ripped from deep inside his lungs, as his cock is sucked deep into the heat of my mouth, while the fingertips of my free hand circulated on the head of my erect clit,
Soothing the sharp ache between my legs

Head bobs in a deep rhythm,
My desired lust is felt over powering him,
His legs shivered,
The grating groans rolling past his lips were soulful deep,  
Suddenly the power of his hand is felt holding my head tight,
The sound of his hard circular sex popping out the tight suction of my lips, sounds into the air,
Before my mind could react, his body was in the bed behind mine

Lips suckle deep on the softness of my neck flesh,
His long slender fingers are felt sliding in the clear moisture between my slit, while his hard, long, thick penile, ground a deep indentation into my butt cheek flesh,
The deep sighing moan I heard and thought was his, was mine...

To be continued ...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Thats what keeps me reading your work is so hot and sexy

    1. And your comments always leave me with a smile.. Thank you ..

      peace and love