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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AT&T U_VERSE Blues ...

It's been over a week since I was able to use my internet and phone thanks to AT& T U-Verse.  You see, I let them talk me into switching to their service three weeks ago. And for the last three weeks my service has been in and out, then completely out for 7 days. They say they are sending techs that I waited for all day and they do not show, nor did they notify me that they will not be there. Not once but twice. It would of been three times if I hadn't got antsy about them not showing again and call them. Then when one shows up, he doesn't know his azz from his head. But I'm not going to completely blame him, he has to deal with the same lousy customer service I had to deal with.. But after he left, I finish putting all my phones back on line myself. Tomorrow I will call AT&T to put my service back like it was. Put it back to the old AT&T system... The not so funny part was every-time I call to complain about not having service, they tried to get me to add the TV package to the deal. I guess they figure I might as well have my phone, internet and TV not working at the same time... AT&T U-Verse, you need to learn customer service real quick, because there are more then a few of us leaving you because of your poor customer service. Another thing AT&T U-Verse, I speak english like most Americans. Hire some people who can speak english well enough to understand want "fuck off "means..

A angry unsatisfied customer


  1. Sorry about that, friend, i totally understand you, here is not very different with the lousy service when something fails.

    At least you're here now :)

    Abrazo, amigo!

  2. Sorry you had this experience.