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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... A is for Anal

 Head lean back against the width of his shoulder, hands reach back and secure themselves to the thick of his thighs,
My hips bucked back into his, as he ground the solid core of his dick hard into my expose flesh

I wanted him,
He wanted me,
The desire of his pretty cock deep inside me was overwhelming,
He wanted to oblige me,
But I needed my ache not to be just satisfied, 
I needed it to explode like a Newton bomb, to incinerate the lustful feelings residing deep inside my loins

Replaced moans and groans,
His teeth bit hard, 
My nails dug deep, 
As we clawed at one another like animals in heat

His hard enormity pushed relentlessly against my butt flesh,
When it fell between my buttocks crack, my mind went sexually ballistic with sensations

Lungs gasped,
Flesh shivered, with the thoughts of dirty lustful sex temptation

As his length eased up and down my butt crack,
My hips bucked up into his size, 
My womb weeped deeply with feminine slippery sweat

My mind wanted it, 
My body was in desire need of his hard cock approach,
I didn't care which opening it penetrated,
I just needed it prodding profoundly deep inside one of my body orifice 

Guided swollen head wondered through my vulva lips slit,
Teasing wet lips with its hardness,
Teasing erect clit with its directness,
When the feel of its swell centered on my vagina opening, my mind anticipated first penetration sensations rushing up my spine

My hips hesitated,
His grasp held my waist tight,
Suddenly the feel of his pulsating head, was felt invading the center of my private space
Pain rip into the center of the surreal sensations running wild through my loins, 
As the head of his manhood push into the tight ring of my anus opening,
My lungs gasp, 
My face muscles writhe,
My body became tense with the beginning of our dirty need,
My mind relayed its Ok, relax to itself,
At first the head of his manhood felt stuck in my anus opening, but as it slowly slid through the tight opening, the intense pain resided, the feel good pain started

Deep gasp floats into my ear, as his cock slid into my anus canal, 
Slow measure thrust now ease his shaft swollen head into the grip of my rectum sphincter,
Each slow thrust opened my sphincter opening wider, while pushing the head of his cock deeper into my anus darkness

Full pledged cock pumped into my opening with increase tempo,
His smooth rhythmic strokes, thrust his harden sex deep into my rectum canal,
Full was the feel of my body, as his hips thrust in earnest
My dark hole sucked his cock in like a vacuum,
His voice moaned like a Bitch on each deep thrust of his hips, as my private space surrounded his cock with unimaginable snugness  

My hips met the drive of his on each thrust,
His right hand squeezed my right breast, while his left hand slipped in and out between my thighs, diving his long slender fingers deep into my dripping wet womb, as his thumb circled my clitoris,
My orgasm build on each extended stroke of his hard cock inside me,
When his voice whispered "Come for me baby" into my ear, it pushed my orgasm to the brink of no return

Our minds, bodies, and souls became lost, as his thick long inflexible cock rode hard and deep inside the cramped quarters of my paradise,
My body deeply rock and spasm, as the thickness of his unyielding cock rode deep into its darkness

Violent shock waves consumed my body, 
While my womb ejaculated warm clear cream onto his hand and my silk satin sheets,  
My private space tighten on each quake of my body muscles

"Oh baby" moaned past his lips as his thrust became hard, quick and erratic,
His forceful strokes rocked by body back and forth as if it was a rag doll,
Grunt.. Grunt, pass his lips as he drove his hard penile deep into my darkest hole without mercy,
Balls slapping loud and hard against the bottom of my butt, rung into the air,
My voice quietly screamed from the sensations reeling through my body

His body became tense,
The grip on my breast became so tight, it became painfully good,
A ape like grunt filled the air while his cock rammed as deep as possible into the depths of my bowels,
The thought of his cock penetrating through me raced through my mind, as white release spewed like a water fountain into my rectum core,
His seed flowed like a river inside the depths of my black orifice

Eyes open,
His body was peacefully sleeping up close to mine,
His limp peace maker was at ease next to my butt cheeks,
The feel of our sex fluids was felt dripping down my thighs, stuck between the crack of my azz,
Just as I eased out of the warmth of his arms grip to sneak into the shower,
The words of a song playing in the bathroom caught my attention, 
"I need you more then my next breath"  
A deep passionate kiss, awaken him from his sexual slumber...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for the read and comment Stephanie... :)

      peace and love

  2. You keep out doing yourself. Anal is not usually my favorite. But this post has me VERY hot and bothered. I think I am going to have to re-evaluate. ;)

    Thank you. xo,

    1. Again you leave me with a smile... :) Anal isn't for everybody, either you love it, or you don't. But by my blog travels, there's a lot of people quietly doing it...

      peace and love