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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday moaning ... My Mental fuck Affair ... (Word play)

"In my mind is simply a wonderful mental fuck affair between me and you
I imagine all the sexual things that I would want you to do"
By Poetic Butterfly
This is just some word play I did after reading PB poem...

Eyes close
Hand tight fisted around the throb of my cock...

Visions in my mind, 
Of ebony curves, 
Writhing under my fingertips caress, 
As lips deeply embrace in deep kisses of desire 

Visions of fingertips opening your blouse,
Exposing the nakedness of firm breast, 
That greets my touch with pink tip nipples that stand erect, 
Causes a surge of electrified sensations to flood my loins

Lips suckle, 
None of its flesh flavor do I waste,
Teeth tendering drag across its exterior flesh, 
Then nip its pink erect tip,
Your voice cry out, as your fingertips grip,
Into the firm texture of my flesh

Foreplay is on my mind, 
As the soft caress of your fingers ease up my spine,
But once the tip of my finger dives into the heat of your center, 
My ears detect a moan of sexual whimper

All of my reserve, 
Floods into the pulsating beast standing straight out, between my thighs,
Preparing itself for your battle cries,
But once the weight and size of my pride,
Is felt growing on top of your thigh,
Thoughts of foreplay goes to the wayside

Damp panties fold to floor,
Leaving the path open to your womb mushy front door,
Letting the relentless of my touch roam your private space,
As sexing you is quickly coming to a haste,
As the words "Fuck me", tell me your desire lust no longer want to wait

Without further reserve, 
Hands open your thighs, 
Then gingerly guide my deep throbbing pride,
Into the center opening of your pink taut slick ride

Ouuu- Aaggggh, slip past your lips as I force feed the pink of your womb,
 That fits my growing cock like a tight flume,
"Oh baby," "oh baby", your voice screams ,
As my girth floats on watery clear cream,
That lubricates your taut seem,
Giving a easy gliding path,
For my length to follow into the tight darkness of your depths

A moment is taken for our bodies to adjust,
Just before my hips first hard, deep thrust

Your voice whimper how deep the hard length of my cock is inside your pink meat,
How it dives into the corners, of your dark depths that other men have seek,
How my girth is stretching you walls beyond its elasticity, 
While making your walls spasm with sensations of electricity,
Indulging your mind with felicity,
Making your eyes tear, from my hips deep constant thrust of simplicity,
While your body cum ugly, with no dignity

Hips flail, pushing, bumping into each other in a sexual rhythmic fit,
As my wide penile mass rubs against your erect clit,
You feel my girth swell,
As my cock become harder then a nail,
"Cum for me", "cum for me baby", screams into my ear canal

Pink walls tighten,
Hips bump harder,
Your voice screams,
As the heat of my hot white creamy cream,
Fill your womb pink seem

But before my rage can finish,
You flip me over and use your lips to diminish,
The last drop of my sticky creamy cream,
In the first of my "Mental Fuck" dream 

Eyes open, 
Breath comes to a calm,
Warm liquid Is felt, oozing down my hand palm,
My mind desperately wonders, 
If one day you will really give,
Me the chance,
To make your body sexually dance

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

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