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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... B is for Beloved .... Song poem

A song poem is a poem written in a preferred form of poetry, from a chosen song. It must use a phrase, sentence or directive word from that song. It also has to be written in the melody, rhythm and dictated spirit of that song...

Two bodies laid intertwined in the darkness of the moonlit room,
While listening to their love song playing softly over and over,  in the dark shadows 
of the room...

When the words "I need you more then my next breath" softly flowed out of the darkness, my eyes glare fixate into yours, my thoughts reminisced on you and I,
As the song continued to play, the sexual artistry of our love dance engaged in my mind:

The hug, of deep embrace,
The kiss, of sweetness,
The deeper profound kiss, of need,
Profuse sensations of want and greed flush through our bodies, raced across our extremities, as the words "I need you more then my next breath", slipped out of the darkness once again 

Shirt gingerly pushed off shoulders,
Pants slowly plunge down to ankles,
Bra, falls through unlighted air, like a single fluffy snow flake is drawn down to the earth cold floor,
Extracted pink panties lay disregarded across bed spread,
Deep kisses flow like liquid water, as tangled bodies come to rest on top of warm cotton bed sheets

When the saxophone soft, sweet, crying tones are heard,
My mind dwell on the feel of your soft flesh under my roaming fingertips,
Tracing the outline of your full lips,
Easing over the the soft creamy flesh of your taut full bosom,
Waltzing across the flat surface of your stomach,
Teasing the sensitive flesh of firm inner thighs

When a out stretched high note softly wailed from the tenor sax, my mind directed to the tone of the quiet soft cries of your voice, as my fingertips traced the clear of the moisture on your folds, then stumble into the center of its pink origin of wetness

When the saxophone tone is heard dipping down and staying low, my thoughts go straight to my ernast deep inside the tight confine of your sheath, sliding, gliding in a sexual rhythm that made your voice moan, your thigh muscles shiver, while pointed pink painted fingernails become blood red, as they raked deeply across my neck, back, and buttocks flesh

As repetitive notes tenderly flowed out the flute of the saxophone into my ear, 
A vision of our bodies gliding in a smooth synchronize sexual rhythm flash through my mind,
My mind visualized our bodies easing slowly up... 
Then gently down,
Slowly up... 
Then gently down,
Sometimes hesitating on the down stroke, as I grind my earnest in a tight circle inside the warmth of your sheath,
Lingering sensations of your legs lifting then surrounding my waist, while your heels ride on the roundness of my buttocks, still ripple inside the spent of my loins

Eyes close as the vision of moonlight breaking through the dull of the window pane, then 
shining on the glister of the moist flesh of two that's sexually dancing without urgency, on top of smooth soft cotton sheets 

Saxophone wails soft and deep, as my earnest fall deep into your soft swollen depths,
The deeper the sax tone, the deeper my earnest fall into the tranquil warmth of your clear water,
The longer the saxophone hold its tone, the further the repetitive strokes of my hips reach into the dark space of your wetness,
Sloshing, gushing sounds, whisper into the air, while our hips gingerly collide head on again, and again, and once again, as heartbeats, beat as one united love

Soft firm body straddles my harden length,
Then slowly lowered its center over the mushroom head of my earnest,
As your body gingerly fall, my earnest pushed into the tight of your haven, pushing not only the air out of its pink space, but also pushing the air out of your lungs in rhythm of the voices singing, "I need you more then my next breath"

Moonlight trickles into the daylight, but the intensity of our love making held the sun morning rays in the time warp of night 

Deep breaths are swallowed,
As my earnest fall into your hollow,
Resistance.. Tug, 
Resistance.. Tug,
Is felt on the girth of my ernest, as our hips continuously rock back and forth in the rhythm of, "there are no tomorrows"

My eyes watch the writhe on your face, as my length disappear into your depths, 
They watch the bounce of your firm full breast, as your body levitate in the rhythm of the measured deep strokes of my hard flesh,
They fixate on the sexual sway of your curvy hips, while you ride slow and gracefully on top of my body,
A visual that Intensify the lustful sensations, rampaging deep inside my loins

Quiet moans roar,
Deep groans soar,
Docile movements of your hips are no more,
As they become wide and pronounce

Your hollow swallow my length hold,
As your voice pleas for more,
From your center out, your orgasm starts,
From my center out, my orgasm pours into yours,
Releasing every ounce of my seed from my loins core,
While our bodies mutually shake,
Unmercifully quake

Bodies lay intertwine in the quiet of the room,
I love you is answered with, I love you more

Head lie on chest,
Listening to the soft beats of my heart,
While your fingertips softly strum across the nakedness of my flesh,
While our minds bask in the afterglow of love making

Breath returns, whispering voice articulate,
"I need you more, then my next breath"  
Your body gradually turn and spoon deeply into my body flesh,
Leading me into the next dance in the sedated rhythm, of love making...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. El latido de sus corazones es la música de fondo que acompasa la pasión y el deseo, durante la entrega sin fronteras del acto del amor.

    Un texto lleno de sensualidad y belleza.

    Que pases un estupendo fin de semana.



    1. Muchas gracias Lunna,
      Yo sólo doy cuenta de su pasado bastante tiempo desde que te visité, así que estoy en mi camino allí.
      Te doy gracias por el comentario maravilloso

      paz y amor

  2. 1MV,

    Very sensual, love it.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment Ronnie...

      peace and love

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Ms Cheeky, sensual was my goal on this one... :)

      peace and love